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Postmodernism Alive and Killing

20-03-2002 02:48

Israelis are killed every day now, while one of the world's strongest armies is bravely proving it can turn even wretched refugee camps into ashes, I feel rather uncomfortable talking about ideology. Still, I'll do it. In a previous column I analysed several arguments of the right-wing ideology of Israeli occupation: a rather simple task, actually. More difficult, and more interesting, is the question: how do parts of the Israeli progressive camp live with the Occupation?

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Economist Marco Biagi murdered in Bologna

20-03-2002 01:39

Economist Marco Biagi murdered in Bologna

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Interview with Gemma Galdos MRG leader in Barcelona

19-03-2002 23:14

Flash video clip with interview and music.

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BP AGM - advance notice

19-03-2002 22:59

Advance of notice of BP AGM

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Climate justice activists visit 2nd London Kyoto carve-up conference

19-03-2002 22:37

Pie in the Sky come out to play for the second time.

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PSNI/RUC burgals special branch office in search of incriminating omagh files

19-03-2002 21:24

PSNI/RUC Special branch Castlereagh office headquarters burgaled by insiders in mission to dispose of sensitive files relating to Omagh bomb

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Greg Palast-Live Interview-Today

19-03-2002 20:33

Greg Palast will be live today at 5:00pm EDT on
Thanks UK for giving him a home--

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Release of more footage by the Iran Tribunal

19-03-2002 19:31

On January 21 the National Union of Journalists and The International Tribunal on Crimes against Humanity in Iran had released a short part of three hours of video tapes that throw light on a conspiracy to conceal the truth about the serial killings of journalists and writers in Iran. Five were killed between November 1998 and February 1999. More footage has been released now: an edit of 45 minutes in real media (21MB) can be downloaded on

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Organizationalism Part Two

19-03-2002 18:46

Following the overwhelming response yesterday to excerpts from "The Organization Man" (W H Whyte 1956 ) here are some more points and how they may relate to current social- political developments.

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Critical Mass Mayday 2002

19-03-2002 18:15

Call for non-motorised wheels!

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Greg Tucker

19-03-2002 17:38

Lawyers for Greg Tucker, the former train driver whose demotion to ticket inspector led to strike action at SW Trains earlier this year

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Korea: KCTU leader jailed

19-03-2002 17:11

Dan Byung-ho, President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (see past news) has been sent down for two years for "obstruction to business"; in other words, co-ordinating strikes. Full report on ICFTU website:

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Zimbabwe: ZCTU call general strike

19-03-2002 17:00

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions have called a three-day general strike, in protest at security police breaking up union meetings since the election result. Full report (from South African paper 'Independent') on this link:

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Ireland: asylum seekers hunger strike

19-03-2002 16:49

Request for support from National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns for support for asylum seekers on hunger strike in Mountjoy prison in Dublin:

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Labour peer admits to Nestle link

19-03-2002 16:09

Labour peer, Lord Ahmed, defended Nestlé when a former Nestlé Pakistan employee provided internal documents demonstrating he was required to promote breastmilk substitutes by bribing doctors and other unethical means. Lord Ahmed has disclosed in The Guardian (19th March 2002) that Nestle funded his fact-finding trip to Pakistan and that he is now negotiating o be a paid advisor.

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Palestine: request for medical aid

19-03-2002 15:40

Forwarded from Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, a request for financial help for people trying to provide emergency medical care in Gaza:

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Amnesty International: concerns about the post 11-9 detainees

19-03-2002 15:23

Amnesty International’s concerns regarding
post September 11 detentions in the USA.

Following, you can find some extracts from this report.

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19-03-2002 12:48

Your British Empire is attempting to replant its Bloody boot on Zimbabwe--all under the cynical guise of concern for Democracy.

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results of EU summit

19-03-2002 11:58


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Calling all pothead dotcom millionaires

19-03-2002 11:56

Ganja Day is in trouble – can you help?

This years international annual cannabis march and festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday 4th of May in Brockwell Park, Brixton.