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Did Asian Economic Fears Cause Riots?

22-11-2005 12:14

Women Together

“A Collective Voice established to address Issues and Concerns for African and African Caribbean communities”

Press release
November 20th 2005

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Police network tracks vehicles

22-11-2005 06:54

The BBC has reported that West Yorkshire police have acknowledged the use of a CCTV tracking network in the apprehension of the suspect killers of WPC Beshenivsky.

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22-11-2005 06:14

Detail from painting by Behnam
One of our sixth form students, Behnam, his mother and younger brother, also a student at the school, are under threat of deportation to Iran where he faces prison, torture and possible death.

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Nuclear Waste Transport In Germany - Timeline

22-11-2005 06:00

Monday November 21: at 8.15am the transport reaches Lüneburg while some thousend protestors in the area are on the roads to welcome it on the last 70km.
[ Background Infos at Nuclear Waste Transport In Germany (Feature) | maps | German radio stream ]

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vietnam 2005

22-11-2005 03:12

those who fail to learn history are doomed, those who fail to learn history correctly why they are simply doomed

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NBC suit walkabout

22-11-2005 02:13

The suits
We walked about in Birmingham in NBC suits - we're going to do it again.

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How the Bush administration got spooked

21-11-2005 23:44

Fear is no longer on the Bush administration's side. No wonder they're now afraid - very, very afraid.

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21-11-2005 23:21

From 1517 to 2005

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Sleepwalking through slaughter: on the western media's concealment of crimes aga

21-11-2005 22:23

Gruesome atrocities continue to be committed by the occupying powers in Iraq, passing with little or no mention in the mainstream media on either side of the Atlantic. As such the media are accessories to these crimes, standing as they do between the criminals and accountability

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: New Green Issues Site

21-11-2005 20:38

Political blogger Cheryl Seal announces a new website dedicated to arming activists with the latest environmental facts, stories, resources in the fight against corporate pseudo-scientists, global warming debunkers, and arrogant politicians..

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21-11-2005 20:34

Free Screening of the Documentary film Between the Dictator and Me at Brunel University on Friday 25th at 4 pm in room 063 (Lecture Centre). On the 30th anniversary of Franco's death, 6 young filmmakers look at his legacy and influence long after his dead generating a long-due social debate.

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Flyers and reminder for this month's Critical Mass bikeride in Nottingham

21-11-2005 20:16

Just a reminder that there will be another Critical Mass bikeride on Friday, 25th November. We will be meeting at the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road at 5.30pm - Come and join the fun !

Here a flyer to download and distribute !

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Tunesia Monitoring Group reveals verdict on World Summit on Information Society

21-11-2005 20:15

Tunis, 18 November 2005

“Never again” say freedom of expression groups.

Media and freedom of expression groups today, at the conclusion of the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, called for a full investigation by the United Nations into attacks on human rights and freedom of expression that took place in Tunisia on the eve of and during the World Summit
on the Information Society.

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Made in West Bank and Gaza

21-11-2005 19:26

Introducing the Freedom Clothing Project - a not-for-profit clothing co-operative working with suppliers in the occupied West Bank.

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The future of the Howard Mallet Centre?

21-11-2005 18:13

A growing and diverse group of Cambridge people are starting to put together a proposal to make use of the (very nearly empty) Howard Mallet Centre.

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Soapboxers and Saboteurs Exhibition til noon 26th at Ann Arbour.

21-11-2005 17:39

IWW Centenatry Exhibition ends 12 noon Friday 26th 2005 at
Special Collection Library
7th Floor Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
University Of Michigan
Ann Arbour, MI
(737) 764-9377

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Urban violence in France

21-11-2005 17:19

This is among the best analysis on the background to the two weeks of rioting in France

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Charles Clarke loses democracy debate at University of East Anglia

21-11-2005 14:20

Clarke Debating
Clarkes Clarke debated the motion 'Democracy is on its back in the UK'.

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Home Office in Glasgow locked down - 3 arrests

21-11-2005 12:19

21 Nov 05: Once again the Home Office Immigration offices in Glasgow have been closed down by protesters. Earlier this morning 40 people gathered outside the building and padlocked two of the gates. 3 protestors have been arrested. More details and photos to follow on imc scotland:

This is from imc Scotland: