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Join the digital resitance

21-03-2006 17:31

the png - to print and distribute
You might have noticed the indymedia call out for more people to get actively involved in tech work. [ |]. This saturday there will be a good opportunity to meet up with some of the people involved in Indymedia and find out about some of the ways (both technical and non-technical), you could help out. It's also a fine chance to find out about the hacklab and support the digital resistance...

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Infousurpa n16

21-03-2006 17:13

Weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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Voices in the Wilderness benefit gig

21-03-2006 16:46

A night of punk, ska and hardcore to raise money for Voices in the Wilderness, a grassroots organisation campaigning against the brutal occupation of Iraq.

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More pictures from London anti-war demo

21-03-2006 15:38

Eight photos of the Stop The War Coalition march on 18th March 2006

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BREAKING NEWS: EDO Injunction Breach Criminal Case Dropped

21-03-2006 14:49

Today the CPS in Brighton dropped yet another controversial criminal case against an anti-arms trade protester in Brighton. A legal observer who was arrested for using a video camera at a demonstration outside EDO MBM in June last year in an alleged breach of the harassment act injunction then in force, has had all charges against him dropped . In February EDO dropped their interim injunction against all protesters after a long legal battle by protesters in the High Court.

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Right to public racism march shames the left this Saturday

21-03-2006 14:45

A ramshackle bunch of organisations, many leaning to the extreme right has come together to organise the March for Free Expression this Saturday.

Seemingly inspired by the publication of the childish, racist cartoons in the Jyllands Posten earlier in the year, this misguided organisations has invited speakers from uber-capitalist the Freedom Association and the Libertarian Alliance

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Film showing to launch Venezuela support group in Brighton

21-03-2006 12:11

Members of the Hand off Venezuela campaign will be showing the remarkable documentary THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED on Wednesday 29th March 2006 at 7pm in the South Wing of Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton

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im portant "pseudo gang" info

21-03-2006 12:06

. . . . it seems the old criminals that were taught techniques + tech-use at the taxpayers expense in the u.s. + u.k "M.I" + "Economic"equivalents, along with their "cultured"offspring, are (ab)using them outside the "public" sector to shakedown hi-slushfunded co's trapping others into "cult" slave gangs

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Jo Wilding on UK Anti-War Movement

21-03-2006 10:57

Jo Wilding gives her view of the current state of the UK anti-war movement.

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Greece: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed

21-03-2006 05:29

Greece, Athens: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed

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Afghanistan. Iraq. Iran?

21-03-2006 05:11

Public Meeting
Iranian film maker and campaigner Roya Kashefi addresses people's growing concern that we may be heading towards an armed conflict with Iran.
Discussion, debate and slideshow.

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Fred Wreck: Why Did Major Radio Stations Try & Silence This Man and His Music?

21-03-2006 01:33

Fredwreck in case you don’t know has laced everyone from Ice Cube
to Snoop Dogg on down to Eminem with incredible tracks….He’s always been a political type of guy so he got a bunch of
West Coast artists together around the start of the Iraq War and
they dropped this Anti-war song which they offered up for free download..

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21-03-2006 01:10

No More Fake Democracy!

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Tues 28th March. Mass Strike in Britain and General Strike in France.

21-03-2006 00:08

Tuesday 28th March 2006 will see 1.5 Million workers strike to defend pensions. On the same day there will be a General Strike in France as part of the uprising against the CPE.

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Sainsbury's discrimination against law abiding teenagers

20-03-2006 22:26

Sainsbury’s store in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK has taken the decision to put a blanket ban on all children wearing The Marches School uniform.

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Update : French Uprising, General Strike, Protester in Coma

20-03-2006 22:14

French unions and student bodies have today official called for a general strike and massive protests throughout France on 28th March 28 to pressure the government to withdraw the new CPE law that removes existing rights from young workers.

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More horror in Palestine as Israeli 'defence' forces shot to death 8yr old girl

20-03-2006 19:56

Associated Press reported that eight-year-old Akbar Zayed was on her way to a clinic to have stitches removed from her chin when she was gunned down by a barrage of Israeli 'defence' forces. The IDF raid left behind demolished homes, damaged cars, three hospitalised and a family devastated by the death of a little girl. It was meant to be a raid to arrest 'fugitives' the army claimed were holed up in a house. However the people to end up being shoot in the West Bank village of Yamoun were those in a taxi going to the clinic in the adjacent street.

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An Immoral War Coalition

20-03-2006 18:17

Waging a new war that exceeds all the wars since the Vietnam War with the reason that Iran could produce nuclear bombs in ten years is even more absurd than the lie of weapons of mass destruction with which the Iraq war was justified.

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Greenpeace occupy Morrisons Thornton Lane

20-03-2006 17:35

Morrisons Thornton Lane was today occupied by Greenpeace to highlight the chain's lack of policy for sourcing of sustainable fish