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"The End Game" video stream- the anti-war movement and the Democrats

Larry Duncan | 29.04.2007 00:32 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Iraq | Terror War | Workers' Movements | Sheffield | World

As the debate intensifies over the Iraq war funding, this new Labor Beat video examines the complicity of the Democratic Party in the war, against the backdrop of recent 4th anniversary of war protests. Video stream and dvd ordering info

The End Game
a new Labor Beat video

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“This is as much the Democrats’ war as it is George Bush’s war,” states Cindy Sheehan in this anti-war video created on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War, and in the context of the betrayal of the Democratic Party in Congress. Scenes of the March 20 march down Michigan Avenue in Chicago; interviews with union activists; Cindy Sheehan’s talk on April 11 in Chicago; the March 17 march against the Pentagon; and some hip hop thrown in. “We shouldn’t be pulled in to maneuvering as to what will be acceptable to one House resolution or Senate bill this or that. It’s demonstrations like today that will create the heat that can end this war”, notes labor activist Adam Shils.

26 minutes. This is Labor Beat show #523.

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