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Urgent support needed for PGA Asia conference

13-05-2004 14:49

The Asian regional and gender conference of Peoples' Global Action (Dhaka, Bangladesh) is in urgent need of financial support. One of the funders has backed down in last minute and now we are facing not having enough money. We need to get a minimum of 10,000 Euros from a miracle in less than 7 days.

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Colombian paramilitaries prepare coup in Venezuela

13-05-2004 14:07

Another coup attempt has failed in Venezuela. 88 Colombian paramilitaries were captured in Caracas while training for an assault on a military installation. According to Venezuela’s ambassador in Bogota, the detained are Colombian ex-military, and the possible involvement of Colombian authorities is under investigation.

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The coroner and David Kelly

13-05-2004 13:48

Lord Hutton is to appear at the public administration select committee this week to defend his report on Dr Kelly's death. Here is some important material that will not be covered.

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13-05-2004 13:38

A Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Inquiry has found that children in Australian immigration detention centres have suffered numerous and repeated breaches of their human rights.

In its National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention Report- A Last Resort?, tabled in Federal Parliament today, the Commission found Australia's immigration detention policy has failed to protect the mental health of

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Caterkillar refuses to accept Housewrecker of the Year award

13-05-2004 13:33

A work of art. How could they refuse?
Many of us have protested against Caterkillar in the past, on the High Street, at trade fairs, in their offices and in their factories (see links).

We have seen the error of our ways.

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13-05-2004 12:09

Just noticed that the entire SHAC UK site appears to be down.

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Hunt Saboteur wins £5,500 pay out from Wiltshire Police

13-05-2004 11:59

Hunt Saboteur wins £5,500 pay out from Wiltshire Police
following wrongful arrest at pheasant shoot

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Hoaxed Inquiries

13-05-2004 11:45

How the public will never get an objective understanding of its own mistakes.

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shock 'n' awe

13-05-2004 11:09

shock 'n' awe
graffiti from London Bridge walk

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Tonight - INFONIGHT @ Tufnell Park SC

13-05-2004 11:01

Londonrising Tide INFONIGHT @ Occupied Social Centre 'Ex-Grand Banks' 156 - 158 Fortess Road, Tufnell Park, London NW5

Films, Speakers, Listeners, Eaters, Drinkers, Planners & Plotters.

War Oil Climate Chaos Baku Ceyhan Shakalin Cabron Trading C&C Art&Solidarity Eko Beer Car Smashing Tombola Cafe Rebeldia Love Rage :lRT

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Was Nicholas Berg An Israeli Spy?

13-05-2004 04:36

Was Nicholas Berg an Israeli spy? What is known is that he studied arabic just before he illegally entered Iraq and then was arrested by the Iraqis for being an Israeli spy.

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A gross lie

13-05-2004 00:32


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Stop Proxy Wars in Africa.

13-05-2004 00:20

After Iraq, the US intends to get at least one-quarter of its oil from

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fairford peace protester finally gets sentenced

13-05-2004 00:10

fairford peace protester finally gets sentenced....

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Proof Michael Moore Is Moliere

12-05-2004 23:11

Say what you want about a/v pundit Michael Moore,
his brilliance precedes him in mythical proporations.

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Top U.S. Senator Cautions Against Releasing Explosive New Prison Abuse Photos

12-05-2004 22:41

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee cautioned the White House against releasing more photos showing abusive treatment of Iraqi prisoner by US troops, saying US nationals could be hit in revenge strikes.

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Getting organised, building a decent anarchist movement

12-05-2004 22:36

This piece got posted on enrager, trying to get people to discuss ways we can work together better to build an effective anarchist movement, which can retain people and knowledge, get people involved and act in solidarity with others around the world.
Worth talking about at least I think.

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12-05-2004 22:09

Protestors outside Gasgow City Chambers
Account of May Day 2004 in Glasgow, with pictures

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precarious protest at cannes

12-05-2004 22:07

more info at and

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possible banner design2

12-05-2004 21:33

senate house behind bars
more of that stuff