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Made in West Bank and Gaza

Nosmo | 21.11.2005 19:26

Introducing the Freedom Clothing Project - a not-for-profit clothing co-operative working with suppliers in the occupied West Bank.


Too often Palestinians are just portrayed as terrorists or victims. The truth is that they produce a wide range of high quality products in excellent working conditions.

The Freedom Clothing Project, a not-for-profit clothing co-operative, announce the first 'Made in the West Bank and Gaza' labelled t-shirts in the UK.

Casting the morals of big business on their head, Freedom Clothing Project exists only to assist and serve the workers, their families and wider society in their struggle for peace and economic stability.

Freedom Clothing Project.
Dressing for a better world.

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  1. Good luck! — Moho Mad-Hack
  2. Stop being an apolagist for terrorists! — Realist