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What an idiot!?!

02-02-2006 13:02

Bush jumpstarts the alternative energy movement with his own hot air demonstration ...

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IMPRISONED. The damaging effects of immigration detention

02-02-2006 12:07

A photographic exhibition by Isabelle Merminod

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Sheffield 100th Military Death Vigil

02-02-2006 11:31

There was a vigil outside Sheffield Town Hall on 1st Feb to mark death of the 100th British soldier killed in Iraq.

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Drawings of Muhammad reprinted-Long live Freedom of Speech

02-02-2006 11:27

PARIS — French and German newspapers on Wednesday republished caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have riled the Muslim world.

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Writer Refused Asylum

02-02-2006 11:11

Imagine living on ‘death row’ … in Britain. Being allowed to walk around, but not knowing which day you’ll be seized and sent back to your enemies. This is the story of a failed asylum seeker in Nottingham. He's lived in the shadows for 5 years. He can't stay and he can't go back. What is he to do?

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Yo Yo Mundi strike the UK and Ireland

02-02-2006 10:14

Italian militant folk-rock band Yo Yo Mundi to tour Britain and Ireland

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Welfare Reform Web Chat 10:30am today

02-02-2006 08:14

Welfare reform webchat with minister today

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Gortons and Whaling

02-02-2006 06:57

Greenpeace, along with Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Humane Society, revealed the link between the whaling in the Southern Ocean and Gortons. We revealed that the Japanese parent company that wholly owns Gortons, Nippon Suissan, also partly owns the whaling fleet whose boats depart every year to hunt whales in Antarctica.

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Site for investigating the 7/7 bombings

02-02-2006 06:18

This looks like this might be a promising site for anyone interested in what happened on july 7 last year.

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100 deaths protest in Nottingham

02-02-2006 00:34

Anti-war protestors gathered in Nottingham, holding up the names of all 100 dead British soldiers.

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Venezuelan trade union leaders to speak in Manchester on Mon 27th Feb

01-02-2006 22:35


Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution – oppose US aggression"

MONDAY 27TH FEBRUARY 2006, 7.30 pm

Mechanics' Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester

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Indymedia Valentine Film Night

01-02-2006 22:09

Tuesday 14th February

Falling in love is the ultimate act of revolution

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'Naming the Dead' Vigil in Birmingham 1st Feb 2006

01-02-2006 21:58

Naming of the Dead Vigil Birmingham 1/2/06 1
Their was a 'Naming the Dead' Vigil in Victoria Square, Birmingham, 5.30 pm Wednesday 1st February 2006.

Speakers included the mother of a soldier from Tamworth who was killed in Iraq.

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Naming the dead in Swindon

01-02-2006 21:44

Tuesday 30th January 2006 saw the death of the 100th British soldier in the war in Iraq. Peace campaigners in Swindon joined others in many towns around the country in a vigil the following day to mark this event. The names of two hundred victims of the war; the one hundred soldiers, and one hundred of the hundred-thousand plus Iraqis, were read out in front of the Cenotaph, followed by a two-minute silence.

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Bolivia is Not for Sale

01-02-2006 20:47

bolivia nfs
bennifit for Bolivia
LARRY LOVE and leading Bolivian folk band EXPRESION BOLIVIA

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East Oxford Stop the War Coalition- DVD showing

01-02-2006 20:47

Start the Peace- A 15min DVD edit of the recent International peace conference in London- followed by discussion.
Wednesday 8th Feb, 7.30 Asian Cultural Centre, Manzil Way (Off Cowley Road)

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100th UK soldier killed in Iraq: Cambridge Vigil

01-02-2006 20:43

Meeting at 6pm
Vigil for the first 100 UK soldiers killed in Iraq, held in the market square of Cambridge.

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Karl Schroeder, scifi/fantasy writer

01-02-2006 20:20

Karl Schroeder
Interview with Karl Schroeder about scifi/fantasy, the end of the Modern/Postmodern age, Foresight Studies, health care, the world is getting better.

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Skynews poll runs against asylum seekers - vote now

01-02-2006 19:34

Vote in Skynews poll which is currently running strongly against allowing any benefits for failed asylum seekers. Please make your voice heard and act today - vote no to protect asylum seekers from being treated like criminals.

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G8 Evian: Police in Court in the Aubonnebridge Case

01-02-2006 19:34

Prosecuting the police involved in the Aubonne Case

In June 2003, an affinity group blockaded the Aubonne Bridge with a climbing action in order to stop a G8 delegation from reaching the summit in Evian. The police cut the climbing rope and nearly killed two activists. Now the policeman who cut the rope and his senior officer are in court. They are charged with body harm with negligence…
The Aubonne support group is mobilising to the trial, a party and the surrounding workshops