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Zorhe Rahimi Demo, Wolverhampton - Urgent Message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19-06-2008 12:55

Police Brutality of Iranian Refugee

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Bio Bank Big Brother?

19-06-2008 12:49

Evidence that the NHS and Department of Health are colluding with private concerns to undertake a database of personal information on the health (and more) of 500,000 people in the UK. Not only do they want access to medical records, they are seeking to perform "tests" on those approached.

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Urgent Action: Control Order Detainee on Hunger Strike til Death or Deportation

19-06-2008 12:04

In a London hospital Mahmoud Abu Rideh lies in a critical condition from a hunger strike against the Control Order conditions which he has lived under for more than three years. Following an attempt on his life more than a month ago, he has been refusing food, and much of the time even ice cubes or water for 31 days. Wheelchair-bound, he is now coughing and excreting blood. Disillusioned with the injustice he has encountered in Britain, all Mr Abu Rideh requests is allowance to leave the UK and be deported to Syria, or for his Control Order to be lifted.

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Programme for Northern Conference Against Racism THIS SATURDAY, Newcastle

19-06-2008 11:49

The programme for this Saturday's Northern Conference Against Racism has now been published. The conference's own media team will be covering the conference live online.

The conference will take place from 10.30am at Northumbria Student Union (near Haymarket), and at the Trade Union Education Centre next door.

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Beat the G8 system, Enter Fortress Europe!

19-06-2008 10:34

Saturday 5 July 2008, is the global day of action against the G8. A few days later, the G8 summit in Japan will start. In the Netherlands, you will also be able to help beat the system on that day, by participating in the collective game 'Enter Fortress Europe'. People abroad can also join in...

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Repression and Revolt in the run up to G8 Japan

19-06-2008 00:06

Over the past week and a half, an unprecedented political crackdown has been enacted in advance of a series of economic summits around the country. Despite this, the brave workers of Kamagasaki stood up against the stiff security environment in riots against the brutal beating of a day laborer over the past five days. The twin situations of repression and revolt deserve to be examined in more detail.

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Cuba: Interview Porno Para Ricardo

18-06-2008 23:48

PPR - Cuba
* The Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC) interviewed via internet a punk musical group active in Havana for over 10 years who are today a significant reference in a counter cultural scene that merits recognition and solidarity.

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How to train death squads and quash revolutions from San Salvador to Iraq

18-06-2008 22:03

How to covertly train paramilitaries, censor the press, ban unions, employ terrorists, conduct warrantless searches, suspend habeas corpus, conceal breaches of the Geneva Convention and make the population love it.

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The trip to Summit 718

18-06-2008 21:14

A group of left-wing young people in the Czech Republic recently invaded a closed military area in the Brdy mountains. Why? Because an American radar base is planned there.

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Truce or Dare: Israel Issues Ultimatum

18-06-2008 20:42

I wonder if Israel's strikes on Gaza today, minutes before the Government announced to the international media that it had 'accepted the truce', were supposed to be the act of provocation which undid the deal.

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Nazi threat to Reverend and the Makers

18-06-2008 20:27

Nazi threat to Reverend and the Makers

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KENYA: Impact of climate change on three Masai families.

18-06-2008 19:33

Climate change is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of people in Kenya. One of the hardest hit communities is the Masai. Up to 80 percent of those living in Magadi, in southern Kenya, have lost their cattle due to drought, which is becoming more frequent as a result of global warming.

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international statement of solidarity with the zapatistas

18-06-2008 16:19

protest against renewed military invasion of zapatista communities June 4th caracol of la garrucha

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Amdani released on bail

18-06-2008 16:19

On Monday May 16th, the first day of Refugee Week 2008, Nottingham Community worker Amdani Juma, whose deportation was postponed for the second time on Tuesday 10th June, was released on bail pending a Judicial Review Hearing and returned to Nottingham.

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G4S Targeted

18-06-2008 16:11

Late on Sunday 15th June, G4S (Group 4 Security) depot in Portland Square, Bristol, was attacked by dedicated individuals. 3 vehicles were beaten up with sledgehammers in revenge for the beatings G4S give out to innocent migrants every day, in the course of their 'business'

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Birthday Bash Benefit Gig Bonanza in Bath

18-06-2008 15:43

Benefit gig with proceeds being split between the upcoming Bristol Anarchist Bookfair and the Bath Bomb.

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CIA Malta Talons Hold Trusts In Golden Triangle

18-06-2008 15:22

Maltese Intelligence Trusts In Golden Triangle
EURO-AMERICAN MONEY FUND TRUST - Trust Group 3 of 14 Trust Groups' pooled assets balancing global economies, saw Trust Group 8 - led by Georges Pebereau of BANK INDO-SUEZ - with Günter Berthold Horn as the Western representative for inheritors of Golden Triangle China Triad Family gold bullion and more.

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Upcoming Events at Bowl Court Social Centre

18-06-2008 14:47

Although bailiffs may be on their way Bowl Court Social Centre is still running with events planned for every night this week. If you would like to get involved in the space or propose an event why not email, pop in for a cuppa or come to our regular monday night meetings from 7pm onwards. Keep updated at