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Upcoming Manchester Events and Articles

26-02-2013 16:34

A quick look into what's happening around Manchester over then next few weeks

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Photos from Birmingham Council House blockade

26-02-2013 15:16

Activists from across Birmingham have been blockading all entrances to the Council House since 11am, trying to physically prevent Councillors from entering for the budget meeting, where the cuts will be undemocratically voted through. Not surprisingly, most Councillors were not willing to engage with them in debate. The police have helped push the cuts through by forcibly attempting to break up the blockade and escorting the Councillors to the art museum entrance, which is linked to the Council House. Activists attempted to blockade these alternative entrances, but the police kept finding new ways to get Councillors inside. One activist managed to find a way inside the Council House during the meeting, and heckled Albert Bore before being carried out by security.

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Operation Disclosure: 4 March - 9 April

26-02-2013 13:51

Either the Department for Transport releases its redacted recommendations about the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) by 5 April or we will peacefully come and get them ourselves!

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Oxford CND benefit concert - Friday 1st March

26-02-2013 11:02

Oxford Classic Jazz Band benefit concert for Oxford CND at Friends Meeting House, St Giles, Oxford.

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Council House Blockaded

26-02-2013 09:29

Early this morning before the Council House opened and hours before the publicly announced blockade at 11am, protesters barricaded the Council House main entrances.

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Counter-protest against the NF, Swansea, 9 March 2013

26-02-2013 03:10

9 March demo publicity, on the SWNF website
South Wales NF are planning a "White Pride World Wide" demo, to take place in Swansea on 9 March 2013. Although the publicity pretends the demo is against racial discrimination directed at whites, it's organised by Hitler-worshipping Nazis Bryan & David Powell, and as such insults all Welsh people who fought during WW2 and the Spanish Civil War, and the 230 people who were murdered and 400 people who were injured by Hitler's Luftwaffe during the Swansea Blitz.

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Another victory for Edinburgh private tenants as criminal landlord banned

26-02-2013 02:55

Edinburgh City Council recently ruled that millionaire businessman Mark Fortune be removed from the city’s licensing register as unfit to operate as a landlord.  It is the first time that the council has re

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The Right to Peaceful Protest.

25-02-2013 22:55

Here on the streets of Glasgow, the same streets that John MacLean, Guy Aldred, Willie McDougal and many others, held meetings and protests attended by hundreds, we are seeing the authorities trying to stamp out that tradition of peaceful public protest. If they succeed, where is your freedom to voice your concerns and anger at injustice?

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END:CIV Film Screening this Wednesday @ Eileen House

25-02-2013 22:16

Wednesday 27th February @ Eileen House aka Self Organised London
8pm: End:Civ Film Screening + discussion on civilisation and gentrification

See all unrooted events:
See all SOL events:

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PJS launches a media campaign in solidarity with prisoners

25-02-2013 19:26

Palestinian Prisoners Blind folded
Gaza --- 25/2/2013 -- The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS ) approved several media events and field in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held against their well and without fair trials in Israeli jails.

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Tingout: the new news stream social media for citizen journalism

25-02-2013 18:51

Tingout is an internet platform created to give more visibility to independent information

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Open Shuhada Street Action

25-02-2013 16:57

On Saturday, 23 February activists in London staged a multiple boycott action and protest at the Israeli Embassy, in support of the Palestinians in Al-Khalil.

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Join The Sue Ryder Rolling Online Picket and Help Stop Workfare!

25-02-2013 14:50

Join an online, rolling picket of workfare exploiters Sue Ryder #shameonsue

Starts: Now
Ends: When Sue Ryder pull out of all forms of workfare.

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Five years of the Hereford Heckler - new issue out now!

25-02-2013 13:09

Hereford Heckler 22
Issue 22 of the Hereford Heckler is now out. It's going to print this week and paper copies will be hitting the streets soon...

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olympic critical mass trial begins in london

25-02-2013 12:51

westminster court
the trial begins today of 9 cyclists who were among the 182 arrested on the opening night of the olympics after draconian public order conditions were applied against the customary critical mass cycle ride that takes place at the end of every month

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Manchester Callout!

25-02-2013 11:30

All anti-fascists must get to Manchester on March 2nd to oppose the EDL!

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BradleyManning Solidarity 1,000 days*March1st 5pm U.S.embassy with Vets 4 Peace

25-02-2013 10:58

Bradley Manning's 1,000th. day in U.S. military custody was marked in solidarity actions in 70 cities around the world on Saturday Feb 23rd.
Video of international solidarity actions

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It’s Time To Shut The City Down – Day Of Action Against Council Cuts, 26th Feb

24-02-2013 21:24

On 26th February Birmingham City Council meet to vote on the 2013/4 budget, with £102m of cuts. There will be a day of action to protest the planned cuts, following on from the council house balcony occupation.

12:30-1:30 Picket of the council house

2pm Budget meeting starts