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John Bowden Back At Shotts Prison After A Stay In Hospital

21-04-2013 18:37

John is now back at Shotts prison recovering from an operation to have a disc removed from his back, after being laid up in bed for two weeks with severe back pain. He's still feeling quite weak and unsteady on his feet but hopefully he's now on the mend. His recent hospitalisation meant he had a pile of mail waiting for him when he returned on Saturday 20th April. He thanks people for their letters and says he will answer them in due course.

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Love Across the Faith Divide

21-04-2013 15:50

Fozia and Nawaz came from Pakistan, seeking refuge simply because they married. In this 21st century Romeo and Juliet, the couple are at risk of persecution by honour killings for marrying outside of their faith groups. I talk to them about daily life as an asylum seeker in a country that simply isn't interested.

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TWO UK Nuclear Accidents in Just a Few Days

21-04-2013 11:32

TWO accidents at privatised UK nuclear plants in a few days

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Sussex Police to deploy armoured vechicles in March For England operation

21-04-2013 00:12

Armoured cars spotted in Brighton in advance of March For England.

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s144 - Damned Lies and No Useful Statistics

20-04-2013 22:29

To tie in with the courtcase starting Monday in Brighton, when three squatters are going on trial under s144 and will not be pleading guilty, here's some analysis of the criminalisation of squatting in England and Wales..

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Council Tax Refusal Campaign Begins

20-04-2013 17:24

In the Nottingham area a Don't Pay Council Tax Campaign has been launched as a protest against the continuing cuts in spending on public services which particularly impact on poor and disadvantaged people.

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Greece: Call for international solidarity with Indymedia Athens and Radiozones

20-04-2013 15:41

Greece: Call for international solidarity with Indymedia Athens and Radiozones of Subversive Expression 98FM

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Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF, Dow: Biggest Bee Killers

19-04-2013 20:52

One of Trillions of Victims Of Major Corporations
Suggested action to take to ban insecticides which kill bees, 'the world's largest labor

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Fascist plans hit Brighton rocks

19-04-2013 17:16

And so once more, hundreds of far-right extremists will attempt to head to Brighton this weekend to try and reclaim the patron saint of England as their own in a “march for England”.

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Shell to Sea campaigner to speak in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester

19-04-2013 13:02

Local resident and Shell to Sea campaigner Terence Conway will be speaking in Bristol, Leeds & Manchester to give an update on campaign against Shell in Ireland & promote the Rossport Solidarity Camp week of action happening there in June.

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Thatcher's Dead Party (Liverpool) pics & clips

19-04-2013 12:45

Photographs and film clips from the Thatcher' Dead Party in Liverpool on the 17th April. BBC report a small and quiet demo with more journalists and police than party goers... Not surprisingly the BBC are not 100% accurate

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Riseup! Radio Continues....

19-04-2013 08:55

Once bitten twice shy, riseup! radio has another show,

An old woman from Grantham dies, but capitalism lives on. Thankfully in this show we're talking about alternative economic model paracon, so hopefully we'll have brought the system down by the next show. In order to do this we'll need some planes of war which is fortunate because we have El Dia spitting them out. We got Kebab bringing us news on photographic exploration of journey's and the bedroom tax demo. Plus music from Morris Cowen and Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy.


Click on the link to fill your ears with joy spit!

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Oxford Premier of Into the Film + Q&A Sunday 5th May

18-04-2013 18:09

Join us on Sunday 5th May for the the Oxford Premier of documentary Into The Fire with discussion and Q&A with some of the film makers afterwards.

Sunday 5th May. 7pm doors for 7.30pm. 10pm close. East Oxford Community Centre. Bar. £5/£3

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Resistance is Fertile- One Account From the Zad

18-04-2013 18:06

An extract from an article written by a Combatant at the Zad.

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March For Germany Brighton Sunday April 21st

18-04-2013 17:33

Join the HUN in brighton

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Get tooled up in Bristol this Saturday!

18-04-2013 16:53

Thatcher may be dead but now we need to kill off her legacy. Come and dip into the activist toolbox this Saturday, for all the tools you'll need to join the struggle against capital and the state. Then let's go to work...bring on the north west European spring!

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Residential Squatting trial coming up!

18-04-2013 15:35

3 People have been charged in Brighton with squatting a residential building. The trial starts on Monday 22nd April. Come and show your support!