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Department of Health Leak: Government Can't Be Trusted With Your Details

29-04-2007 17:13

Manchester No2ID Logo
NO2ID campaigners recently condemned the Department of Health's mass exposure of student and junior doctors' private information over the internet [1].
Highly sensitive personal details - including ethnicity, sexuality and religion - held on the controversial Medical Training Application Service system were openly available online.

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Corporate Media Ignores Durbin’s Admission Iraq Invasion was Predicated on Lies

29-04-2007 16:53

Sworn to secrecy and responsible for the murder of nearly a million Iraqis and three thousand, possibly ten thousand U.S. soldiers, thus making not only Mr. Durbin a war criminal but the whole of Congress. Senators John D. Rockefeller IV and Carl Levin, members of the same intelligence committee as Durbin, are at the head of the war criminal list, right after Bush, Cheney and the neocons, because these “two Democrats said publicly before the war that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was intent on pursuing nuclear weapons,” that it to say they had the same information as Durbin.

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Vote No2ID in Manchester Local Elections 2007!

29-04-2007 16:22

Manchester No2ID Logo
The Local Elections in May will elect councillors in over 30 wards to Manchester City Council. Manchester No2ID are making sure that ID cards are on the agenda, and are giving residents the information they need to vote on this issue.

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Estonia, Talinn: Riots- 1 dead, hundreds hurt, city devasted

29-04-2007 15:47

Talinn looks like a city in war: shops, buildings are burning. Everywhere people are beaten by police.
Yesterday night thousands of people rioted because the governemnt brought to fall "the sovjet soldier" - a monument in the middle of the city that honoured the anti-fascist soldiers of the sovjet army who freed Talinn from the nazis in WW II.

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Mayday 2007 - Camberwell Squatted Centre, Maypoles and Picnic

29-04-2007 13:44


Procession from Camberwell Squatted Centre, 2pm to Mayday picnic in Kennington Park, London SE11 from 3pm onwards.

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G8 meeting in London- Thurs 3rd May

29-04-2007 13:38

3rd G8 2007 UK-Mobilisation Meeting!

THURSDAY 3rd MAY 6pm-10pm


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Follow up to OSA makes mockery of Justice...Psychopaths Rool, ok?

29-04-2007 11:20

It seems my recent offering on the misuse of the Official Secrets Act (is there really any use for it except to cover the backs of highly-placed miscreants, in a so-called democracy?), tying the Al Jazeera bombing to 'revisionism' over the Downing Street Memo fell on deaf here's another try:-

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Fraudster stands as BNP candidate

29-04-2007 11:15

AS IF THE BNP did not have enough councillors with criminal convictions, one of the partys candidates in Barnslev South Yorkshire, turns out to be a disgraced former magistrate with a conviction for fraud.

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BNP Candidates Nazi Shame

29-04-2007 11:13

A BRITISH National Party activist who claims he is a respectable businessman is really a Nazi fanatic who dresses in German uniform and flies a swastika flag.

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29-04-2007 08:56

Radical thinkers needed for Alternative media documentary film about how we are indoctrinated by the state.

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Asymmetry delivers Victory

29-04-2007 08:46

From Sun tzu to today’s flying LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) the fundamental decisive factors determining the outcome of war have never changed – though some ‘superpowers’ would have us all believe otherwise. The determining factors are and have always been, intelligence, skill, ingenuity and tactics – all other factors, including high technology, are secondary. The outcome of War is determined by and anchored in the warrior.

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Climate Change Solutions Symposim

29-04-2007 06:30

The Nottingham Student Peace Movement will be holding a symposium on solutions to climate change on May 1st.

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Climate Camp meetup

29-04-2007 05:17

Hey all. There will be a meeting on Sat May 5 at 7pm for anyone in Cambridge and East Anglia generally who is interested in going to the Camp for Climate Action on August 14-21, 2007. People who were at last year's camp will talk about what it was like, and we will have a chance to get to know each-other and talk about going as a group to the climate camp.

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"The End Game" video stream- the anti-war movement and the Democrats

29-04-2007 00:32

As the debate intensifies over the Iraq war funding, this new Labor Beat video examines the complicity of the Democratic Party in the war, against the backdrop of recent 4th anniversary of war protests. Video stream and dvd ordering info

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Blacker Days in Afghanistan

28-04-2007 23:50

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan statement seems to say they got rid of the Russians, then the Taliban came and things were were worse, then NATO came and things are worse than ever.

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Serving British soldier exposes horror of war in 'crazy' Basra

28-04-2007 21:43

A British soldier has broken ranks within days of returning from Iraq to speak publicly of the horror of his tour of duty there, painting a picture of troops under siege, "sitting ducks" to an increasingly sophisticated insurgency.

"Basra is lost, they are in control now. It's a full-scale riot and the Government are just trying to save face," said Private Paul Barton.

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Dear PM Tony Blair,

28-04-2007 20:53

Re: Your ‘British Values’ are Alien to Our Human Values

Sir, this is an open letter to you, and I’d prefer that you respond to me openly, and act upon it in the short time that you have left. I know it is long, but there is no short way of putting it. The Home Secretary and the Minister of State for Immigration both have my contacts, or you can reply on my email below. Mr Prime Minister, we are all puzzled

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Detention of Asylum Seekers and Immigrants in the UK

28-04-2007 20:34

I am an asylum seeker who has experienced arbitrary detention in the UK for immigration purposes. I am also a national of a former British colony, where internment and detention were used to control the freedom movement of whole communities. I have strong criticisms of the use of internment and detention of a particular group of people as a form of control or punishment without any regard for justice.

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American water supply and food contaminated by rocket fuel

28-04-2007 20:17

According to the US research organisation the 'Environmental Working Group' which has just given evidence to Congress, high levels of perchlorate in breast milk in recent CDC studies "are cause for serious concern and should lead to immediate action."

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York Action For Animals

28-04-2007 19:22

Activists from across the North of England gathered in York today to demonstrate against the 'Spirit of the Horse' circus.