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01-01-2004 10:02

Sudanese song by Mohammed Wardy

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In the year of the yanqui imperialist pigs

01-01-2004 07:32

Let the year of the imperialist pigs pass and may the New Year be one in which imperialism, wherever it spreads its tentacles, is defeated.

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EDM 300 - Parliamentary Direct Action

01-01-2004 02:15

In the interests of peace, a Motion has just been
tabled in the British Parliament, which calls the
United States Government to account for breaching the
Geneva Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

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Lord of the Rings: Philosophical Poison

31-12-2003 20:34

The righteous anger of the ancient Ents is unleashed upon Saruman's tower -- leafy Luddites who wreck machinery, kill workers, and wash away the blight. The message is hard to miss. It is right out of the Earth First! ideological handbook.

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The McMad Cow (by Latuff)

31-12-2003 19:32

The McMad Cow
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Misleading information from BBC?

31-12-2003 18:37

This is an example, how information which is not untrue - only some missing words, may one give wrong ideas.

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BC Government Drug Dealing/Cointelpro/CONtrolling the Poor

31-12-2003 17:48

The details of this story are still very sketchy but it appears that part of a 20 month cross border drug smuggling investigation
led Victoria city police to stage a Sunday afternoon raid on Finance and Transportation Ministries at the BC Legislature.

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War is Peace

31-12-2003 16:27

Freedom is Slavery

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Flyer for SPEAC demo on Jan 10th

31-12-2003 15:46

SPEAC flyer
SPEAC demo on Jan 10th

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London Mayday 2004 - Calling All Anti-Capitalists!

31-12-2003 15:22

Since 1999 Mayday has re-established itself as a focus for anti-capitalists to gather and to celebrate our collective visions and mark our past struggles.

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ISM Reports: Beduoin Family Ordered Out Of Home By Israeli Army

31-12-2003 13:49

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Beduoin Family Ordered Out of Their Home by the Israeli Army

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All quiet on IWCA park patrol

31-12-2003 13:45

Following a series of vicious attacks and muggings perpetrated by a teenage gang in and around Gillians Park during the autumn, concerned residents turned out to picket the park and ‘evict’ the gang. The picket was followed up last month with an IWCA-organised patrol of the park to remind gang members that the ‘eviction order’ is still very much in force.
BLACKBIRD LEYS RESIDENTS and IWCA activists conducted a patrol of Gillians Park last month as part of efforts to monitor the area for any signs of renewed activity by the teenage gang responsible for muggings and attacks around the park in the autumn.

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Redwatch closes ranks but the threats continue

31-12-2003 08:19

The net is beginning to close in on the men behind the notorious Redwatch internet site. The site, which reproduces pictures of anti-racists, and a closed email discussion group where participants plan and discuss violent attacks are now the subject of a police investigation.

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CRD and Armed Police-- The Dog and Our lIfe

31-12-2003 01:56

Could anything be more bizarre than the City of Victoria’s decision last week to hand a $1 ,000-a-day animal control contract to the man who’s been doing that same job on the public payroll?
See: CRD and Armed Police-- The Dog and Our lIfe

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Gangsterism, Corporatism, right-wing political philosophy .. what's the differen

31-12-2003 01:51

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A 20-month investigation into organized crime led to a raid on the offices of two British Columbia government ministers, although neither is implicated in the probe, Canadian police said on Monday.

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30-12-2003 23:54

This morning, at just before 9am, a large explosion took place very near our appartment. We were sat in our bedroom writing up notes. One person was killed, another seriously wounded and at least two others wounded. The explosion was caused by a remote controlled bomb. It was intended to harm the US three vehicle humvey convoy.

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The Cheney/Baker Strategic Energy Plan: History and Illusion

30-12-2003 22:31

We already have the names of nearly everyone Cheney sought advice from for the Strategic Energy Plan! The content of the plan itself is an outrage of Imperial conceit!

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Bush and his gang of thugs find it hard to hide the TRUTH in the internet age

30-12-2003 22:09

The American Neo-Conservative War Party, in firm control of both major political parties in the United States, is getting increasingly and obviously more desperate. ... The desperation is also due to the increasing inability of Mr. Bush and his Israeli-affiliated advisors to quash the free flow of information in an Internet age.

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anti-Bayer action

30-12-2003 16:58

Small-scale wildcat actions are the way forward?