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G8 TV - complete clip collection

cine rebede | 26.11.2007 13:56 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | World

The alternative reporting of the G8 protests 2007 in Heiligendamm

During the protests, demonstrations and blockades around Heiligendamm and Rostock the video website G8-TV provided up-to-date reporting to a wide counter publicity. All over the world people watched the live-broadcast and the individual videoclips. The videoclips are now available on a double DVD.

In the run up to the protests against the G8 summit, setting up a video platform had become a temporary focus of the German videoactivism network, a network of individuals and video collectives. As a result the website G8-TV was set up and used by video activists from all over the world which were at the Baltic sea to report about the protests. G8-TV was a platform for themes and ideologies which are normally not covered by the mass media.

During the protests from June 2nd – 8th 2007 G8-TV had about 40.000 visitors each day. Besides direct video viewing and a daily life broadcast, the clips and broadcasts were also offered as download.

Double DVD
Video-DVD: selectio of the 25 best clips in DVD-quality, 94 min
Data-DVD: complete collection of G8-TV clips, in slightly lower quality. 85 clips.

The videos are subtitled in up to 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch).

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