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Why the United States in a Danger to World Order

30-04-2013 09:44

Repressive States have been an International Security Concern since the end of the cold war because they challenge the ability of the United States to impose what Max Webber calls ‘the monopoly of legitimate use of physical force’ or what I will call the monopoly of violence in underdeveloped states.

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TalkTonight by Peace News Editors

30-04-2013 07:59

Peace News Talk Tonight!!!

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The Age of Super Fires

30-04-2013 05:41

The new age of super fires in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia. Silviculturalist John Betts explains strange unstoppable forest fires. Then Nicole Rycroft, Exec Dir of enviro group "Canopy". Why they quit talks with industry, as logging ravages the Canadian Boreal forest. Plus MD Donald B. Louria says loss of faith in the future can kill. Radio Ecoshock 130501 1 hour.

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Greater Leith Against The Cuts Meeting

30-04-2013 00:55

7pm Tuesday 30th April 2013                     Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh                     

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Anti-Bedroom Tax Group in Muirhouse

30-04-2013 00:55

Drop-in, advice and solidarity session

12 noon – 1pm Thursday 2nd May 2013 – Millennium Centre, Muirhouse Medway

Open organising meeting

6pm Tuesday 7th May 2013 – Millennium Centre, Muirhouse Medway

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Brighton Green Party compares staff strike proposals to winter of discontent

29-04-2013 21:21

Having voted for Council officers to implement cuts to staff take home pay of up to £95 per week a leading Brighton Green Party Councillor has said compared staff strike proposals to the winter of discontent

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This Thursday 2nd May: Demonstrate at Primark Brighton

29-04-2013 20:34

- Remember the Dhaka workers and all those killed by capitalism

Thursday 2nd May

People have been taking to the streets in Bangladesh since Thursday and
there will be mass strikes on 2 May. Let’s show them some solidarity!

2nd May, 4.30pm, Primark, Western Road, Brighton

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Why You Should Join An Anarcho-syndicalist Union

29-04-2013 18:20

Talk by 2 members of the FAU, the sister organisation of the Solidarity Federation in Germany, in English, about why you should join an anarcho-syndicalist union. It includes first hand experience from a FAU member of two small, but successful teachers' struggles using direct action tactics:

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Anti-Workfare Walk Of Shame Glasgow Mon. 6th May 12 noon

28-04-2013 21:34

Anti-Workfare leaflets will be given out from a Clydeside IWW May Day information stall on Wednesday May 1st from 12 noon on Buchanan Street.

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ZAD, Commune, Metropolis

28-04-2013 18:16

(The following account was written by a media collective based in the UK and Montreal. Much has been changed in order to present a coherent picture. It was written after several months of travel. All errors are the fault of the authors.)

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Protest in London

28-04-2013 17:56

Demand for an End to the Attacks on the Zapatista Support Base Community of San Marcos Avilés

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Attacks in Chiapas

28-04-2013 17:53

In Chiapas there is a latent threat of forced displacement against the Zapatistas, and there has been a new political assassination.

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Affirmative: Fracking Awareness North Somerset is go, go, GO!

28-04-2013 16:34

Fracking Awareness North Somerset (F.A.N.S) is a new organisation seeking to mobilize community based resistance against fracking. We aim to build a network of groups all over North Somerset to collectively struggle against the insidious threat posed by fracking to our local communities and landscape.

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Protection not Profit, Protest against Primark's Treatment of Bangladeshi Worker

28-04-2013 09:45

A non-violent disruption protest has been organised for this Saturday 4th May 2013 inside and in front of Primark in Coventry. We will be showing our solidarity by publicly shaming any company which exploits its workers across the world in low-paying jobs and those who completely disregard the safety of their workers in order to seek maximum profit.

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May Day: take action to remember the workers killed in Dhaka and worldwide.

28-04-2013 09:28

On 24 April more than 300 workers were crushed to death in a collapsing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The factory made clothes for high street chains including Primark, Matalan, Benetton, and Mango. Just another "accident" in the race for profits. Those responsible for these deaths are in London and in towns across the UK, we need to hold them to account.

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3.000 anarchists march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM

27-04-2013 19:11

3.000 anarchists in Greece march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM

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Steve Topley gets bail thanks to Nottingham solidarity campaign

27-04-2013 17:54

It’s great to see that a local campaign could be mounted so quickly to demand the freedom of Steve Topley, who had been detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comment during an Employment Support Allowance interview.