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56a Infoshop Gentrification Exhibition (Santiago + London)

Mrs Mir | 21.09.2005 19:53 | Analysis | Culture | Free Spaces | London

International Dis/Appearance
A Photographic Exhibition held with the South London Social Centre 56a Infoshop. Now up and showing..all welcome...

Walworth in South London disappearing fast...
Walworth in South London disappearing fast...

The process of erasure and closure is at work in both Santiago, Chile and Walworth in London (and everywhere else too it seems?) Decay, psychic anchors, historical ruins and the sense of community life in local space is demolished overnight. What buildings, grafitti, secrets, shops, dark alleys keep life in your neighbourhood bearable?
What happens when these happy references are removed form the landscape? As if by magic, without reference to you, to what is or what has been, towers of 'luxury' flats spring up overnight. The only reference is money. When money arrives, you depart. This dual photographic exhibition (pictures from Santiago and Walworth) documents a personal take on scrubbing the city clean, against the myths and hypes of regeneration and gentrification.

OPENING TIMES for 56a INFOSHOP and exhibition
FRIDAY 3-7pm

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