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March For Germany Brighton Sunday April 21st

george carter | 18.04.2013 17:33

Join the HUN in brighton

this sunday in brighton will c the annual march for nazismzionism hosted at great exspense by you the taxpayer.the march has been sanctioned by sussex police and masons to prove the point once and for all that they and their council lackeys not the good majority of brighton people decide who is welcome to desicrate everything that is good about brighton.theENGLISH HUN LOVERS SOCIETY plan to muster at falmer railway station and brighton station befor being given a golden platinum bus pass to brighton beach where they will make english sandcastles and have a spin on the wheel whilst being pelted with pebbles.english pebbles no less cos they is the bestest.when the noncefest is over sussex police give u their unearnest assurance that they wiil as usual let some hun slip away into the darkness after the dark march is over so they can bag sum darkies.SMASH THE NAZIS

george carter


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