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Dissident Dubs 2 - Saturday Jan 31st

30-01-2009 22:47

- FILMS (including 'Injustice' hosted by CoRe), FOOD (from RYF Brixton),

- DJs on a phat sound system

...FREE ENTRANCE TILL 10:30 - £3 after - benefit for D*I and the Library
House collective...

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Israel denies Gaza clean water -French aid shipment blocked

30-01-2009 21:36

"Israel has refused to allow a French-made water purification system into Gaza amid a drinking water crisis in the Palestinian strip.
The French Foreign Ministry said Friday that Tel Aviv had blocked the entry of a much-needed water purification station into Gaza and had forced its repatriation."

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Black America Surrenders

30-01-2009 21:21

For the first time in history, black Americans have willingly become accessories to their government's criminal activity and willingly developed amnesia about that history. Gone are the days when black Americans could be counted on to oppose wars of aggression abroad and wars against people here at home. Now that the president looks like them, he has carte blanche to do whatever he likes and he can expect nearly unanimous approval of any action he takes.

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Brighton Councillors sign Petition to Disclose Public Cost of Fighting Transgender Tribunal Cases

30-01-2009 20:40

A petition has been signed by a number of Brighton & Hove City Councillors, demanding the City Council disclose the Public Interest question of how much Public Money they spent fighting two un-winnable Employment Tribunal cases against Natasha Thoday, a transgender teacher. Notably 2 other councillors (North Devon & Edinburgh) and Carline Lucas MEP have also signed. A letter was sent today asking the remaining City Councillors to also sign it.

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Wave of University Occupations

30-01-2009 19:44

Update on the University occupations in solidarity with Gaza.

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Statement from Icelandic Anarchists

30-01-2009 19:12

A statement from the Icelandic anarchist collective on the recent collapse of the Icelandic government. The original article can be found, with images, here:

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This Week in Palestine -Week 05 2009

30-01-2009 17:55


This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for January 24th through to January 30th 2009.

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An interview with Werner Bonefeld on the economic crisis

30-01-2009 16:38

Werner Bonefeld teaches Politics at York. He recently published Subverting the Present - Imagining the Future with Autonomedia. This interview is also available here

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Stop The Camden Animal Lab donations address.

30-01-2009 15:46

The campaign to Stop The Camden Animal Lab is accepting donations sent to : Stop The Camden Animal Lab [London Against Camden Danger Lab] BM8735 London WC1N3XX. Donations will be spent on campaign materials such as leaflets, posters, letters,etc. In the event that the lab does not get planning permission we will fight the second proposed lab intended for Camden on Hampstead Rd close to Regents Park estate. Any left over funds will be donated to youth projects.

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Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair

30-01-2009 15:15

South Wales Anarchists present a day of freedom, equality and inspiration.

Since the first London Anarchist Bookfair in 1983, these events have been held around the world, spreading the vibrancy, history and diversity of the anarchist movement.

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Birmingham: Free Palestine Benefit Gig

30-01-2009 15:06

Free Palestine benefit gig on Saturday 7th February at the Wagon and Horses pub, Adderley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. £5 donation 8pm - 2am. More acts to be announced on the night.

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Protest over visit by IDF Colonel Geva Rapp

30-01-2009 14:37

Protester sit down
Colonel Geva Rapp who it is alleged was the head of the ground operations in Gaza He was visiting London to give a talk. A protest was organised outside the building where he was due to talk.

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South Wales Anarchists say 'Kill the Mosquito!'

30-01-2009 14:35

If you're under 25, there's a good chance you've have your ears the Mosquito, a nasty device that emits a very loud, high-pitched noise. Howard Stapleton, the inventor, has made an even louder model and a cute version for the child-hating homeowner. Stapleton's company Compound Security Systems Ltd is based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

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Q&A : Water Pushed to the Limit

30-01-2009 14:12

Manuel Baquedano
SANTIAGO, Jan 30 (Tierramérica) - When it comes to water, "humanity does not have the full awareness of the danger it is facing and will only act under extreme circumstances. The bad news is that those extremes are drawing near," Manuel Baquedano, president of the Chilean non-governmental Institute of Political Ecology, told Tierramérica. *

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BNP activists agitating at wildcat strikes

30-01-2009 13:33

The BNP have been joining wildcat strikers according to news reports, the bnp will use any chance to spread their message of hate.

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Last day to object to AWE nuclear warhead assembly plant - takes 2 minutes

30-01-2009 13:28

Today is the deadline for objections to the current planning application from the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) for a new nuclear warhead assembly / disassembly facility on the Burghfield flood plain (there was severe flooding on the site in the summer of 2007). It will take you just a minute or two if you use the template:

Objections after the deadline may be accepted, but no guarantee.

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Israeli War-Crimes Punishable by U.K. Laws

30-01-2009 13:22

Several countries (Britain is another) have assumed the right of universal jurisdiction. The general rule is that a country's laws apply only to that country, but international law does not forbid a country to assert its authority over acts committed outside its borders

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King's Occupation call demonstration

30-01-2009 11:54

King's Occupation needs your support to win their full set of demands. Support the occupations, deprive Israel of support and investment.

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UK Green Euro-MPs To Doorstop Israeli Embassy To Demand Gaza Aid Refund

30-01-2009 11:17

The two UK Green MEPs are set to doorstop the Israeli Embassy in London at 2pm today, to demand a refund on EU aid money spent on Gaza's now devasted infrastructure

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Toxicogenmics: Technology Beyond Vivisection

30-01-2009 10:39

Modern developments in molecular biology and the science of molecular toxicology. Without recourse to the use of animals.