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2 Deportations from Tyneside Defeated this Week! - Includes action report

14-03-2007 22:19

This week 2 TCAR families who have both been living in Newcastle for over 5 years were facing deportation. Joy and her daughter had received notification that they would be deported to Jamaica on Wednesday 14th March, despite a pending citizenship claim by her daughter, and Nurhayet and her family, held in Yarls Wood detention centre, had received fresh removal directions for Thursday 15th March, despite their fresh claim. After a massive campaign to the press, local MPs and the Home Office, and the second emergency demonstration outside Government Offices North East in a week, both families are for the time being out of danger.

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Call out for march 15, 2007: stop the repression now! 11th International day aga

14-03-2007 21:04

For the 11th International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB), there will be demonstrations and other events in Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Toronto, Belleville (Ontario), Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Whitehorse (Yukon) and in Mexico.

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Liverpool Critical Mass Returns!

14-03-2007 20:02

Friday, 20th April 2007, 6pm

Meet at the Chinese Arch, Nelson Street, Liverpool

"We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic"

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Police use tazer torture on 15 year old child

14-03-2007 19:27

A 15-year-old boy has been shot with a Taser gun during a police raid in Moss side Manchester.

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Presidents agree.

14-03-2007 19:25

The present President of SA and he future President of Zimbabwe.

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Support The Demands Of The Women Of Oaxaca

14-03-2007 19:11


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Anti-Trident Demonstrators Arrested at Faslane, Scottish Parliament and Parliame

14-03-2007 18:54

Individuals and groups from across the country today denounced Trident as illegal and immoral and called for disarmament of Britain’s weapons of mass destruction in concurrent demonstrations at Faslane Naval Base, Scottish Parliament and Parliament Square. Four people were arrested after blocking the entrance to Faslane, where Trident nuclear weapons are based, while five were arrested after unfurling a banner which read “Whatever They Vote Trident is Still Wrong” on the Scottish Parliament building, and ten people have blockaded Parliament Square.

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Powerful Documentary Trounces Man-Made Warming Hoax

14-03-2007 18:50

Climate change is natural and has been happening since the Earth began

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This Time, Israel Is Missing an Historic Opportunity

14-03-2007 18:28

By Nicola Nasser*

Fulfilling a 60-year old Israeli dream and an American unwavering strategy, the 22-member League of Arab states are now in consensus on a potentially groundbreaking Arab Peace Initiative (API).

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An urgent call to stop the war on Iran!

14-03-2007 18:08

Brothers and Sisters, Iranians, Americans and peoples from around the world,
the American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) calls upon you to join us
this March 17th, show determination, resilience and unity to stop the war in
Iraq and deter the establishment from starting another war.

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anti-trident celebs posing for pics outside parliament

14-03-2007 17:57

bianca jagger, vivienne westwood, annie lennox, and anita roddick joined mps jeremy corbin and ian gibson for a photo-call outside parliament this morning.

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activists from 'block the builders' closed down parliament square today

14-03-2007 17:45

bin trident
shortly before midday, nine activists surprised police by locking-on in the road to lumps of concrete and a mock trident missile at parliament square today

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14-03-2007 16:52

A half page spin-defuse to forward to your MPs REALLY, QUITE FAST . . . .
THE GIST. But from ***(*).

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Targetting Tehran: the case of the missing Iranian general

14-03-2007 15:57

Very little of the detail appearing in the media about the recent unexplained disappearance of a top Iranian general, Brigadier General Ali Reza Asgari, including his age, can be taken at face value. But all the accounts point to the involvement of the US, Israeli and/or other Western intelligence agencies in the defection or abduction of Asgari, a former deputy defence minister, who is currently being interrogated or tortured to obtain Iranian defence secrets.

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Oxford Anti War/No Trident march this Saturday 17th March

14-03-2007 15:53

There will be an Anti War march this Saturday to mark the 4th aniversary of the war in Iraq, called by Oxford Stop the War Coalition and Oxford CND. Assemble Manzil Way 12.30

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Pure Propaganda: The Great Global Warming Swindle

14-03-2007 15:40

On March 8, Channel 4 screened The Great Global Warming Swindle, a
documentary that branded as a lie the scientific consensus that man-made
greenhouse gasses are primarily responsible for climate change.

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Brazilian police adopt nazi-fasci metods

14-03-2007 15:17

Fuck Bush! Fuck North America! Fuck Lula da Silva! The poors in Brazil will arise and do the revolution! With no powers, no liders, no governments, no laws, no constitucions!

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Photos - Blair Bomb

14-03-2007 15:17

A protester stands in front of an inflatable 'bomb' while being watched
Anti-nuclear protestors block a road in Parliament Square in London Wednesday March 14, 2007. Lawmakers from Prime Minister Tony Blair's party planned a major rebellion Wednesday over a proposal for a multibillion-dollar (-euro) nuclear missile defense system - a program critics claim could undermine efforts to stem the weapons ambitions of Iran and other countries. Blair has told the House of Commons that Britain's fleet of four nuclear-armed submarines - due to be phased out from 2022 - should be replaced to meet possible future threats from rogue regimes and state-sponsored terrorists.

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Colombia, Bush visit - Soldiers against protesters

14-03-2007 15:08

Massive protests greeted Bush as he came to Bogota to support his ally Uribe

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Nottingham residents mobilise against Trident replacement.

14-03-2007 14:52

Around a hundred Nottingham residents are planning to travel to Scotland at the end of the month to demonstrate against the replacement of Britain's Trident Nuclear Weapons. Their protest will form a part of the yearlong Faslane 365 blockade of the site.