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Israeli Woman Refusnik Speaks Out!

20-04-2004 16:44

A young woman Israeli refusnik speaks out again the occupation of Palestine.

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British government plans ten year occupation of Iraq

20-04-2004 16:42

British troops are to stay in Iraq for up to ten years, a military commander said yesterday. Brigadier Nick Carter — in charge of 8,000 soldiers in Basra — said British troops could be there that long to beef up the Iraqi police.

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Sat 24th. Stop the BNP Parade and 'fun day' in Essex.

20-04-2004 16:18

Stop the BNP! Anti-Fascists are gathering at 10am, Wickford Railway Station, near Basildon, South Essex. Sat 24th April. 20 minute drive from the M25, eastbound along the A127 towards Southend. Or 20 min train from London Liverpool St on the Rail towards Southend.

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israel and iraq

20-04-2004 16:03

in this article the writer analyses wether the common legend that the invasion of iraq was good for israel has any real foundation

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are you happy with the Stop the War Coalition?

20-04-2004 16:02

we love our banner!
Have your say in the future direction of the peace movement. Please come to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Swindon Stop the War Coalition on 27th April, at 7:30 in the Friends Meeting House, Eastcott Hill.

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a muslim scholar who supports israel

20-04-2004 15:53

an interview with abdul hazi palazzi, a famous muslim scholar residing in italy who supports israel and condemns terrorism

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STOP THE WALL: Diya' Abd el Kareem Eid Martyred in Biddu

20-04-2004 14:39 in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
April 19th, 2004

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Jo Wilding. Falluja (Part 2)

20-04-2004 14:32

Thankyou so much to everyone who sent e mails following the last Falluja story and who passed the story on. Things have been hectic and I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to you all, but thanks.

April 17th
Falluja (2)

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mordechai vanunu

20-04-2004 13:55


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Job at Corporate Watch

20-04-2004 13:44

Info/Press Officer job at Corporate Watch.
Deadline for applications, Friday 23rd April 2004.

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SHAC World Day for Lab Animals Pictures

20-04-2004 12:46

SHAC World Day for Lab Animals Pictures

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Menwith Hill getting a make-over?

20-04-2004 12:11

After years of near denial of the existence of Menwith Hill by the Government and the majority of the press, it is starting to leak into the mainstream news. Only now it is being deliberately leaked by the authorities as part of their propaganda war to reclaim the hearts and minds of the UK public.

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Stop Nazi Le Pen meeting in Birmingham

20-04-2004 11:51

stop nazi NF Le Pen Visit to Birmingham

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London "terror den" faces demolition

20-04-2004 11:41

A demolition notice was fixed to the door of 3/5 Duke Street, W1 in the last 24 hours. The notice stated that the occupants RAFAEL ARMS (ISRAEL), a former "support unit" of the Israeli Occupation Forces had been deemed a threat top the security of Palestinian civilians.

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Solidarity trade union opposes WEF/EEF

20-04-2004 11:30

Solidarity trade union (Mazowsze) declares that it firmly opposes both the style of meeting of the European Economic Forum (WEF/EEF) and the goals of the WEF/EEF.

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Mayday: Rise and fall of anti-capitalist movement (The Scotsman)

20-04-2004 11:24

Interesting / off plot article from The Scotsman on the demise of the autonomous big London Mayday demo reflecting the demise of the anti-capitalist movement - ahem. Since of course the london mayday demos were the high point of the movement :-) well anyway, their analysis of numbers demonstrating post 911 is simply not true, they fail to mention the big mobilisations just last year in 2003, like 100,000 people marching and blockading in Geneva against the G8, the 2-300,000 who gathered for the Lezarc "the world is not for sale" festival in France, and the other hundreds of thousands who protested at the EU summit Thessaloniki, the WTO summit in Cancun, the FTAA protests in Miami... or for that matter the 120,000+ who met to discuss alternatives at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, and the 100,000 or so at the Paris European Social Forum... and so on and so on. It seems newspapers keep running the same story each year, but the reality on the ground speaks against this. The rest of the article is interesting, but I'd also say some way off the mark.

Oh yeah, and OF COURSE they don't mention EU Mayday in Dublin.

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Report from last night's action at Russian Economic Forum

20-04-2004 10:45

Russian Economic Forum - delegates dinner disrupted.

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"Troops Out - But then What?" Meeting

20-04-2004 10:16

TROOPS OUT – BUT THEN WHAT? Oxford Stop the War Coalition Meeting
Thursday 22nd April 7.30 Oxford Town Hall

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Vigil for Mordechai Vanunu, whistleblower on Israeli nukes

20-04-2004 09:42

Vigil for Mordechai Vanunu,Cornmarket Street by St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford. Wednesday 21st April from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Wear black if possible.

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Reminder – SchNEWS tour hits Glasgow tonight, 20th April

20-04-2004 07:41

SchNEWS at Ten National Tour 2004
Tuesday 20th April, 7:30pm, Pearce Institute, 840 Govan Rd, Govan

In conjunction with with Glasgow Autonomous Project