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Licence to Kill

12-11-2003 18:14

My my, we're not in Camden any more Toto...

Things are hotting up in an-ti--ci--pppppp-p--ation of The President-Liberator's visit.
Plans are afoot. And the Bush entourage are making sure they are ready for anything...

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Second print edition of Cambridge NewsWire out

12-11-2003 17:53

The second issue of the Cambridge NewsWire (see for details of the first issue, which came out just over a month ago) is here. Please download, read and distribute!

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Culture year cash warning

12-11-2003 17:16

THE man who ran the Capital of Culture years in Glasgow and Brussels has sent a stark warning to Liverpool: "Don't make the mistakes we did".

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Stop work! Stop College! Stop School! Stop the City! To Stop Bush!

12-11-2003 16:01

Cardiff activists are ready to give Bush the unwelcome he deserves.

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Resist Bush!

12-11-2003 15:53

George Bush will be coming to the UK for a state visit 19th - 21st November 2003
Resist Bush is an umbrella group of activists to help individuals and groups make sure his UK visit is a truly memorable one - not just for George, but for his host Tony Blair.
Wednesday 19th November - Resist Bush Tea Party
Mass protest and civil disobedience, 3pm, Buckingham Palace.

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Grosvenor Square to be shut for bush

12-11-2003 15:37

Due to the visit of President Bush on the 19th November, there will be a
major security operation around Grosvenor Square. This will involve
off Grosvenor Square to both vehicles and pedestrians from 7am.

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Twyford Down - Seige Underway NOW!!

12-11-2003 15:34

Ten years ago part of the A33 was given to the people of Winchester in part compensation for the loss of downland caused by the M3 Twyford extension. What was once a road was given back to nature and was turned to beautiful meadow land. This same land is now being turned in to a park and ride facility.

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Prestige:Year One: Galician scientis discovers carcinogenic PAH in trophic chain

12-11-2003 15:14

Greenpeace at the Hércules Tower at A Coruña, Galiza
Today galician scientist from the University of A Coruña at Galiza where the Prestige Oil tanker sunk, has oficially presented a report demonstrating how both spanish and galician authorities was hiden to the people the real presence of Polycyclical Aromatic Hydrocarbons wich are well known carcinogenic compunds of the fuel-oil wich the Prestige was carrying.

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12-11-2003 15:03

While the European Social Forum is in session at Paris-Saint Denis, the
Ecole des métiers de l'Information-Cfd launches an ephemeral photo

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Gay Youth Take on County Council

12-11-2003 14:57

LGBT Youth Converge on Maidstone
Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Trans young people in Kent and accross the country are converging in Maidstone in anger at the County Council's congoing homophobic policies - in particular, iot's own replacement of SAection 28 which prevents homosexuality 'being promoted'.

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Boycott The Olympics

12-11-2003 13:52

Boycott the Olympics until the Thessaloniki 7 are released...

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No easy ride for BP Chairman Sutherland - tomorrow (13.11.03)

12-11-2003 13:16

BP Chairman, ex-WTO boss, board member of a fistful of blue chip companies and all round cheerleader for full-on capitalist globalisation Sutherland is peddling his ideological wares tomorrow. Come down and give him a (globally) warm welcome. He speaks on 'Access to World Markets: Tackling Poverty, Creating Equity', at the The Royal Commonwealth Society, 18 Northumberland Ave, London, WC2N 5BJ. Be outside at midday if you can.

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Secret RFID testing in the US

12-11-2003 13:05

As testing of Radio Frequency ID tags continues in the UK, amid protests from privacy advocates, it now emerges that Wal-Mart (who own Asda in the UK) and Procter and Gamble secretly tagged products, meaning that customers were unknowingly carrying live, traceable RFID tags when they left Wal-Mart stores. This reinforces the need for campaigners to keep up pressure on the companies who want to introduce RFID tags without ensuring that our privacy is respected.

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55 000 Iraqis killed!!!

12-11-2003 12:45

I was wondering why the recent report of '360 000 Iraqi dead in mass grave' story as circulated in our local pig media came about. Never found the answer until now; It has nothing ot do with Prince Charles getting butt fucked instead probably everythign to do with countering a UK based charities report on 55 000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed since March of this year!

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MI6 chief appointed college Master

12-11-2003 12:45

The head of MI6 is to be the new Master of Cambridge University's Pembroke College.
Sir Richard Dearlove, who currently heads the intelligence agency, will join the college after his five-year term is completed in August of next year.

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Anti Bush/Blair internet protest N20

12-11-2003 11:36

An internet "sit-in" of Downing Streets website is planned for N20 in protest at the Bush visit.

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Only Unconditional US Withdrawal Will Ensure Peace and Freedom for Iraq

12-11-2003 11:29

The hope that the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent invasions of Iran, Syria, and Cuba, will give a long-term, massive boost to the crisis-ridded US economy has been seriously threatened, as the lies about Bush's regime reasons for war have been exposed. What is disturbing is that the Bush regime, and it’s allies, could make further moves towards a more explicitly fascist forms of government in order to carry through the ‘Project for the New American century’

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Dairy Crest Profits Up - While Farmers Struggle

12-11-2003 11:18

Dairy Crest announced a 12% rise in profits, whilst farmers are being paid below production cost for their milk.

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Bomb at Italian base in Iraq kills six

12-11-2003 11:12

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An explosion rocked the headquarters of the Italian Carabinieri police in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah on Wednesday, killing at least six Italians and possibly trapping others under the debris, Carabinieri said in Rome.

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Globalización e Individuo-Emocional-“Diez horas con la globalización”(google)

12-11-2003 10:21

According to the book-“Diez horas con la globalización”(spanish)(google,, yahoo, amazon, foro-los retos de la globalización, netbiblo,
¡Por una globalización que sitúe en su centro el desarrollo humano individual!
“El ser humano solo existe en nosotros mismos como una posibilidad de futuro”.
“Somos nosotros mismos, los que con nuestros proyectos y actuaciones llenamos de contenido el futuro.. El mundo lo hemos inventado los individuos interpretando, manipulando y soñando la realidad....”.Los sistemas sociales no tienen porque ser eternos....”