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Israeli Anarchists Occupy Main Settler-Road in the West Bank

Rami Magzimof | 22.09.2005 09:18 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

A group known as the "Anarchist Anti-Zionist Enviromental Macho Bicyclist Fashion Police" (spells GRUSHKA in Hebrew) has managed to stop traffic in one of Israel's main apartheid roads, if only for a few hours





GRUSHKA has decided to mark September 22nd, the day of
the first automobile run in the United States (1886) and, coincidentally, the day of the first death of a Palestinian bicycle rider by an Israeli settler (1936), by attempting to block one of Israel's main apartheid roads in the West Bank, Road number 5, which cuts through the municipal areas of Salfit and Nablus in order to connect settlements such as Barkan, Ariel and Tapuach to Israel's center. This is a "settler
only" road that Palestinians cannot use, even though it is actually built on land stolen from them.

As the barricade of the bicycles, built in the early afternoon, began to drag traffic to a halt, a violent escalation between GRUSHKA and angry settlers began. GRUSHKA members, chained to the bicycles by their arms and legs, suffered endless honking, screaming, and some kicking. A few dozen Israeli Border Policemen arrived at the scene, and after having evacuated the angry settlers, they promptly began kicking, pulling, breaking chains and bicycles, and eventually arresting
all GRUSHKA members that blocked the roads.

Unfortunately, all cameras were confiscated, and what little was saved hardly depicts the events of the day. Currently, the GRUSHKA members are all being held at Ofer detention center near Ramallah, and are waiting to be brought before a judge.

Rami Magzimof


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