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URGENT: UK Solidarity with murdered Bolivian miners

07-10-2006 14:35

Over the last two days dozens of miners have been killed or injured defending the Huanuni mine against privatisation, and on Tuesday a general strike has been called. In solidarity with this the BSC has called a picket of UK firm
Grant Thornton on Tuesday 10/10/06 at 12pm to protest at their role in sparking these events.

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Eye-witness account from Palestine

07-10-2006 14:34

talk: Palestinian, Manal Omar, from Oxfam, will be give an eye-witness account of her recent stay in Palestine.

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Britain: Jack Straw’s anti-Muslim provocation

07-10-2006 13:23

Attempts to whip up anti-Muslim prejudice
These considerations are what shapes his own intervention and animate the new-found preoccupation of a host of former liberals and social democrats with the oppression of women by Islam—figures who one must anticipate will now come forward in Straw’s defence In contrast, working people must oppose all such attempts to whip up anti-Muslim prejudice and any and all proposals to curtail religious and civil liberties. This is an essential component of the struggle against militarism and war.

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PRESS RELEASE: US War Crimes in Iraq on Trial in Bristol Crown Court

07-10-2006 11:31

On Monday 9 October the judge in the trial of the 'B52 Two' at Bristol Crown Court will sum up and send the jury out to consider their verdict on the alledged criminal charges. The court hearing started last Monday 2 October.

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Oct7 Migrants March: London Timeline

07-10-2006 11:27

In this article, we are collecting news on what happens in London during the "Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls".

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"The Government has Arab Legitimacy "

07-10-2006 11:10

"We were elected for the resistance platform we presented to the Palestinian people, we did not come with tanks, or with the coalition of Israel and the USA."

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Boycott Israeli Goods Day of Action - Actions across the UK planned today

07-10-2006 11:03

As the Lebanese people are reeling from Israel's illegal bombing campaign, and the people of the West Bank and Gaza are suffering a continuous onslaught by the Israeli military the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign (BIG) activists nationwide have joined a Boycott Day of Action against Israel.

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Debate/Panel Discussion: Religious Rights vs Gay Rights

07-10-2006 10:57

Date: Friday, 13 October 2006
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: The Library, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL
Nearest Tube: Holborn

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Is Desperate Cheney Scheming Nuclear Sneak Attack on Iran?

07-10-2006 10:37

Possibility of pre-emptive nuclear attack

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Anti-Semitism: The Israel's best political weapon (by Latuff)

07-10-2006 01:56

Anti-Semitism as political weapon
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Autonomous Study Project (ASP)

07-10-2006 00:19

The first post-holiday meeting of the Autonomous Study Project, will be
Tuesday, October 10th, 8 pm in S15 of Pembroke college.

We will be discussing the "Temporary Autonomous Zone" (TAZ) by Hakim Bey. A
copy of the essay, along with more details of the meeting is available at

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Activism in Cambridge (a public meeting on getting involved)

07-10-2006 00:18

Activism in Cambridge
A public meeting about getting involved in local organising

Wednesday, October 11th, 7 pm.
Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane
here is a map

An opportunity to learn about various community organising efforts in
Cambridge and how to get involved.

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White Overalls bloc on Sack Parliament day of action!

06-10-2006 23:57

that looks kinda familiar
On Monday the 9th October people from across the country are expected in Westminster to sack Parliament. But that won't be the only action on the day...

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Demo at Detention Center in Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

06-10-2006 22:33

Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

In Bologna,today a large delegation of anti-racist and autonomous activists from social centers TPO and Crash waited several hours outside of the detention center (CPT) of the city for the Ministerial Commision led by UN ambassador De Mistura and made up of representative of various Italian NGOs and associations (Anci; Caritas;ACLI; FCEI; ARCI; ASGI; CIR) that are working with the ministry of internal affairs, to study and report on the conditions of the detention centers.

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Polish police block Chechen refugees from protest

06-10-2006 21:53

Update, 22:30: The bus of refugees returned to Lublin escorted by the police. One policeman is in the bus, and the bus is escorted by a police car. (source:

Warsaw, 6 Oct 2006. A bus carrying Chechen refugees from Lublin to a demonstration against immigration policies in Warsaw was stopped by the Polish police around 15:00 (Polish time) today. In response, the demonstrators decided to block the Bureau of Deportation Affairs and Foreigners in Warsaw, where the demo was being held. The passengers, with their children, are still being held 7 hours on, and it seems that 3 of them are going to be deported. Below is a timeline of the events.

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Labours employment policy??

06-10-2006 21:24

is Labour closing Job Centre?

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Police recover largest haul of bomb making chemicals

06-10-2006 20:11

Unfortunately I can believe this.
What "police are believed to be the largest haul ever found [of bomb making chemicals] at a house in this country" seems to have had no space at all on mainstream media other than on this local paper.
Easy to see the difference with recently media hyped police operations. No middle eastern people this time but 2 surely white Brits with established BNP connections.

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BNP bombs

06-10-2006 19:48

A terror raid that doesn't make the headlines - despite chemical explosives and a rocket launcher online only

Here's a police seizure of weapons that wasn’t splashed all over the front pages.

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Regional STW News: Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands: Oct 2006

06-10-2006 19:28

A Downloadable, Printer Friendly Version Is At The End Of This Newsletter.

[Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands]

PURPOSE : This regional newsletter is sent out twice yearly to the South & South West, Wales & West Midlands. It’s purpose is to provide a snapshot of active groups & contacts across those regions, in the belief that making links between groups & individuals is vital for effective campaigning & action.

NOTE :Environmental Events Are Included In This Edition.

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This Week In Palestine

06-10-2006 18:50

This Week in Palestine, service of the International Middle East Media Center for September 29 through to October 5, 2006.

The Israeli army kills eight Palestinians including three children, while Palestinian factions confront each other on the streets and twelve die, as the formation of a national unity government faces serious difficulties. These stories and more, coming up. Stay tuned.