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Did OFSTED's Christine Gilbert order suppression of evidence against Crossrail?

14-11-2008 16:00

KHOODEELAAR! is raising the question on Christine Gilbert's role today as part of our constitutional law campaign action updates. Gilbert failed and refused and neglected to answer the many questions that the campaign against Crossrail hole had put top her between 2004 and 2006 when she was chief executive in Tower Hamlets Council.

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new britain: a prison of your mind

14-11-2008 14:38

its a common enough cry from certain strata in society that prisons are "too soft" and "like holiday camps". (depends where you spend your holidays perhaps!) but now it seems that even the inmates are succumbing to this strange mentality.

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Leeds Protest against 'ID cards for foreigners'

14-11-2008 14:04

NO2ID Logo
Leeds NO2ID will be protesting against the Introduction of ID cards on 24th November

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Genoa 2001: Diaz school police raid verdict

14-11-2008 14:04

The aftermath of the police raid in the Diaz school
An Italian court convicted 13 police officers Thursday of violence against protesters during the 2001 Group of Eight summit in the northern Italian city of Genoa. The officials were charged with inflicting violence, abusing their powers and other offenses during a pre-dawn raid on a school where the protesters were staying.

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Thales Protest - Monday 17th November, Stockport (Cheadle)

14-11-2008 13:44

Thales is a French defence company which has been awarded the first contract to build the National Identity Register.

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Miscarriage of Justice: Who was behind the October 2002 Bali bombings?

14-11-2008 13:36

The 2002 Bali bomb attacks contributed to swaying Australian public opinion in favor of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, while also weakening the anti-war protest movement. In the wake of the 2002 Bali attack, the Australian government "officially" joined the US-led "war on terrorism." It not only used the Bali bombings as a pretext to fully integrate the US-UK military axis, it also used the attacks as a pretext to implement drastic police measures including "ethnic profiling" directed against its own citizens.

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'Anomalous Wave' demo today, Rome. 100,000 expected!

14-11-2008 13:17

The newspaper La Repubblica gives updates about tomorrow’s mass demonstration of students and universitarians. The headline says “The wave brings 100.000 students to the piazza”.

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Stasi Scotlands politisch kriminelle “Machenschaft”

14-11-2008 12:45

The High Court has this morning refused the so-called 'Lockerbie Bomber' Abdelbaset Ali Mohmad Al Megrahi's application for interim liberation, submitted due to his declining health from incurable prostate cancer. Dr Jim Swire, the father of one of the victims, had described Megrahi's release as a question of "common humanity".

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Climate Change Bill - Final Showdown

14-11-2008 12:21

As a result of a massive civil society campaign, the UK is about to pass historic legislation which binds the government to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. However, a major loophole remains which threatens the credibility of the Bill – will it be closed before the Bill is given Royal Assent?

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BNP win by-election in Boston, Lincs

14-11-2008 11:45

The British National Party has elected its first district councillor in Lincolnshire after winning a by-election in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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North East Working Class Bookfair Sat. November 22nd 2008, 12-4pm

14-11-2008 11:34

North East Working Class Bookfair
Durham Clayport Library, Millennium Place, Durham City.
Saturday November 22nd 2008, 12-4pm

Market Tavern welcomes drinkers from the bookfair

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Never Mind the Ethics, Here's PRIMARK - meeting and action

14-11-2008 10:48

Ponne, former child worker
Meeting with slides on Primark, Indian workers, casualisation and the credit crunch this Monday at LARC - hear about and see a short vid on Primark's PR offensive and stories from Tirupur, Textiles capital of India.

An action is planned for Tuesday 25th Nov when primark present at PR Week's 'Taking the Drama out of a Crisis' on how they weathered the Panorama scoop storm. Activists will be there to remind them - the crisis continues, as does the fight for a life with dignity, justice and freedom.

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Sanctuary for Constant Moussavou

14-11-2008 08:11

Constant Moussavou
Constant, a long standing member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM) was detained by the Border and Immigration Authority on Tuesday 11th November 2008 and currently detained in Oakington Immigration Removal Centre, due to be forcibly removed from the UK this evening Friday 14th November on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET701 to Addis Ababa from Heathrow at 21:00 hrs and then ET841 to Brazzaville.

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Boycotting Israeli settlement products: tactic vs. strategy

14-11-2008 08:09

Clothing made in the West Bank is labeled "Made in Israel"
There has been a spate of recent news reports on international companies moving out of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) to locations inside the internationally-recognized boundary between Israel and the West Bank. The impression is made that boycotting products originating in Israel's illegal colonies in the West Bank is on its way to becoming mainstream, handing the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement with a fresh, substantial victory. While this development should indeed be celebrated by all BDS activists anywhere, caution is called for in distinguishing between advocating such a targeted boycott as a tactic -- leading to the ultimate goal of boycotting all Israeli goods and services -- and as an end in itself. While the former may be necessary in some countries as a convenient tool of raising awareness and promoting debate about Israel's colonial and apartheid regime, the latter, despite its lure, would be in direct contradiction with the stated objectives of the Palestinian boycott movement.

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An Environmental Revolution is Required!

14-11-2008 03:47

Our choice of diet is critical to the survival of the planet.

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Prosecuting Bush and Blair for Genocide (21st November)

14-11-2008 01:45

Free important public meeting

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Mass Antifascist Demonstration in Madrid Remembering Carlos Palomino

13-11-2008 21:38

More than 2000 people demonstrated in Madrid on Tuesday 11th November in solidarity, remembrance and homage to Carlos Palomino, the antifa activist murdered exactly one year ago by a far right member of the spanish army.

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Don't Bin Trees Save Them!!

13-11-2008 21:20

Urgent action needed just by writing a letter please- to stop destruction of woodland

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Film from Nahr al-Bared Camp (Lebanon): "Transitions"

13-11-2008 21:20

Nahr al-Bared Camp
More than a year after their homes were destroyed during the battle between the Lebanese army and the militant islamist group Fatah al-Islam, the majority of the refugees from Nahr al-Bared in North Lebanon find themselves in a difficult situation. Not able to return to their homes, stuck in pre-fabricated housing units and often unemployed, many of them feel frustrated and hopeless, only sometimes seeing a glimmer of hope.

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Free talk and discussion tomorow friday..London

13-11-2008 21:08