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Anti-Trident Demonstrators Arrested at Faslane, Scottish Parliament and Parliame

Slarti | 14.03.2007 18:54 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | London

Individuals and groups from across the country today denounced Trident as illegal and immoral and called for disarmament of Britain’s weapons of mass destruction in concurrent demonstrations at Faslane Naval Base, Scottish Parliament and Parliament Square. Four people were arrested after blocking the entrance to Faslane, where Trident nuclear weapons are based, while five were arrested after unfurling a banner which read “Whatever They Vote Trident is Still Wrong” on the Scottish Parliament building, and ten people have blockaded Parliament Square.

Those arrested at Scottish Parliament were residents of Faslane Peace Camp which has maintained a protest against nuclear weapons for 25 years. Amongst those arrested at Faslane were two Edinburgh University students. Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp residents and Block the Builders blocked Parliament Square.

A large contingent of students from Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh inflated a life size bin bag Trident at Faslane gate bearing the words "Block the Bomb".

Sam Jones, 21, a Stirling University student said “Thousands of people marched against war in Iraq and were ignored. We’re not naïve. We know that Parliament won’t listen to us today and will go ahead with its decision to upgrade Trident. What will get rid of nuclear weapons is people taking direct action at Faslane and other nuclear weapons installations. It’s time for people to stop asking the government nicely and start telling the government that we we want a timetable for nuclear disarmament starting now not further postponement of a decision. Nuclear weapons have such a destructive capability that even to threaten other human beings with that is gravely immoral.”

The demonstrations are connecting with others at Westminster, where ten people have blockaded Parliament Square by locking on to concrete barrels, and across Scotland throughout the day to oppose the present Trident system and any upgrade as the government prepares to decide whether to commit the UK to build a new generation of nuclear weapons. Since 1 October there has been relentless opposition to Britain’s continuing possession of nuclear weapons with nearly 600 people arrested thus far. People have also come to protest at Faslane from Belgium, Scandinavia, the US, and Japan. Groups representing diverse sectors of society, including Elected Representatives, Lawyers, Health Professionals, Clergy, and many others have demonstrated at the base since the start of the Faslane365 year-long blockade.

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Protest in Plymouth too

14.03.2007 23:17

There was a day-long protest in Plymouth too.

There was a solid, vivid, and colourful presence at the Albert Gate of the Devonport Dockyard from around 8 in the morning until 7pm, by activists from numerous groups in Plymouth, including TP Tamarians, STWC, Plymouth CND, teachers and students from the local University, and non-affiliated others.
Banners were hung from the Dockyard walls, (there are good photos if I can figure out how to post them up..?) reading amongst other things,
Chalk also proved useful in order to write the message on the pavement that 'no matter the vote, it's still illegal, immoral, and useless.'

Interviews were conducted with several media groups, and the action raised much sympathy and awareness. Not a few people stopped for a chat, or took a leaflet. There was plenty of car horn toots and thumbs up of support. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone had a blast for a change.
Not even the result of the vote could change that. That changes nothing. Amongst the people that matter, ie everyone except tony's cronies and the tories, the arguments are being won, if they're not long won already. We are winning. It's not us that are going to have to justify the insanity and expense when the day comes.

Sorry if it's all a bit rambled, it's been a long day, and i'm tir...

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