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TODAY - Refugeecongress: Chat on Political Prisoners

09-12-2001 07:41

"Rapid fire web interview" on Political Prisoners at IRC, Sunday 9th December 2001, 10Am C.E.T. to 11AM and 2PM to 3PM

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Critical Mass: Bike Against The War, Washington DC (12.07.01)

09-12-2001 02:23

Critical Mass: Bike Against The War, Washington DC (12.07.01)

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Excellent bookfair in Manchester

08-12-2001 23:35

Saturday 8th December Manchester Anarchist Bookfair judged a success

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Berlusconi's Government CV English 4 Cretins

08-12-2001 23:35

The latest balls up by Silvia berlusconi's neo fascist regime
has given english speaking activists a good laugh.
mumbo jumbo english translations of members the governments
personal CV's is the latest in a long series of cock ups
by the clown prince's band of imbeciles.
Here are three samples including AN leader Gian Franco Fini
who personally directed some of the worst G8 police violence

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The Dominion of Death

08-12-2001 22:37

Dylan Thomas wrote a war poem entitled "And Death Shall Have No Dominion." In Israel, it does. Here death governs: the government of Israel rules over a dominion of death. So the most astonishing thing about yesterday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem and all similar attacks is that Israelis are astonished.

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Britain to give up war for International Human Rights Day

08-12-2001 19:19

nonviolent action to disrupt the smooth running of the war machine...

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Alex Calinicos "hissed" at NYC Conference

08-12-2001 19:12

Alex Callinicos, marxist extraordinaire, gets "hissed" at Globalization Conference in New York City.

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Italy heads for EU showdown (BBC)

08-12-2001 19:01

Critics say Berlusconi is motivated by personal fears European Union leaders have warned Italy it is heading for isolation amid increasing anger at its blocking of a
proposed Europe-wide arrest warrant. Criticism of Italy's stance, which scuppered the much heralded plans at top-level meetings in Brussels, has been unusually outspoken.

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Socialist was attacked at Marx's Grave

08-12-2001 18:18

This story was related to me and it bears out the new authoritarianism in daily life.

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Bush-Cheney Regime Overgrown by Citizens’ Coup d’Etat

08-12-2001 14:39

Perhaps the logic expressed in the following announcement is not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure general favor.

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Anti-Terror Law Update 8th Dec 2001

08-12-2001 13:30

More corporate media coverage:

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Depressingly poor attendance at North London Anti-War march Dec 8th

08-12-2001 12:49

No more than a hundred demonstrators - twenty of those selling left wing newspapers.

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Hillsborough Fight for Justice Continues

08-12-2001 11:38

SAT 8th DEC.

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Millions are about to die

08-12-2001 11:36

This years holocaust approaches ...

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08-12-2001 08:45

Daryoush Danesh, a devout Muslim, erected a 6ft fence around his house in Sprowston, Norwich, to prevent passers-by from looking through windows and seeing the exposed flesh of his wife.

She was so worried about being seen that she felt she could not even enter the living room without wearing a veil, Norwich magistrates were told.

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USA Sabotages Bio-Warfare Talks

08-12-2001 07:36

USA Sabotages Bio-Warfare Talks

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Egyptian President Mubarak warned Bush of 9/11 Attacks

08-12-2001 04:35

If this statement is true the worst fears of the left could be true. Did Bush and his cronies leave town to get out of the way of the attacks ?

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Pressure to dilute Omagh bomb report

08-12-2001 03:32

The Northern Ireland police ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan, was last night resisting intense pressure to delay or tone down her devastating report into the Omagh bombing.

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Attention SWP lies about Genoa G8 circulating in the anglosaxon world in the

08-12-2001 02:35

social worker's party put out an issue of
international socialism dedicated to genoa. in which there are a lot of lies!!!!!! unfortunately, they are being listen at in the USA, where not a lot is known about Genoa..(in terms of different views of the protest)