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britains small wars

21-08-2003 11:09

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How the local council oppresses communities!

21-08-2003 09:26

Bellow is an extract from a paper I am writing which covers the oppressive behaviour of the dominant culture at local government level. Community activists and community workers who read Indymedia should be aware of the fact that they could practicing a form of community participation that is oppressive and suits the agenda of the dominant culture at local government level.

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milk sucks

21-08-2003 09:03


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dsei exhibitors in west midlands

21-08-2003 08:19

names/addresses/faxes/tel/emails/websites etc of the merchants of death in the west mids area

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DSEi Organizers Office Occupied

21-08-2003 08:04

Activists from Oxford have today occupied the head office of Spearhead, the company organizing Europe's largest arms fair, Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi).

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critical developments in Guatemala

21-08-2003 07:53

The dispute over whether General Efrain Ríos Montt can run for president has dramatically escalated. Today [July 24], in a coordinated campaign of violence, busloads of followers of Ríos Montt, including paramilitaries, entered the capital city and attacked groups of people, journalists, and critics of the general. They have threatened media offices and human rights organizations. Héctor Ramírez, a journalist, died of a heart attack while escaping from an aggressive mob, and other journalists narrowly escaped lynching. This very dangerous development may be the prelude to a coup. , August 7th.

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DSEi exhibitors in the north

21-08-2003 07:50

tel/fax/email/website/locations/names and mobiles of the merchants of death based in the north

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DSEi contact details

21-08-2003 07:36

for deatils of DSEi exhibitors from your area you can refer to the following indymedia sites. hopefully this will be duplicated on the website shortly(ish)

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India Indymedia taken over by fascists

21-08-2003 07:12

Hindu extremists have begun flooding India Indymedia with anti-Muslim hate propaganda in what seems to be a take-over of the news service by the far right.

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AL-JAZEERA doesn't believe yesterday's massacre in Israel was terrorism.

21-08-2003 04:00

AL-JAZEERA doesn't believe Palestinian homicide bombers butchering Israeli little girls is terrorism. Can anyone tell me How Israel can possibly live with evil people like this

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Israeli bus (by Latuff)

20-08-2003 23:56

Coffin over wheels
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Aug 27 Demonstrations against EU Software Patent Plans

20-08-2003 23:36

The Proposal for a software patent directive, which will be submitted to the European Parliament for plenary debate and subsequent decision on September 1st, is giving rise to another wave of protests. Various groups in Belgium and elsewhere are mobilising for a rally in Brussels on August 27th and are calling on web administrators to temporarily block their web sites. This is a repost of a press release here:

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CIA Accused Of Bank Heist

20-08-2003 23:26

Shortly before U.S. forces began streaming across the Iraqi border, commencing Persian Gulf War II, the CIA and the Department of Defense, with a little help from Israel and some Europeans, pulled off a massive bank heist in Iraq to the tune of several billion dollars.

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U.S. and Terrorist Groups Both Kill Civilians - And Call It Necessary

20-08-2003 22:42

The U.S. and many terrorist organizations engage in killing civilians to achieve their goals. When the U.S. kills civilians as part of a war they excuse it with the term "Collateral Damage" or "Incidental Casualties".

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Sign The Petition To Stop The Apartheid Wall Here!

20-08-2003 20:54

Petition to stop the Apartheid wall.

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Suing over USUK DU and other WMD

20-08-2003 20:10

A growing international movement must demand full reparations for the
Iraqi people. A cleanup of the toxic, radioactive waste is in the
interests of all the people of the region. The cost of the war must be
calculated in terms of bankrupt social programs here in the U.S. and the
health of all the people who were in the region during the war and will
be in the years to come.

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Solidarity Economics is Ecology and Local Power

20-08-2003 17:28

Hugo Chavez, the MST and the Argentine and Bolivian insurrectionists have shown us living examples of how a new world will function. Let us call this new way Solidarity Economics and let us develop it quickly and use it as our pot-banging call to action against the US Empire and its neo-colonial followers.Victory stirs in the grasp of all who raise their fist to seize it, tame it and build a new world.

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20-08-2003 17:03

Anwar Adel Khardom points to her heavily pregnant,shrapnel-sprayedn stomach
as she fluctuates between composure and frantic, inconsolable grief-”what
sort of life will this child be born into?” Her thirteen year old daughter Hadil, frail arms bruised and scarred with shrapnel,head bandaged with white gauze,remains wide-eyed and observant,fanning her mother with a woven fan as the heat of an oppressive,airless day reaches it’s midday climax.The room is crowded with relatives and friends who drink the bitter coffee and cry and keen in memory of Anwar’s husband,Adel,her 18-year old sonHaider,17-year old daughter Ola,and 8-year old daughter Mervat-all shot dead by U.S.soldiers seven days before.

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Block the Blok!

20-08-2003 15:35

Oozing Charisma
The Vlamms Blok are sending a delegation to visit the Scottish Parliament on the 11th September. Organise your own welcoming party.