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The Palestinian Nakba -Report and Photos from Oxford Vigil

17-05-2006 16:12

On Sunday May 14th Oxford residents gathered to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (Arabic for Catastrophe)

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Spoil BP's BTC party

17-05-2006 15:49

Georgia: House in Dgvari village - local residents say it collapsed due to BTC
Protest BP's launch of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline - 1,000 miles of human rights abuses, ecological destruction and climate chaos.

5pm Friday 26 May 2006 - outside BP's HQ - St James Square, SW1Y

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Athens: The ESF, the L.A. Anarchist Forum + march, the 6 May riots and 4 prisoner

17-05-2006 15:47

Here's a communique of an anarchist collective in Athens about the role of the ESF, the Libertarian Anti-authoritarian Anarchist Forum and the anarchist demo in the morning of 6 May, the riots during the anti-war march the same afternoon, and the political consent of the ESF to state repression. Out of the 17 people arrested, 8 are facing felony charges and 4 are now imprisoned. Solidarity actions are planned the next days in Athens...

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The 5th International conference against disappearances-Turkey

17-05-2006 15:44

The 5th International conference against disappearances opened today in Diyarbakir or Amed in Kurdish.
Diyarbakir is in the south of Turkey, not far from the Syrian border.

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One thousand jobs go in Ellesmere Port

17-05-2006 15:36

After a week of speculation, one thousand Vauxhall car workers at Ellesmere Port today learned their jobs were being axed.

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Intl Day Against Homophobia. May 17th.

17-05-2006 15:21

Today, May 17, is IDAHO Day- International day Agaianst Homophobia. Main Press release and also a Press release from Jean Lambert Green Party MEP.

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Justice For Atenco, Mexico

17-05-2006 14:51

Last week residents of San Salvador Atenco (Atenco), a municipality near Mexico City, suffered massive police brutality and repression after local organisations helped 60 flower vendors, at Texcoco local market in the State of Mexico, to resist a state police blockade for setting up their stands.

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Stop Tesco

17-05-2006 14:17

Stop tesco: picnic and games evening on Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm on Chester Road, next to stretford leisure

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Urgent: Solidarity with Afghan Assylum Seekers in Dublin

17-05-2006 13:18

A group of 41refugees occupied St. Patricks Cathedral after Sundays Cathedral Service. At least three minors are believed to be among the group of men. The group are seeking refugee status in Ireland and decided to hungerstrike after some of their applications were turned down last Friday by the Office of the Refugee Appeals Commissioner. Geen Party TD, Ciarán Cuffe has met some of the men and believes them to be genuine.
Until yesterday the men were also on 'water strike' some of them remain so.

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Indymedia - Rackspace news?

17-05-2006 12:39

I'd like to know whether all avenues of complaint were pursued, or if any action is currently 'live' regarding Rackspace UK voluntarily passing Indymedia's data to a foreign law enforcement agency. I see that the EFF page was last updated in August 2005.

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British mining company Monterrico Metals involved in human rights violations

17-05-2006 12:17

The British mining company Monterrico Metals owns the Rio Blanco copper/molybdenum deposit, located in Northern Peru. Rio Blanco will become Peru's second largest copper mine. The project threatens farmers and biodiversity. Confrontations with the police close to the mining site resulted in casualities on two occasions. The AXA group is the largest investor in Monterric Metals. According to Netwerk Vlaanderen, institutional investors that respect bacic human rights in their investment policy should disinvest from Monterrico Metals.

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17-05-2006 12:02

The government is trying to deport a Chilean exile who has lived in Scotland for years and years, to try and cover up its asylum fiasco.

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17-05-2006 10:39

outside One Whitehall Place
(old Liberal Club) near Embankment Tube
this THURSDAY (18 May) starting 10am (until 2pm)

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The Emperors New Power

17-05-2006 09:36

“The nuclear industry promised last night to have new reactors up and running in Britain by 2017 - as long as the planning process is streamlined and a final decision is made on long-term waste storage.”
[Guardian – 17/05/06]

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Indymedia Radio London Newswire Show a special discussion from Palestine

17-05-2006 08:42

Listen to a series of discussions about the current situation in Palestine: with Dr Jadah IsHak the director of the Jerusalem Research Institute, Ghassan Adonis the co founder of ISM ( The International Solidarity Movement) Fida Ghareeb the co-ordinator of the IMEMC Youth Advocacy Service and Ghassan Bannora IMEMC reporter.
This debate was recorded especially for the Resonance FM Indymedia Radio London News Wire wednesday Slot and aims to present back ground of the current crisis in Palestine that is not generally explored in the Western Media.

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BNP Activists Arrested in Swansea

17-05-2006 03:11

Five BNP activists have been arrested for public order offences in Swansea

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The Ethical Living Revolution Comes to Liverpool!

17-05-2006 03:02

Post Plastic is a new arts group formed in Liverpool to promote sustainable lifestyle alternatives and particularly stylish yet conscious fashion in Merseyside. This is happening with the first large scale ethical fair and fashion show on the 27th of May 2006 at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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17-05-2006 00:09


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Irish to Protest Howard Visit

16-05-2006 23:41

Western cheerleader for the Bush "war on terror"
Howard visits Ireland next week and is to address the Dail (parliament). Howard is the primary Western cheerleader for the Bush "war on terror". Ireland has had its neutrality compromised by the Government hosting 1100 U,S, troops a day at Shannon Airport, County Clare. Check links below for Irish reponses to Howard visit.......

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Shell AGM: feedback from within the antiseptic portals of the Novotel H'smith

16-05-2006 23:20

Here's a report from a London Rising Tider with a single Shell share, who went into its Annual General Meeting, while others stayed outside to leaflet shareholders and passers-by. The main meeting took place in The Hague, with a video feed to London, or the Novotel Hammersmith, to be precise.