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"El Solitario" goes down : was he the last "anarcho-bank" robber?

20-07-2008 11:12

I reckon this tale is more ephemeral than educational. I do not publish it with the intention of encouraging youngsters interested in anarchism to go robbing banks or shooting cops - but I do think it is ephemera worthy of its archiving on an English language Indymedia.

The last week saw the Spanish state, its armed police Guardia Civil, and media establishment put away Jaime Giménez Arbe a bank robber known as "el Solitario" after his extradition from Portugal on charges of murder (of 2 Guardia Civil agents). He had run rings around the Spanish authorities in a career which saw him alledgedly commit over 30 armed robberies in the Spanish state in a period of 15 years.

He declared himself to be an Anarchist & addressed the court in Spanish and Arabic.

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West Coast Capital HBOS PLC The Company You Keep is Vile!

20-07-2008 10:32

Pirates of Penarth Crest Cardiff Bay Wales
Please Help Us! The Shalom Family of 7 who, five years ago, were immorally evicted by Crest Nicholson, now in the joint ownerships of Sir Tom Hunter's West Coast Capital and HBOS Plc Bank of Scotland, make fresh joint appeal to Sir Tom Hunter - West Coast director and Mr Hornby CEO HBOS Plc. The letter is reproduced, as also published to the family run website at

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highway code (means nothing)

20-07-2008 10:16

all cycle riders should have insurance ???
all road users should be tested???
road tax was 4 road repairs ???
bike riders abuse basic law ???
is it enforced by law ????
those whom break laws ????
a bycicle made 4 2 ?????
motorist always pay ????
why do we have white lines ?????

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G8 Genoa 2001 - reperto 239 Diaz

20-07-2008 06:29

G8 Genoa 2001 - reperto 239 Diaz

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URGENT! North East Animal Sanctuary under threat!

20-07-2008 03:35

An animal sanctuary in Willington, County Durham is under threat of closure! This would mean the loss of 45 acres of land and the destruction of the animals looked after at the sanctuary by Paula Campbell. She needs to raise £25,000 in just less than 2 weeks or she will be evicted and the sanctuary and animals lost.

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Northern Animal Rights Coalition set up!

20-07-2008 03:15

After months of not very much happening in the way of AR activism in the north-eastern regions of England (I'm talking about you Newcastle!) we decided to get a new network sorted out. I bring you the Northern Animal Rights Coalition (NARC...yeah, I know, it's a bit lame :)

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Action Alert: HLS Shareholder - Old Mutual

20-07-2008 01:51

Eagle Asset dump all 500,000 blood money shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences'
Next Target: Old Mutual, one of HLS' largest investors with 150,000 shares
For information about the campaign to close HLS in the UK see

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HLS Financial Allies & AstraZeneca Protests in London

19-07-2008 23:18

On the back of the brilliant news that Raymond James (Eagle Asset Management) had sold their 500,000 odd shares in HLS, the day started with a letter from them confirming this. This was a fantastic result after only approximately 2 weeks and 5 demonstrations. HLS's shareholders predominantly exist solely in the United States, so shareholder targets in the UK are few and far between. However, just 5 minute walk from Raymond James is Old Mutual, of 2 Lambeth Hill. Old Mutual own a company called Acadian Asset Management who have about 15,000 shares in HLS.

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BNP Sent Packing.

19-07-2008 22:06

Fashwatch V Red Watch
The fascist BNP were sent packing from Lancaster town centre after they set up a stall. A spontaneous demonstration surrounded the BNP fascists and prevented them from handing out leaflets. They were shouted down and jeered and a passer by emptied two cans of fizzy pop on their stall. Unable to operate they packed up and left town completely demoralised.

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Free for All in Wrexham and Penycae

19-07-2008 21:35

Choosing books
Freeconomy Wrexham has held two more Free for All bring and take events in Penycae and Wrexham. Free for All is exactly what it says - free for all.

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Day of action for Burma in Chester

19-07-2008 20:33

A rather damp and windswept stall
Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a stall for Burma in Chester city centre today, to encourage people to boycott TOTAL petrol stations, to call for the release of all political prisoners in Burma, and to support those affected by Cyclone Nargis. In the afternoon, there was a demo outside Hoole TOTAL petrol station.

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State terrorism in Russia, New York, Afghanistan and Iraq

19-07-2008 19:21

Iran/Contra scandal and state involvement in organised crime

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Saving Iceland Stops Work at Century Aluminium Construction Site

19-07-2008 18:57

Locked on! Work stopped for the whole day!
HELGUVIK (ICELAND) – Early this morning 40 activists from over 10 countries occupied the construction site where Century Aluminum are preparing to build their Helguvík aluminium smelter, and chained themselves to machinery and cranes. The protest is aimed at damage to geothermal areas in southwest Iceland and Century’s environmental and human rights abuses in Jamaica and Africa.

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Remembering Pauline Campbell - 10 August

19-07-2008 17:49

Prisoners’ Justice Day demonstration
Sunday 10 August 1-3pm
outside Styal prison, Wilmslow, Cheshire
(nearest stations Wilmslow and Manchester Airport

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The Problem With...Work

19-07-2008 14:45

At what age do you think your working future is planned out for you? If you are conscience of the impact civilization has on our lives, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the answer is: "from birth".

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Bastille Day Card - Support Liberty in Burma

19-07-2008 14:08

On July 14th, three members of celebrated Bastille Day at the Institute Francais in London, calling on "Liberty Equality and Fraternity" with the Burmese "liberty" movement and the heroic prisoners of conscience in Burma. A Bastille Day card with approximately 150 signatures was sent to President Nicolas Sarkozy care of the French Embassy in London, highlighting French Total Oil's continuing shameful collaboration with the brutal Burmese dictatorship and calling for liberty for Burma.

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Eviction gets go ahead - Bodge House

19-07-2008 14:07

Activists fortify Bodge House against UK Coal open cast mine and the eviction squad

The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th June have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.

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Start of 6 Days for 6 Years Vigil Outside US Embassy, London

19-07-2008 11:31

The London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a week-long continuous vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair, London, in the run up to Binyam Mohamed's 30th birthday on 24 July. Held illegally for 6 years, enough is enough. It's time for justice and the US to releasr Binyam...

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Climate Camp goes back to Heathrow: Conference Sat 26th July

19-07-2008 11:19

A conference organsied by the Camp for Climate Action, local residents groups NoTRAG and HACA and Greenpeace to answer the question:

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’ to Heathrow expansion?

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Operation Stop The Monkey Business: Day 6

19-07-2008 11:16

The action alert from day 6 of the week of action to stop Nepalese monkeys being sent to American vivisection labs...If we want to stop primate experiments the easiest way is to cut off the supply at source!