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G8 TV - complete clip collection

26-11-2007 13:56

The alternative reporting of the G8 protests 2007 in Heiligendamm

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Dutch School Strikes report

26-11-2007 13:27

Thousands of Dutch school pupils walked out of lessons on Friday in wildcat protests organised online against lesson times.

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Join the Zapatista solidarity demo at Mexican Embassy!

26-11-2007 13:10

Zapatistas welcome the solidarity caravan against repression to La Garrucha, Car
The autonomous indigenous zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico are under serious threat. Several are menaced with violent eviction, either by the Mexican Army, by paramilitaries or by organisations armed and funded by the state.
To show solidarity with the embattled zapatistas, supporters will demonstrate at the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday 10th December.

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Polonium Poisoning - news, one year later

26-11-2007 11:56

FACTS as odd as. . . . polonium poisoning - comments re latest "year on" news, what it shows about the situation, postcoldwar, in russia, the world, etc

(with echoes of that old "dystopia" play "a")

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Race, racism and ethnic surrogacy are highly lucrative trade brands for the UK

26-11-2007 11:09

Did the ‘Muslim Lib Dem MEP’, who has just defected to the David Ca-moron tent, exist as anything political withiest using the Lib Dems as a platform? The 'news' is 'neatly' timed to coincide with the very-hyped 'debate' being staged by the business promoters for the brand name of Oxford today !

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Bringing the War on Terrorism Home: Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical

26-11-2007 10:33

Under the guise of a bill that calls for the study of “homegrown terrorism,” Congress is apparently trying to broaden the definition of terrorism to encompass both First Amendment political activity and traditional forms of protest such as nonviolent civil disobedience, according to civil liberties advocates, scholars and historians.

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Happy 14th Birthday Meltem Avcil: A Dark Day for a Young Girl

26-11-2007 01:33

This is how, after mass media interest into the story of 14-year-old Meltem Avcil, the UK authorities tried to make this young girl and her mother disappear in a pure case of washing your hands of the problem.

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Police station attacked in France

26-11-2007 00:43

A police station in Paris has been attacked by angry youths with petrol bombs after two teenagers will killed when hit by a police car. Guns were used in the attack against the Sarcelles police station in the suburbs in northern part of Paris and at least one senior police officer seriously injured. Cars were also torched and police had to call in reinforcements from other parts of the city to secure the police station.

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Turkish Military Base Sabotaged

26-11-2007 00:00

November 20, 2007 (by Lieven Dewitte) -

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Ex-Defence Chiefs paid by arms industry

25-11-2007 20:18

Corporate news media ignore fraud and corruption on UK arms contracts, and back call for even higher military spending.

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Dec 8th Climate March - Autonomous Bloc

25-11-2007 19:36


As you may be aware, there's a global day of climate action on the 8th dec, including a national march in london. Given the expected size of the march, it seems fair to have a nice autonomous bloc.

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If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I’m The Queen of England

25-11-2007 17:31

But I’ll tell you what, if conservatism is the ideology of freedom - then I’m the Queen of England. And, one thing you can be sure of is that I’m not the Queen of England. I don’t even have the right parts and pieces, and the only crown I’ve ever worn was given to me forty years ago by some pimply-faced teenager working the cash register at Burger King. Somehow, I don’t think that counts.

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Winter Documentary Film Forum

25-11-2007 17:29

Pathways for Independent Filmmakers
Pathways for Independent Filmmakers
a free afternoon of presentations, discussion and networking
2 - 5pm Sunday 9th December

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Radioactive Ammunition Fired in Middle East May Claim More Lives Than Hiroshima

25-11-2007 17:23

By firing radioactive ammunition, the U.S., U.K., and Israel may have triggered a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East that, over time, will prove deadlier than the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan.
So much ammunition containing depleted uranium(DU) has been fired, asserts nuclear authority Leuren Moret, "The genetic future of the Iraqi people for the most part, is destroyed."

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"fascists4free speech" are like homicidal peadophiles for childcare,oxymoronic

25-11-2007 16:57

If Nazis got into power they would abuse debate, then kill it
Why is the Oxford Union legitimizing,giving a platform& trying to make nazi apologisers champions of free speech?
If they dont want to extol Nazis views why did they invite 2 nazi apologisers to discuss free speech instead of Zapatistas,anarchists, activists from China or other popular activists with less access to mass media outlets?

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Gypsies in Italy: a New Holocaust

25-11-2007 16:22

Racism in Italy against Gypsy People kills many children, women and innocent men. Write me to subscribe the Campaign against the persecution of the Gypsies in Italy:

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Totally Immoral - A Day of Action against Total Oil

25-11-2007 15:41

Protest at Dorset House Total station, Marylebone Road, London NW1
The Total out of Burma Day of Action took place on Saturday 24 November. Protests were held at 36 Total petrol stations across the UK. Some stations were blockaded and all the protests received great support from the motoring and pedestrian public.

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Leeds support sacked nurse

25-11-2007 15:07

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public, Leeds UNISON, CWU and NUT members allturned out in support yesterday for Karen Reissman In Manchester. Karen has been victimised and sacked from her job as a Community Psychiatric Nurse for speaking out against cuts and closures. Her colleagues are now on all out strike for her reinstatement and need solidarity and support.

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Irving and Griffen speak at Oxford Uni Tommorrow - Protest!

25-11-2007 13:22

Oxford Student Union voted to allow holocaust denier David Irving and BNP leader Nick Griffen to talk at the Union, despite protests last week. Get down to support Oxford anti fascists if you can, don't let them speak without opposition!

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Ken Loach & NoBorders in Crawley Tuesday 27th November

25-11-2007 13:09

On Tuesday 27th November, renowned filmmaker Ken Loach (The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Sweet Sixteen, Kes) is coming to Crawley to show and talk about his new film "It's a Free World...". This film is a drama about a single mother and depicts the reality of living and working in the UK as a so-called illegal immigrant.