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GET IN BRADFORD BECK NAZIS #ANTIFA @bradfordafn @misscheeky666 @slatedl @2Ferdi7

05-11-2015 20:29

Wild animals should be free to roam around in their natural habitat. When the violent, repulsive, drunken, coke-snorting fascists of the EDL visit Bradford, they shouldn't be told to "get in the sea", Bradford being miles from the sea, but instead they should be directed straight down into the smelly, polluted underground stream that runs under Bradford City Hall - Bradford Beck. Wading through pools of disease-ridden slime should be a dream come true for these violent extremist scumbags. Spending all their time tweeting and Facebooking shite, they should be in their element swimming amongst the turds. If lucky, they will cop a dollop of two, whilst marching away from sight, under Bradford's city streets, giving them food for thought.

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Irish Coursing Club reeling as major company pulls ad from its website

05-11-2015 20:09

In the latest blow to Ireland's cruel hare coursing, an Australian company has pulled an advertisement from the Irish Coursing Club website. The move came after the Irish Council Against Blood Sports highlighted the animal cruelty involved in coursing.

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Poland is asked not to throw a spanner in the work of EU in Ukraine

04-11-2015 12:05

The latest estimates suggest that at least 150,000 Poles now have a legal right to appeal for return of their property being forfeited by them or their families after the WWII and left outside the Eastern border of Polish state - in what is currently Ukraine, the property for which they haven’t received any compensation so that in full accordance with the European laws they still remain the legal owners of it. Be sure, for this time Poles are really serious about getting it back. It is reported that Polish organization Restitution of Kresy has brought already more than 600 cases to a court concerning restitution of such property.

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Bob Avakian's New Synthesis

03-11-2015 20:30

Introducing the groundbreaking work of Bob Avakian, the chairman of the RCP USA, who has taken communism to a higher stage.

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East Sussex Social Services

03-11-2015 17:30

Concerns over the safety of missing Elderly Abuse Victim from
East Sussex Social Services missing since 22 May
David “JOE” Neilson The member of the public who solved the murder of Katrina Taylor and top investigator in to major crimes in Sussex and

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HITLER LICKING #EDL - #ANTIFA @bradfordafn @ant1fane @JLRFB @slatukip @slatedl

03-11-2015 13:01

Hitler-Licking Bad
The EDL, the NF and Britain First have hijacked the poppy, otherwise a symbol of remembrance, into a status symbol fo nationalism. Whereas, millions of people wear the poppy to pay their respects to the brave British soldiers and won, extreme right fanatics wear the poppy purely and simply as a show of faux patriotism. There is absolutely nothing patriotic about wearing a poppy to a war memorial, and making an Adolf Hitler salute.

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EDL PLAN TROUBLE #ANTIFA #ukip @misscheeky666 @bradfordafn @JLRFB @slatfascists

02-11-2015 10:57

You've seen the local Newspaper, you have read about it on social media - The violent fascist scum of the EDL are returning to Bradford to try to cause trouble in Bradford on Saturday October the 14th 2015. Following their two fruitless previous visits, the drunken, coked-up racist thugs are looking to make it third-time lucky, promising on facebook to "destroy Bradford", a city which for its world-famous multiculturalism, is always the ultimate target of any nazi group. It is essential that their wet dreams of racial warfare are crushed by an overwhelming show of unity between all communities. Print out the poster below (click on it for a larger printable png version). Also attend the rousing all-day Anti-fascist fundraiser next week Bradford's 1in12 club.

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Climate Crisis Indonesia

01-11-2015 20:52

We get a report directly from the scene, with Dr. Daniel Murdiyarso, at the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor Indonesia. Then one of the long-standing reporters on tropical forests, Mongabay founder Rhett Butler.

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Libertarian International Brigades blog

01-11-2015 17:49

Libertarian, anarchist and non-authoritarian revolutionaries fighting in Middle East

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An overview of Italy’s anti-fascist gyms and boxing clubs

01-11-2015 13:13

ANTIFA fight clubs in Italy and VIDEOS from around the world

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UG#722 - A Milieu of The European Deep State (NATO and The Bilderberg)

01-11-2015 10:48

This is the most intense look we've taken at the Bilderberg group since episode 528. In the 5 years since that show was produced, Bilderberg has been much more under the media spotlight. We begin with Charlie Skelton comparing the experience of reporting on the G7 with reporting on the Bilderberg. Next we hear a 2007 summary of the Bilderberg group by Daniel Estulin and some concluding thoughts by Tony Gosling.

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#EDL SCUFFLE WITH POLICE: #ANTIFA @slatedl @bradfordafn @misscheeky666 @slatukip

01-11-2015 09:10

Preparing for a violent visit to Bradford, the EDL's drunken North East division scuffle with the police, assaulting an offduty officer, preparing for facsist violence at their forthcoming Bradford demo. The NE EDL are helping organise their visit to Bradford, and ANTIFA need to keep a firm eye on the violent criminal presence of Ronald Wood and Alan Spence, as they showed up on Saturday afternoon in Newcastle itching for a fight. The police cannot be relied upon to be everywhere at once, and last time they failed to stop the fash from going on walkabout after their protest. No doubt they will escape the cordon once more when their despicable anti-refugee / anti-Muslim protest has ended.

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Comms Blockade of Lend Lease / Blocad Cyfathrebu

31-10-2015 22:01


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Solidarity for 3 hambachforest comrades in jail

28-10-2015 20:22

It is cutting season in hambach forest, a forest occuption in germany, where they want to destroy more and more forest for the expansion of one of europes biggest lignite open cast coal mine. This area is one of the most polluting areas in europe, with as leading killkill companie RWE. Now 3 comrades are imprisoned.

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Dangosiad / Film Screening: Visions of Abolition

26-10-2015 16:52

Manylion isod / Information below

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Event: Fim Screening

25-10-2015 18:52

By listening to Iraqis voicing their concerns, dreams and aspirations, this
documentary hopes to make a contribution to the understanding of other
cultures. It attempts to lay a foundation of support to Iraqis and other
Middle Eastern people on their path to freedom.
Followed by discussion, Iraqi snacks and refreshments.

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GAY EDLer JOINS THE NF @misscheeky666 @slatedl @JLRFB @antifashonline #ANTIFA

24-10-2015 23:32

Following the EDL's LGBT Division leader's miraculous conversion from gay to straight, and the unveiling of his latest new twitter account that does not mention his former sexuality once, Tommy is now a member of racist and homophobic #bluehand, and as such, volunteered as a steward for the vehemently homophobic National Front and their neo-nazi NWI / NEI buddies (as pictured). Notice the way he glances nervously around whilst he marches, teeming with self-consciousness. Nicknamed after a loyalist terrorist who murdered scores of Catholics, little Tommy English knows full well his will be in danger if his newfound National Front buddies ever discovered that he used to be gay.

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Reinvestigate 9/11: The sudden death of Michael Meacher MP

24-10-2015 20:56

Michael Meacher, who died yesterday, was in many ways the intellectual powerhouse behind the insurrection that saw Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party this summer.

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NAZI PUNK RIPS OFF THE RBL @slatedl @bradfordAFN @JLRFB @edlnews #ANTIFA #ukip

24-10-2015 15:23

The EDL's infamous fascist punk with the nine months old pregnant beer belly, who shouts racist abuse on EDL marches at Muslim people, was spotted selling poppies in Peterborough today. Known as the Nazi Punk, this odious member of the far right group was believed to have been collecting for the Royal British Legion without authorisation, which is sickening to say the least. Even more terrifying is how someone, whose politics equate to the toxic genocidal hate of Adolf Hitler's national socialists, was collecting for the memory of the allied heroes. ABSOLUTELY VILE!