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Dissident Island Radio turns 3! Tune in tonight...

06-08-2010 10:25

August 6th, 2010 - Episode 63:

On Dissident Island's third birthday the crew are bringing a nice mixed bag of happenings from the UK and beyond. We'll hear some of the inspirational and defiant speeches from last week's vigil for Ian Tomlinson, as well as a little bit about the upcoming anniversary of Sean Rigg's death in police custody.

In this History corner this week we have Martyn Everett discussing the life and work of revolutionary Frechwoman Louise Michel. From the other side of the world we'll have thoughts on polyamory provided by our Melbourne correspondent.

Finishing off the talking we have an exclusive follow up with members of the Belgrade 6, listen in to find out what happened next.

Ronin will be rolling up to the studio at around 10 to help us celebrate our birthday in style, help us raise a toast to three years of radical radio!

So check it! -CLICK HERE- to tune in anytime after 9pm GMT and check back soon for downloads...


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Dissident Island Radio turns 3! Tune in to another jam-packed show tonight...

06-08-2010 10:17

best birthday beer ever
Raise a toast and celebrate three years of radical radio with Dissident Island...

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Louise Michel's International Socialist School, London

06-08-2010 10:13

Online tonight

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“Countdown to Zero”: Hollywood movie promotes war on Iran

06-08-2010 09:48

Seductive, fascinating and frightening, Countdown to Zero motivates the public to support complete nuclear disarmament and to fear Iran, which is conveniently the next country the US wants to invade. Framed in no-nuke rhetoric, Countdown to Zero is not-so-subtle agitprop. The film relies on conventional geopolitics to whip up conventional audiences into another conventional state of panic. Islamo-terrorists just can’t acquire this technology! This is painfully similar to what we were told prior to the invasion of Iraq.

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Stop the SDL in Glasgow on 18th September - organising meeting

06-08-2010 09:23

The far-right thugs of the ‘Scottish Defence League’ have announced their plans to return to Glasgow on Sat 18 September, when they plan to march through the city centre.

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Investigative Journalist Charles Atangana in Danger of Being Deported to his Death in Cameroon

06-08-2010 09:23

Investigative journalist Charles Atangana first came to Scotland 6 years ago as an asylum seeker from Cameroon where he, like many other Cameroonian journalists critical of the regime has been persecuted, jailed, tortured. Well known journalist Bibi Ngota died in prison this year.

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Break the Bank - Camp for Climate Action 2010

06-08-2010 08:27

You Mission Should You Chose to Accept
Camp for Climate Action 2010
Break the Bank!

Four days of training and direct action: 21st--24th August

This year we're targeting the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the world's largest investor in oil, gas and coal.

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Detention of children ends but is the proposed alternative humane?

06-08-2010 08:02

Families with all legal rights exhausted to be given two weeks to leave the UK voluntarily

If they don't

Children/parents will be forcibly removed from their homes and taken directly to the airport to board the plane.

UKBA will likely ask for a heavy police presence should the family try and build up any form of community protest on the day of removal. UKBA concerned that if they fail to remove family on the day,  significant public order problems may occur at any future attempts.

In the event of parents of family resisting on the day, family could be separated, children possibly taken into care, whilst police/immigration officials deal with parents.

Any last minute legal challenges processed through the legal system expediently.

The document at many points, stresses the strength of community resistance, from people in the street, teachers, NGOs, MPs, voluntary groups, faith groups, charitable organisations and the media

( The briefing paper reprinted below has been leaked to the media)

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Why World War 2 ended with Mushroom Clouds - Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 1945

06-08-2010 06:49

Ground Zero, Hiroshima, 6 August 1945
Sixty-five years ago, U.S. President Harry Truman did not have to use the atomic bomb in order to force Japan to its knees, but he had reasons to want to use the bomb.

The atom bomb enabled the Americans to force Tokyo to surrender unconditionally, to keep the Soviets out of the Far East and - last but not least - to force Washington’s will on the Kremlin in Europe also. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated for these reasons, and many American historians realize this only too well.

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Palestine Today 08 05 2010

06-08-2010 06:40

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Thursday, August 05, 2010.

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Vivisectionist Animal Torturers Chief Recipients of Billionaire "Charity"

06-08-2010 02:15

While Gates and Buffett ostensibly work to increase charitable giving by the wealthiest Americans, the recipients are often animal torturers.

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Artworks on the Mansfield Road, Nottingham

05-08-2010 23:24

Artworks graffiti on a record shop on the Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

Portrait of a little bit of civil disobedience.


Not exactly hot news, it's been there a while ... I know.  

But here at Notts Indymedia Towers, we are still testing the site out.  We also want to show you [if it works] that you to can upload videos from either your digital camera or mobile phone. The main differerence from our old site, is that it should play on the page without any extra software.  Also ... the convenience of streaming directly without having to download the whole shebang first.

Thus, we hope you contribute more here .... than those folks over at YouTube who don't care at all about 'our' issues.


format  .WMV
size    12.3Mb  640x480
length  2min

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Dialect - David Southwell on Public Faces, Secret Lives

05-08-2010 23:22

plus more insight into life in Eastern Europe from Anthea Page
Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) podcast produced by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every week on Friday morning. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Sundays at 12 noon. Or listen live on the internet at
hi-fi listen

hi-fi download

00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Neils Jacobson is rather critical of the German Green Party
06:00 - Tess Green - Green Cllr. for Southville talks about the Green Party and becoming a City Councillor
15:00 - Bristol's Little Theatre - we hear about Rhyl Little Theatre's struggle to survive with their secretary Neil Taylor
27:00 - Bill Schnoebelen talks about Freemasonic politicians - particularly in the United States and masons in the British army officer corps
31:30 - Young student Sonia talks about life in Plovdiv (Пловдив) in Bulgaria
42:00 - Secrets and Lies by David Southwell - Famous Peoples' Secrets - read by Malcolm Grieve
51:00 - What's on Guide
55:00 - Claire Lees from Bristol Amnesty International talks about Goldney Hall annual open day
59:00 - Credits

Presenter: John Peters-Coleman
Features: Anthea Page & Tony Gosling
Studio Engineers: Michael Noyce & Jonny Roydon
Producer: Anthea Page

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Forgetful Mullen's 'unintended consequences'

05-08-2010 20:21

"It is therefore pertinent to question Mullen's passing reference to such an attack's "unintended consequences". Mullen seems to have forgotten his own insight, shared with an audience at Columbia University in April, that an attack on Iran could be "incredibly destabilizing", perhaps as much as the possession of nuclear bombs by Tehran itself.

That was then. Now, all of a sudden, the US media is inundated with hatched commentaries on "the case for attacking Iran", often by pro-Israel pundits trying to minimize the risks of an attack on Iran, some portraying this as a convenient "surgical strike" to knock off Iran's nuclear installations and thus set back Iran's program for many years.

More serious US pundits on the other hand are somewhat more cautious. A recent "war game" at Brookings Institution concluded that an attack on Iran "could easily spin out of control''. Any idea that Iran would respond to an attack with a great deal of huff and puff but ultimately self-restraint in the face of overwhelming US-Israeli firepower would be a recipe for disillusionment."

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BNP Leadership Challenge

05-08-2010 17:41

“Meanwhile things are hotting up in the BNP alright,
Conspiracies on the internet, knives in the night.”

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ASBO value soars following axing

05-08-2010 17:25

Freak speculative bubble unnerves economists following Theresa May's abolition of the ASBO
A new wave of ASBO yuppies have been created by soaring ASBO trading precipitated by the abolition of the notorious civil orders.

Top economists fear a crash in the market as rampant trading continues unabated. Some even fearing the possibility of an ASBO related 'double dip' recession.
Anti Social Behaviour Orders have become valuable collector’s items following their discontinuation by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Any remaining ASBOs held by the Con-Dem coalition are being sold to the highest bidder in an effort to replenish depleted government coffers.

The sweeping change to one of the Blair government’s biggest social reforms has been received with cautious enthusiasm by those lucky enough to be in possession of one or more of the coveted civil orders.
Phil Grouting, 25, of Lyme-In-Water, Cumbria, was overjoyed to hear that his four ASBOs for common assault are now valuable family heirlooms.

“I think it’s a really good move by the new government” said Grouting who received his first ASBO at the age of 18 after a drunken brawl at a local taxi rank.

“I’m thinking of putting my ASBOs into an ISA or something, but with things as they are the market could change at any time, especially in light of the VAT increase in January.”

The value of ASBOs could overinflate rapidly as thousands rush to swap with one another in an effort to gain complete sets in certain areas such as public order or nuisance behaviours. The market is currently swamped with alcohol related offences, with public urination and fly-tipping a close second and third.

What have been coined ‘Golden ASBOs’, those awarded to the over 60s, are fetching seemingly limitless sums. Mrs Dorothy Polyp, 76, of Enid Blyton, Surrey, sold her single 2006 order for repeatedly shouting at her television for a staggering £18,547 to an anonymous collector on eBay.

“I couldn’t believe it” Mrs Polyp told us, “I’ve just been using it as a doorstop since I got it, I never thought it’d be worth anything. Obviously there’s the sentimental value, but with winter just around the corner and gas prices like they are, I just had to let it go.”

“The police are never away from my nephew’s door, so I expect he’s got quite a nest egg.”
Exotic specimens of ‘windmilling’ and ‘theatrical sexual intercourse’ are alleged to have fetched six figure sums, proving particularly popular among Russian oligarchs looking for new areas of investment.
The current ASBO bonanza is the result of one of the coalition’s more popular reforms. With public confidence at an all time low and financial austerity biting at the ankles of all but the super-rich this will no doubt provide a much needed feel-good factor.

Will the sudden creation of a nouveau riche result in a wave of ASBO yuppies? Only this week, the UK’s first Aftershock fountain was installed at a house in Portsmouth and there are reports, as yet unsubstantiated, of record sales of Intimately Beckham and 24 carat gold belly bars.

The ASBO boom looks set to continue despite warnings from top economists of a tulipomania style crash if rampant trading continues unregulated. Some have even forewarned of the possibility of an ASBO related ‘double dip’ recession.
The speculative bubble has been likened by BBC business editor Robert Peston to the housing boom under New Labour or those Beanie Baby things from years ago.

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Marilyn Buck R.I.P. - after 29 years in U.S. prisons and a few weeks of release

05-08-2010 16:54

After 29 years of U.S. prisons and a few weeks of release activist Marilyn Buck passed away with cancer on August 3rd.

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Statement on the disassociation of Sam (Sheffield group) 5/8/10.

05-08-2010 16:34

Sam of Sheffield Group has been disassociated from the Anarchist Federation due to a pattern of serious sexual misconduct.

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Big Society, or just B.S.?

05-08-2010 15:45

After years of struggle to create social enterprise and jobs in one of the UK's most deprived urban communities, the residents of the Marsh Farm Estate in Luton this week became amongst the first to test the rhetoric behind the Government's flagship “Big Society” policy.