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Demo at Detention Center in Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

Border crosser | 06.10.2006 22:33 | Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | World

Bologna, Italy, 6 october.

In Bologna,today a large delegation of anti-racist and autonomous activists from social centers TPO and Crash waited several hours outside of the detention center (CPT) of the city for the Ministerial Commision led by UN ambassador De Mistura and made up of representative of various Italian NGOs and associations (Anci; Caritas;ACLI; FCEI; ARCI; ASGI; CIR) that are working with the ministry of internal affairs, to study and report on the conditions of the detention centers.

The comrades have confronted the commission, stopped the convoy and asked for a face to face discussion to criticize what the commission intends and is doing.

They asked for the immediate conclusion of the Commission works and the immediate closure of the detention centers

They also criticized the new law proposal by the Minister Giuliano Amato that goes further in the same bad direction of the racist wing Bossi-Fini law.

The answer of the Commission was ashamed and not clear. They asked to us to wait until December to know the conclusions of their report.

"We have been struggling against that detention center from 1998 and we don't need your paper to know what it is that prison" answered the people, and gave to the commission a report on the struggles, from outside and from inside, against that lager.

Finally they anounced the No Border Parade for tomorrow the 7 of October.

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