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please follow links and sign this petition

13-08-2007 23:58

necati film
following YOUTUBE atrocity, of police beating Albanians, a petition has been set up to draw attention to the torture that seems routine in Greece today. I am writing as a victim of such torture myself.

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Using "Humanitarian Intervention" to Justify Imperial Wars

13-08-2007 23:24

The US and other Western powers have always deployed human rights rhetoric
in a selective and self-serving manner, ignoring their own abuses and those of allies
while using the wrongdoing of unfriendly regimes as an excuse to justify intervention

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Climate Camp - indymedia seems quiet today...?

13-08-2007 22:12

Linda McCutcheon pleads with police
An event as big as Climate Camp - you'd expect to see a bit more coverage on indymedia - no?

Sadly indymedia was a casualty of the heavy, illogical and indiscriminate policing operation surrounding Climate Camp, and Sipson village in particular. The satellite truck and its power supply were caught up in a massive and pointless traffic jam.

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A Letter From The Catalan Four: Still Detained In Oaxaca, threatened & beaten!

13-08-2007 20:58

This letter was received from the four Catalan detainees still incarcerated in Mexico DF.
First is the rough English translation, then the original Spanish. At the bottom is a list of authorities you can write to in order to assist in their release.
A previous article asked for no one to demonstrate, but to write to demand release:

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Carterets Island

13-08-2007 20:53

News from PNG Gossip Newsletter. Work out for yourself what to do to Politician's supporters.

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OK! - Infant formula regulations protect ALL mothers and infants

13-08-2007 20:35

A promotion for Wyeth/SMA formula with a feature on Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre in OK! Magazine (which some of you may have missed) prompted calls for international marketing standards for baby foods to be implemented in the UK. Some parts of the media presented this as an attack on mothers who use formula when, in reality, the marketing standards protect all mothers.

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Heathrow Airport, climate chaos, and services to the animal industry

13-08-2007 19:01

An opportunity to contact Heathrow and BAA

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28 Days for Prestwick Protester

13-08-2007 17:37

Following the acquittal of seven of the eight Prestwick protesters at Ayr Sheriff Court on Friday, the remaining accused, Marcus Armstrong (46) from Milton Keynes, was found guilty and sent to prison for 28 days, after refusing to pay the £750 fine imposed by Sheriff John Montgomery.

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Worldwide market panic compels central banks to intervene

13-08-2007 17:15

The world financial system remained on a precipice over the weekend, awaiting the opening of markets Monday, after central banks in Europe, the United States, Japan and several other Asian countries were compelled to intervene Thursday and Friday with massive commitments of funds to stave off a global panic.

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Four British soldiers killed in Basra

13-08-2007 17:13

The deaths of four British soldiers in just three days in Basra have caused questioning over the UK’s military role in Iraq.

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American Genocide In The Middle East: Three Million and Counting

13-08-2007 17:12

Deaths directly and indirectly attributable to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq have neared one million people, a body count higher than the genocides in Rwanda and Sudan combined, according to a new report released by Just Foreign Policy.

That brings the U.S. caused death count in the Middle East to over three million people, and that’s not even counting fatalities in Afghanistan or Palestine.

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Space tourism, a biggest threat to Global Warming than aviation

13-08-2007 16:19

The economic bonanza of the last decade has increased ten fold the number of billionaires in the industrialized nations, making space tourism a financially viable enterprise for the first time in history, and at the same time increasing the risk of irreversible environmental meltdown and bringing the point of no return much closer than expected.

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Home Office arrange another deportation 'Charter flight' to DR Congo

13-08-2007 15:59

A number of Congolese detainees have now received
"removal directions" for Thursday 30th August,
stipulating Flight number PVT616 and 'Operation

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Evidence showing the robbed have been doubly robbed by 'leaders' and media

13-08-2007 14:56

The UK Bangladeshis, some f the most hard up people living in the western hemisphere as migrants doing some of the least dignified or rewarding of jobs and tasks - whose money has been stolen via 'First Solution' [that had the promotional front of 'community link’ and even ‘mosque-proximate-site credibility' because the perpetrating operation was headquartered at the 'London Muslim Centre' next to the 'East London Mosque' on Whitechapel Road London E1 - are NOT anywhere near getting their money back. It is over 6 weeks since they lost money that the vast majority had handed to ‘First Solution’ in trust for transfer to the needy family and realties in Bangladesh.

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A revolt to live: post-structuralist anarchist resistance against the G8

13-08-2007 14:27

Article republished from Anarchist Studies about the politics and cultures of protest at Gleneagles G8 summit.

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plane stoopid graffiti

13-08-2007 14:08

plane stoopid
thought u mite appreciate this photo...

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Climate Camp at 1.30pm

13-08-2007 12:52

Phone report from the climate camp site at 1.30pm:

There are now about 300 people on site. The atmosphere seems to be relaxed, although vehicles are still not allowed in, and people are only allowed to enter the site from the Sipson end. Police are strolling around the site accompanied by campers taking notes onf clipboards. People are being searched on both ends. Lots of media vans are parked near the main entrance, including many tv crews and three satellite vans. Generator x is stuck outside the camp.

The building of infrastructure has slowed down due to the police blockade. Wheelie bins are being used to bring stuff in, the media is very interested in that. People are laying a pipe for water but currently, they have to carry it in. However, without vehicles, it is impossible to get marquees onto the site, which are needed to hold workshops and meetings.

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Another deportation 'charter flight' to DR Congo

13-08-2007 12:51

A number of Congolese detainees have now received "removal directions" for Thursday 30th August, stipulating flight number PVT616 and 'Operation Castor'.

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China to Deploy World's Largest People Tracking Network

13-08-2007 12:28

Shenzhen, China: 20,000 surveillance cameras with face recognition; ID cards fitted with radio chips, backed by a database containing minute details of a person's life (religion, ethnicity, police record, medical records, landlord's phone number, travel payments, even small purchases). Officially aimed at fighting crime but will also help the Communist Party retain power. The UK Government's ID card/National Identity Register plans are very similar.

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Are cops being allowed to stay on site?

13-08-2007 11:58

Can someone at camp confirm whether the following article is true