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Review of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD - weapons of mass deception`

19-01-2005 05:41

Major media do not want you to see this film!
This is a detailed review with photos of independent filmmaker and Emmy award winning journalist Danny Schechter's latest film `WMD - weapons of mass deception`.

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A report from the Cottenham traveler community

19-01-2005 01:13

A group of activist from the Cambridge Action Network alarmed by the overt racism of some local newspaper articles and websites, decided to visit the traveler community outside Cottenham, Cambridgeshire. Eleven settlements there are under the direct threat of eviction: people are going to be kicked off their land by bailiffs, driven to the county borders, and their homes will be trashed. Unless we do something to prevent it...

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March to stop Oxford Animal Lab - January 29th

19-01-2005 00:56

The half built concrete structure that stands only ten minutes from Oxford city centre is a monument to cruelty and blind predjudice. Oxford University believe they can ignore the voices of those who expose their lies and deceit but not any longer. The chance to stop this animal abuse lab becoming a reality lies in our hands and we must not fail the countless thousands of animals that could one day become the future 'assets' of the university vivisectors. Oxford University does not want its academic image tarnished by its unwillingness to stop the discredited practice of abusing animals in the name of science but no recourse to injunctions and bully boy tactics will stop us SPEAKING out for the voiceless. Please make every effort to join the demo on the 29th January, your support is vital if we are to prevent the new lab from ever being built.

STOP THE OXFORD ANIMAL LAB, meet 12.30pm, Broad St, outside Balliol college, Oxford, OX1 3BJ.

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Dave Prentis Needs to abandon Gordon Brown Fantasy

19-01-2005 00:19

UNISON United Left General Secretary candidate Jon Rogers criticises the support voiced today by incumbent General Secretary Dave Prentis for Gordon Brown.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary is a late but welcome convert to the ranks of those prepared to say that Blair must go. However, he is quite wrong to foster illusions that Gordon Brown as Labour leader would deserve a welcome from trade unionists, as he does today in an interview with the Scottish Daily Record.

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seeking political asylum

18-01-2005 20:21

i have reached a point where i need to apply for political asylum.
i fear for my safety and i would apprieciate it if any one can offer
me advice or help in this manner.

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the conservative spectrum

18-01-2005 18:51

In terms of circulation, these are the top 10 national daily newspapers in the UK:

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Identity Cards - Who Profits? (Greasy Palms List)

18-01-2005 18:04

Find out which companies are set to make millions from the introduction of Identity Cards and the creation of a National Identity Register.

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US Activist Shot in Face by Israeli Army....

18-01-2005 17:56

....needs help. The appeal for funds was posted by Israeli activists supporting Brian Avery in his case demanding a criminal investigation into his shooting in Jenin two years ago.

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RoR presents... Tsunami Benefit Gig this FRIDAY 21st JAN

18-01-2005 17:48

Rhythms of Resistance presents... an amazing night of music with an Asian influence. All money raised at this event will go directly to grassroots groups to help them to rebuild their lives and livelihoods after the tsunami disaster. We support the smaller indigenous organisations who work within their communities to improve the lives and the sustainability of the livelihoods.

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Bush to Visit Brussells - Red Carpet & Flowers

18-01-2005 16:16

will the fomenter of war and chaos be greeted with cheers and flowers?

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Waverley to privatise housing stock

18-01-2005 16:01

Waverley, in complete disregard of the wishes of its council tenants, has voted to sell off its council housing stock.

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Pavilion chief executive resigns!

18-01-2005 15:59

Pavilion Housing Association chief executive Mervyn Jones has been forced to resign.

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Northern Irish Law Society accused of political bias in move to strike Padragin

18-01-2005 15:29

The Law Society of Northern Ireland are in the process of closing down the law practice of Padragin Drinan. She can no longer represent her clients and they are asking the High Court in Belfast to freeze her assets immediately. Many in the human rights community beleive this to be a politically motivated move.

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Brighton ISM talk

18-01-2005 15:24

Monday 24th January, Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton 6-8
ISMers recently in Palestine will be talking about their experiences and showing video footage.

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Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! to speak in London

18-01-2005 15:18

Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of award-winning radio show Democracy Now! will be in London at the end of January to talk about Independent media in the United States, the US election, and her new book 'The Exception to the Rulers'. Democracy Now! is a daily, independent, award-winning news program broadcast from New York city and airing on over 300 stations in North America.

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Is Syria Next?

18-01-2005 15:12

Once again the disinformation is being spread, that Syria is where the terrorists are coming from, that Syria is harbouring terrorist training camps, that Syria is supporting insurgents in Iraq.

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Tokyo Deported Two Kurdish Mandate Refugees: to Arrive Istanbul, 19:55 <Jan. 18

18-01-2005 14:52

A Kurdish father and his son, who are recognized as mandate refugees by UNHCR, were today deported to Turkey from Narita Airport nearby Tokyo, at 14:25 (Japan time).

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Palstine Solidarity events in Cambridge

18-01-2005 14:23

Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine - Israel (29 Jan),

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HMD Lecture

18-01-2005 13:30

Oxford Chabad Soc. Holocaust Memorial Lecture with Janina Fischler-Martinho

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Caterkiller cause the real criminal damage

18-01-2005 13:30

An activist was given a 12 month conditional discharge for criminal damage and ordered to pay £364 costs at Solihull magistrates yesterday for 'scuffing' a Caterkiller boss' comapny car. The activist was involved in a protest in June last year against Caterkiller's sale of D9, D10 and D11 armoured bulldozers to the Israeli military.