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VIDEO Castlemill - The case for the boatyard

24-02-2005 23:51

A participatory video made by local residents. Produced by Nick Lunch.

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more comedy

24-02-2005 23:30

tonight's front page headline of BBC news online reads:

Election 'could be terror target'

with stunning credulity, the report begins:

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Small but significant victory for anti-nuclear groups

24-02-2005 23:25

"Body bag" die-in, radiation kills, submissions to the committee
Yesterday evening campaigners opposing the development of new facilities at AWE Aldermaston were celebrating what they consider a small but significant victory.

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24-02-2005 23:12


(Hamid Mir, Osama Bin laden's official biographer is working as Editor Northern Region, GEO Television Network (24 hour private Urdu News Channel)

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The Bondage of Terror

24-02-2005 22:05

The chance for building a common security lies in recognizing oneself in the other.. Security based on trust is a hundred times more valuable than the most expensive defensive system.

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Brum social centre: squatter’s success in bringing building back into social use

24-02-2005 21:58

Birmingham social centre handed over to a community project

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precarity is in fashion

24-02-2005 20:29

The Milan fashion week was again the target of a protest by antiprecarity activists today (thursday), a big suprise is promised for the end of the fashion week...

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LONDON 2 GLENEAGLES BIKE RIDE - meeting on sunday in brighton

24-02-2005 20:28


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Compromised. Youth. Knowarrameen??

24-02-2005 20:23

Compromised. Youth. Knowarrameen??Compromised. Youth. Knowarrameen??Compromised. Youth. Knowarrameen??

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24-02-2005 18:59

1-6.30pm, Saturday 26 February 2005
@ Leeds University Union.
(Next to “Parkinson steps”, about 5 mins by taxi from the train station)

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video of precarity action against fashion week

24-02-2005 18:41

tuesdays action against Prada fashion show:::

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Political trial against basque revolutionary youth

24-02-2005 18:35

42 basque young people are standing trial in Madrid and asked 642 years of prison by the spanish fascists for their public and legal work in defence of the basque youth's rights and for their struggle for a free and socialist Basque Country.

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G8 Direct Action Trainers Workshop

24-02-2005 17:16

G8 Direct Action Trainers Workshop happened in Glasgow last weekend.

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The Man Made Plagues

24-02-2005 16:28

In 1992 I walked into the University of North Dakota Library to do some research of Congressional documents. I remember quite well the bitter cold of -40 below 0 and wind chills that would freeze you to the bone with some speed. However this cold is a warm summer day at the beach, in comparison to the documents I found.

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24-02-2005 16:27

Prince Charles is now reportedly confident about the legality of his civil wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles after a rare public ruling by the Lord Chancellor and head of the judiciary, Lord Falconer.

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Dirty Aid Dirty Water

24-02-2005 16:03

Britain’s development aid is being siphoned off for big business.

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The Marsh Arabs

24-02-2005 15:58

and trhe aftermath of Saddam Hussein

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AUTHOR FIGHTS DESTRUCTION - Protest the Eviction of Castlemill Boatyard

24-02-2005 15:57

Philip Pullman protests against eviction of boatyard on the setting of His Dark Materials

Photocall with author:
10am, Friday 25th February, 2005. Oxford. Details below

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PHILIPPINES : Subanen families face eviction

24-02-2005 15:48

Eighty-six families of the Subanen tribe are being threatened with eviction from their ancestral land by the Canadian mining company TVI.

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Two sisters: Giuliana and Mithal

24-02-2005 14:45

The text you are about to read is a combination of words that were all written by Giuliana Sgrena, the italian journalist kidnapped in Irak (for more news about Giuliana you can see:
Some of them were part of her appeal contained in the video released by her captors and the others are from an article she wrote on July 1, 2004 about Mithal, an Iraqi woman detained in Abu Grahib.