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Israeli Anarchists Occupy Main Settler-Road in the West Bank

22-09-2005 09:18

A group known as the "Anarchist Anti-Zionist Enviromental Macho Bicyclist Fashion Police" (spells GRUSHKA in Hebrew) has managed to stop traffic in one of Israel's main apartheid roads, if only for a few hours

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Stop the War Demo - full details - be there in London on Saturday 24th Sept.

22-09-2005 08:34

Stop the War Demo - full details - be there in London on Saturday 24th Sept. It will be huge - be part of history - demand the troops are withdrawn now!.

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Protest posters: Sept. 24

22-09-2005 01:52

Hussein, Bush, Blair... How many civilians have they killed ?
Some suggested protest posters for the September 24 demo.

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FBI to establish base in Sydney as war in Iraq goes global

22-09-2005 00:25

Federal governments ignorance and stupidity
But what he didn't say is Global terrorism does not respect international boundaries, especially if our federal government wage illegal and degrading wars on sovereign nation states and he wants his officers to be prepared for his federal governments ignorance and stupidity at taxpayers expense.

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Sparkbrook District Plan 05-06 (Your future in their hands)

22-09-2005 00:23

Are your visions of Sparkbrook a 'Balti Triangle'? Offering a 'great future' to all those living within the Sparkbrook ward- food and not much else? Do you really want to be associated with this? Are your aspirations of the future of you and your children a steady diet of culinary delights? Birmingham City Council obviously think so!

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Torture in detention

21-09-2005 22:42

Two women in an immigration detention centre were today terrorized by security staff for no reason.

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If You Can’t Find A Canvas Use A 4x4

21-09-2005 22:31

My trip to a 4x4 dealer's to put gas-guzzlers out of action, and leave a statement of solidarity with the planet and against petrol-wastage.

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21-09-2005 21:22

Report on the recent developments on the war that has been declared by the so-called "Antiauthoritarian Move/ment" against anarchists.

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Top cop Blair wants armed ex-soldiers in the police

21-09-2005 20:51

can you say "police state"?

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56a Infoshop Gentrification Exhibition (Santiago + London)

21-09-2005 19:53

Walworth in South London disappearing fast...
International Dis/Appearance
A Photographic Exhibition held with the South London Social Centre 56a Infoshop. Now up and showing..all welcome...

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Angry Gate Gourmet workers lobby TUC

21-09-2005 17:55

Several hundred Gate Gourmet workers...
Last monday several hundred furious Gate Gourmet workers held an angry demo outside the TUC conference in Brighton.

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The Zapatistas launch their ‘Other Campaign’

21-09-2005 17:11

Eleven years and nine months have elapsed since the fateful New Year’s Day 1994 when the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) conquered San Cristobal de las Casas, the capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

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21th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

21-09-2005 17:08

The subjects we have included in this issue:
- Cutbacks on the right to demonstrate
- Conclusions on the Jarrai-Haika-Segi trial
- Behatokia addressed the UN Human Rights Sub-commission on the issue of antiterrorist measures and human rights
- Greater distances and more accidents caused by the policy of dispersal
- Iñaki de Juana Chaos: arbitrary incarceration

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Assembly Member's petition to "Condemn Terrorism"

21-09-2005 16:09

Richard Barnes, a Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority and London Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon has set up an online petition condemning "terrorism and extremism", in addition to calling on ISPs to "block or remove websites that promote or encourage terrorist acts".

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Iraq-Israel oil pipeline 'to reopen'

21-09-2005 15:32

Israel's finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, predicted yesterday that the British-era oil pipeline from Iraq's northern oilfields through Jordan to the Israeli port city of Haifa would be reopened.

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Police video reveals horrific incident

21-09-2005 13:02

This press release from Howell's Solicitors about Anthony Green is pretty interesting. If your not familiar with the story it should come as no surprise to learn that Anthony Green is black.

Any news of this story elsewhere?

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21-09-2005 12:40

Australian Government request Indymedia "remove" links to website which shows Australian Government Welfare Department falsified documents & withheld evidence from Commonwealth Prosecutors citing breach of "Copyright" of name & logo, "We Are Not The Nazi Regime!!!"

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What's All This For Then?

21-09-2005 12:02

The Hidden Agenda
If not for making trouble?

Found on the Tommies in Mufti!

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Talk in Brighton by Spanish anarchist ex-prisoner Laudelino Iglesias Martinez

21-09-2005 11:42

Recently released long term Spanish anarchist prisoner comes to the UK to discuss state repression and prisoner resistance to it.