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Congratulations !

27-02-2003 11:54

Congratulations !
Incitement of the people like in the Third Reich

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27-02-2003 11:46

Two Anti-War activists were arrested in Plymouth after a protest in the city. They have been released on bail. Does the government think that sending police to arrest protester will silenced the Anti-war movement? They are wrong!

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Short audio of very funny White House press briefing

27-02-2003 10:55

It appears that even the celebrated White House press corps is having difficulty gulping down the lies...

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We really are losing the argument against war!!!!

27-02-2003 10:23

Op-inion polls in America have put support for war at around 70 per cent and in Britain opinion polls have found that two thirds of people would support a war against Iraq with UN backing.

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Rebels confirm: 3 CIA agents captured

27-02-2003 10:08

Colombia's main leftist rebel army confirms to have downed a CIA plane and captured 3 US intelligence agents. The guerrillas are demanding the US and Colombian armies to hold their fire in order to be able to guarantee the safety of the prisoners.

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FRIDAY: ON YER BIKE! London Critical Mass!

27-02-2003 09:56

London Critical Mass! FRIDAY! The ultimate response to oil wars!

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Trainstopping call in fron italian embassy at 1 pm

27-02-2003 09:29

The italian government from tonight is moving across italy several death train toward Pisa us military base camp darby.
Activists are being arrested and after one hour released.
People is tring to block different station in different city all over north,north est italy.We call a demo to protest against Berlusconi government and to stop the war.

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Blair and Commons Indict Themselves

27-02-2003 07:44

Let's increase the rhetorical volume: Stop the Genocide

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Why Bush's preemption policy will fail

27-02-2003 02:03

Great article explaining why the idea of preemption will fail. The author uses North Korea as an example to prove his point.

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Their Morals and Ours

27-02-2003 01:59


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Life in a Barrel of Oil

27-02-2003 00:26

US and Europe need oil and natural gas. Inogate and US and European military will do what it takes to get it.

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27-02-2003 00:13

Demos are not allowed in Parliament Square, but organisers have got a permit to do a "performance" on Monday morning, so please send this message out far and wide and let's see how many people we can get down there :)

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Executive of Egunkaria freed, denounce tortures

26-02-2003 21:42

Executive of Egunkaria freed, denounce tortures

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26-02-2003 21:27


Chester, Illinois - February 26, 2003 - The nation's most controversial case of involuntary psychiatric commitment (IVC), which has kept Illinoisan C. Rodney Yoder in maximum security for twelve years for no crime, will occasion an unprecedented challenge to the institution of coercive psychiatry.

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Blind leading the Blind

26-02-2003 21:15

Blind leading the Blind
More at :

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Blair suffers big parliament revolt

26-02-2003 20:13

LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly 200 members of parliament have defied Prime Minister Tony Blair's hawkish Iraq stance, saying that the case for war has not been proven

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SIGN ON - Int'l call Boycott US war Iraq

26-02-2003 18:00

SIGN ON - Int'l call Boycott US war Iraq
This is an international call for a boycott of the US war economy. The American economy is directly linked to the war on Iraq. Oil companies and arms companies, in particular, stand to make huge profits from a war on Iraq. The Bush Administration is prepared to go to war unilaterally, with or without a UN resolution. Consumers worldwide can say "NO"

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Army Forced to Retreat

26-02-2003 17:07

Army have problems recruiting. Link to local corporate media could become broken by thurs/27/feb - sorry

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3000 Protest in Galway / March 1st Direct Action Day @ Shannon

26-02-2003 17:05

Irish Peace Movement Continues as 3,000 March in Galway
Day of Action March 1st @ Shannon

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Strategic Analysis of Iraq situation

26-02-2003 16:50

Free analysis from Stratfor Strategic forecasting.