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Pedaling Peace -- Cyclist from Nepal Rides Against the Currents of War

22-08-2002 20:27

"War is not the answer," the 34-year-old Nepalese citizen summarized his philosophy to me during a break on his trek to Seattle. "Peace doesn't come through violence. We need to keep peace and live with peace and love."

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Manchester Loombreaker - Issue 30

22-08-2002 19:31

Issue 30 of the Manchester Loombreaker is now on line. In this issue: Manchester Anarchist Youth, NW Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Day of Action, Skate Attack, Marple Against Orange, Rubbish Vale and GM Free Lymm and more.

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22-08-2002 19:13

Toxic hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by chemicals. Many chemicals that are intentionally or unintentionally inhaled or consumed can have toxic effects on the liver. Among these chemicals are drugs, industrial solvents and pollutants. Virtually every drug imaginable has at one time or another been indicated as a cause of toxic hepatitis.

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Biotechnology News Wire August 22, 2002

22-08-2002 18:54

News stories on genetic engineering for August 22, 2002

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London Cops Get Trigger Happy

22-08-2002 18:50

The Met get baton guns to shoot us with...

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22-08-2002 17:55

As an ordinary Iraqi I wish the whole world would one day
discover the true nature of Saddam Dictatorship and those
who made him to be.

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Sara Lee? Not for me ....

22-08-2002 17:24

Sara Lee? Not for me ....
The United States government is totally enthralled by the anti-democratic zionist lobby and the greed of the oil companies. Just like the white supremacist regime of apartheid South Africa the rules of war, international law and the Geneva Convention appear not to apply to Israel, which has been expanding its borders and building illegal colonies since 1947.

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22-08-2002 16:56

Latest material from SQUALL Magazine Online

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Daniel Berrigan, Ciaron O'Reilly & John Maguire Speak in Dublin 14.8.02

22-08-2002 15:43

Video by RedJaDe (article 1)

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22-08-2002 15:25

What if they had a war and nobody noticed?

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The end of the world is not nigh

22-08-2002 14:43

At the Johannesburg Summit, Cuba will serve as an example of what a small country can achieve in environmental matters

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Saving the planet

22-08-2002 14:35

Article about Johannesburg summit written by Ignacio Ramonet.

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Canalside Breaks Promise to Tenants

22-08-2002 14:32

Canalside tenants voice their anger at broken promises. Tenants voted a couple of years ago to transfer to a private landlord and are now facing the consequences.

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Save Laburnum School Campaign Update

22-08-2002 14:28

Laburnum School in Haggerston (Hackney) faces closure because the council want to sell it off for luxury flats. The Save Laburnum School Campaign set out their next steps to prevent the closure...

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reminder of the 2 keys to "Sept 11"

22-08-2002 13:43

reminder of the 2 keys to "Sept 11"

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Southend tree protest

22-08-2002 12:02

parklife protest

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Community activist excluded from regeneration inititive

22-08-2002 09:46

Concerned NDC community activist is still excluded from an initiative that is meant to be inclusive.
Below is a recent email sent to the £57,000 per year chief executive of the Liverpool Kensington New Deal for Communities initiative.

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Indymedia as target

22-08-2002 09:24

Indymedia-UK is one target of a working party of the intelligence services of this country. What follows is what has been leaked to me by a friend in another country's intelligence service.

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now open

22-08-2002 07:54

Now open- LaRC

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Colchester: Radical centre threatened by Capita PLC

22-08-2002 03:37

Colchester social centre faces eviction threat by powerful corporation. However, this popular squatting project has won community support for reversing the decay caused by corporate negligence.