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"Two Million Terrorists" for Britain

30-10-2006 17:15

The director of the Muslim Council surveys the size of Britain's fifth column.

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Rising Tide: UK Stern Report Sells Climate Short, Paves Way to Global Disaster

30-10-2006 16:21

Today the international climate justice movement condemned a major new policy advisory from the United Kingdom on the economics of climate change. Named "The Stern Review" after its chief author Sir Nicholas Stern, climate activists warn that this 700-page analysis offers a dangerously inadequate and deceptive plan that will lead to inevitable global warming catastrophe if its recommendations are followed. "Although climate scientists are in nearly unanimous agreement that atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide must be limited to no more than 450 parts per million in order to avoid catastrophic climate chaos, the new UK report calls for CO2 emissions to be stabilized at the much higher rate of 500 to 550 ppm," said Ethan Green, coordinator of the Counter-G8 Working Group of Rising Tide North America.

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Palestinian film screening

30-10-2006 15:53

There is a screening of The Iron Wall on Thursday 9th November at 7:30pm in Café One.

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Our tax for Military

30-10-2006 15:49

10% of our tax goes on military spending? Why can't we put it towards a peace tax instead.Conscientious objection has been recognised for 90 years.

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Car manufacturers fail to meet emission targets

30-10-2006 15:49

The EU entered into a ten year voluntary agreement with car manufacturers to cut emissions. Surprise, surprise, the car manufacturers have come nowhere near.

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Big business to decide future of town centre

30-10-2006 15:48

Three business groups are to decide the future of Farnborough town centre.

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30-10-2006 15:43

First Indications of Government Involvement as Federal Army Troops Move In. IMC London and others to hold solidarity demonstration at Mexican Embassy at 5pm

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Demonstrate for Freedom of Movement

30-10-2006 15:12

monthly picket of Communications House migrant reporting centre Saturday 4th November 1-3pm organised by No Borders London

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

30-10-2006 15:12

Photo of Jarawa tibe
Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tibe

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John Pilger: exposing the rotten heart of the empire

30-10-2006 14:57

John Pilger: exposing the rotten heart of the empire

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Filming his own death

30-10-2006 14:45

It always hits me that first a 'white' woman or man like now Brad Will has to be killed in a local struggle anywhere on earth, and preferably a journalist or similar, before the mainstream propaganda media move. Even if they mostly distort reality: 'Fix the facts around the policy' - as they say.

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Anti M1 widening banner drop in Nottinghamshire

30-10-2006 14:37

Activists in Nottinghamshire dropped banners off several M1 bridges as part of a co-ordinated banner drop along the length of the M1 to object to plans to widen it.

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M1 action from Luton to Sheffield

30-10-2006 14:37

Banners were unfurled across M1 motorway bridges from Luton to Sheffield today as the Stern report on climate change was published. The M1 is due to be widened from Luton to Leeds, at a cost to the tax payer of £3.74 billion. The widening will allow traffic to grow and cause more CO2 emissions. Road transport is currently 21 per cent of UK emissions and rises every year.

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Banner Protest at Motorway Widening

30-10-2006 14:32

M1 Banner Drop
Protestors from Luton, Nottingham, Luton, Derby and Sheffield today dropped banners with slogans such as "Stop Climate Change" and "More Cars = More CO2" from bridges over the M1 motorway today in protest at the governments plans to widen 115 miles of the road to 4 lanes in both direction.

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Disabled People in North Korea

30-10-2006 14:31

Dear All,

Please see below for Press Release which is extremely disturbing. There must be something that the international disability, indymedia and others communites can do about these horrific human rights abuses in North Korea which goes beyond the atrocities what Hitler and the Nazi's caused to over 200,000 disabled people who were the first victims within the Holocaust!!!!!

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News from Mexico City

30-10-2006 14:19

Subject at mexico city
Body: Protesters, police clash in Mexico City

Sympathizers of the movement that controlled Oaxaca City for months faced off with police in the capital on Sunday

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Monday Peace Camp and Naming Ceremony pics.

30-10-2006 14:10

Peace Camp just after 8 am.
Monday morning dawned with tents and custody death names still in place.

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30-10-2006 13:29


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For an end to blackmail, for democratic conditions in the Basque Country

30-10-2006 12:32

Basque political prisoner Iñaki de Juana’s hunger strike has been in the media in recent weeks. After 63 days on hunger strike demanding justice and attending the numerous requests he received and the mobilisation of Basque society, De Juana ended his protest. He began his hunger strike due to the attempt by the Spanish State Prosecution to get him sentenced to 96 years in jail for writing two press articles

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petition & demos against visit of Iran's Khatami (Weds etc)

30-10-2006 11:28

Former Iranian President Khatami is due to visit the UK this week (London and Edinburgh). Demos are planned and a petition has been set up against this visit.