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The Stand @ The Wilderness

17-03-2012 02:55

The RtF Gathering went very well against the odds, against the will of the authority, in the wonderful sunshine of spring and beautiful surroundings of the forest. A full feed back will follow.

The gathering is still open for another lunar cycle, we will be conducting workshops every day from now on with a variety of skills on offer, all of the usual old school stuff and some more for the mix.

Open days for the public on saturdays with lots of fun, tea, workshops and family friendly atmosphere in the sun.

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Remotely living Australian Aborigines to be stripped of all rights

17-03-2012 01:09

Australian Aborigines in 73 remote communities will be stripped of all rights by laws about to be passed.

The imminent vote in the upper house, the Senate, on what is derisively called “Stronger Futures legislation”, will extend for 10 more years draconian restrictions on Aboriginal people who’ve already suffered five years of them.

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Elba squat (Warsaw) attacked

16-03-2012 22:53

Word is coming in of an attack by police on the Elba squat in Poland :[ one of Poland's largest squats - but the latest news is it hasn't been evicted!

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A not so peaceful protest in Palestine

16-03-2012 20:58

A short write up from a protest in Palestine that ended in violence and arrests.

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: Episode 1 – Syria, Libya, Iran

16-03-2012 19:19

During a screening of The Crisis of Civilization in Cambridge, Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed had a one hour, in-depth chat about the current situation in Syria, Libya and Iran – and about the West’s response to the Arab Spring.

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An invitation to multiply the attacks in solidarity with our brother Tortuga

16-03-2012 19:08

An invitation to multiply the attacks against power in solidarity with our brother Tortuga

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A Week of Action Against Ryanair's Great Plane Robbery

16-03-2012 19:01

John Foley is dedicated to spreading the word about Ryanair's exploitation
You might remember an incident from back in January, when a man named John Foley brought the Everton V Manchester City game to a standstill by handcuffing himself to a goalpost. The reasons for his protest were lost amidst the sensationalist media coverage of this event, but he did it to highlight the way low budget airline Ryanair treat would-be employees, like his own daughter Sarah.

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Camp and Demonstration at Sizewell nuclear power station April 20th to 22nd

16-03-2012 15:46

the camp at sizewell
Some folk in East Anglia would like to invite people to come across to the beautiful Sizewell beach in Suffolk for our fourth annual camp. We have the camp at this time of year to commemorate Chernobyl and to show our opposition to nuclear power. The pictures included here are from last years camp

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Anniversary of Kurdish town poison gas attack

16-03-2012 15:27

Kurdish massacare
A genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people that took place on March 16, 1988, during the closing days of the Iran–Iraq War, when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces in the Kurdish town of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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The 103 thousand pound eviction of st pauls cathedral

16-03-2012 15:10

a recent freedom of information request against the city of london police has shown the true extent of the city's might against st paul's occupy lsx

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successful resistance of eviction - this am in easton

16-03-2012 14:55

a disabled man was under who was under threat of eviction today found good support from locals as baliffs, police & battering ram was no match for neighbourly solidarity. he remains in the flat. more details when we get them...

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Report and pics from Jock Palfreeman protest

16-03-2012 14:43

Poster displayed at the demo
Supporters of Jock Palfreeman yesterday demonstrated outside the Bulgarian Embassy in London.

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The demise of the Nottingham (Evening) Post

16-03-2012 12:55

The beginning of March saw the publication of Audit Bureau of Circulations figures, which showed the sales of regional daily papers. Nearly all of these papers are suffering from falling circulation, but the biggest faller is local rag the Nottingham Post.

This continues a long-standing trend for the paper which in the second half of 2010, saw circulation fall 11.6% year on year to 40,974, a 3.7% fall period on period. This compounded a 14.6% fall in the first half of 2011.

The paper’s difficulties have not been arrested by the decision to redesign the paper and remove the "Evening" from the title in April 2010. A further redesign at the beginning of this year is unlikely to have made much difference either.

Nearly all newspapers (local and national) are struggling to maintain readers and this is often attributed to the ability of potential buyers to get the news from the internet, where papers often distribute their content for free. While there may be some truth to this it is noteworthy that the Post website fell by 2.0% in the last six months of 2011. Its recent and wildly unpopular website redesign cannot have helped.

The paper’s demise is in large part attributable to its reliance on what Guardian journalist Nick Davies dubbed "churnalism." In his analysis, proprietors with a single-minded focus on profit had driven an increase in the quantity of content in papers, while vastly reducing the number of journalists. This meant that journalists were "reduced to passive processors of whatever material comes their way, churning out stories, whether real event or PR artifice, important or trivial, true or false" (Flat Eart News, p.59).

A quick perusal of the Post on any day will inevitably turn up a bevy of articles virtually indistinguishable from the press releases on which they were based. In some cases this can help campaigns, who are able to get their message in the paper with minimal difficulty. Compare for instance, this article in the Post with the original press release. Nevertheless, it is not good for journalism.

The nine councils in Nottinghamshire are responsible for budgets adding up to hundreds of billions of pounds. The various NHS bureaucracies control similarly vast sums and the lives of thousands of people can depend on them. Add in the police, other public sector bodies, local companies and it is clear that there are many organisations locally who need to be held to account. Simply reprinting press releases is not good enough.

It is tempting to look to blogs and sites like Indymedia to take up this role and in some cases they can do, but investigative journalism is difficult and takes a long-time. Even the excellent NCC LOLs - the paradigm example of an well written, well researched "hyperlocal" blog - often relies on information uncovered by the Post. It isn’t unreasonable that people spending hours making their way through council documents and doing battle with spin doctors should want to be paid for it, just like any other job.

People were seeing the writing on the Wall for the Post last year and its future as a daily is surely not good. The paper’s offices have recently been reduced from three to one floors with the others to let. A while back there were rumours of the paper being given away free (like the Metro), but this seems to have been dropped.

A plausible scenario is that the paper will go weekly, as its Northcliffe stablemate the Lincolnshire Echo did last September. Done well this might actually be good for the Post. It would allow them to to ditch the filler and focus on less, but better quality news. Add in some decent inserts and they might even begin to reclaim some of their readers.

The future of the Post as we know it is clearly not great. A paper with few fans, many would no doubt welcome its demise or at the very least revel in the schadenfreude, but with nothing to replace it, the long-term effects could be serious.

The problem of funding investigative journalism in a capitalist society are not new and not limited to Nottingham. If and how we manage to deal with this issue may have a serious effect on the kind of society we find ourselves living in in years to come.

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Please spend 5 mins and help 250,000 people.

16-03-2012 07:38

The Worlds most painful incureable condition

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Protect The Wilderness- Public meeting Fri 17th

16-03-2012 01:36

We are having a public meeting today -Friday 7pm- at the Miners Welfare Hall in Cinderford, Glos. Please come along and join in discussing the future of your centre, and how it relates to the future of environmental education, and the privatisation of Forestry land -by proxy- through-out the country.

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Mersey Lockouts Mark Heightened Class Struggle

15-03-2012 22:22

A picketer keeps the fire burning through the night in Bootle this week
Industrial lockouts have been completely unknown in the UK for over fifty years. So it must be far from coincidence that two have taken place on Merseyside during the past month. Though there are slight differences between the cases, both are the result of bosses using the current crisis to lower production costs, and increase the rate of exploitation.

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Italy: NO TAV against fascism!

15-03-2012 21:35

Last Friday 9th March, a small number of militants from the neofascist group Forza Nuova (“New Force”) protested outside the offices of the newspaper Il Giornale in Milan.