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01-07-2005 17:26


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Transport to Glenegles on Tuesday coming back Friday

01-07-2005 17:12

We have a few spaces left in a minibus going up to scotland on tuesday morning - to stay at Eco village and protest against G8.
The cost is a share of petrol (around £15/20) each.
If anyone is intrested
email me

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Symposium against isolation in Istanbul

01-07-2005 16:41

an article from tayad

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Gay demo against Bromley homophobia (July 30th)

01-07-2005 16:05

In response to Tory run Bromley (London) homophobically 'banning' civil partnership ceremonies.A local group is holding a demo. (Tory leader M.Howard refuses to intervene here or over the 'ban' on the gay Rainbow Flag in Soho, where everyone else is allowed to fly there 'logo' etc..)

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Police visit the Dissent! Info point in Edinburgh

01-07-2005 15:48

At 15:00, on the Friday 1st July, 6 police officers paid a visit to the Dissent! Info Shop (Leith Walk). They stood outside for 30 minutes, pjotographing people and taking notes before going away at 15:30. Here are 2 statements from Dissent! volonteers staffing the space:

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Clown operations begin

01-07-2005 15:24

Briefing the corporate media.
Pics and report below.

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Pictures From Insitute Detainments

01-07-2005 15:23

Officers Making Unlawful Detainment
On 30.6.05 several detainments and searches and thefts were carried out by the police at the Institute of Autonomy. Here are several pictures with captions of the event.

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more about understanding climate issues

01-07-2005 15:04

this is a piece of text concerning climate change written and/ or sent by a friend on palentology list.

all the best



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Resist G8 Train Update

01-07-2005 14:55

Update from London Kings Cross station at 15:30

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Travellers in Scotland

01-07-2005 14:37

It seems a lot of Travellers are heading to Scotland under the mistaken belief there will be a long term campsite there.

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Something is going on at Institute of Autonomy

01-07-2005 14:09

Police are milling about at the Institute of Autonomy 15.00hrs Friday

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G8 Campsite - Jack Kane Centre - Mural Pics

01-07-2005 12:53

pics from the amazing mural inside the jack kane centre - next to the council provided g8 campsite for protestors.

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G8 Campsite - Jack Kane Centre - Mural Pics

01-07-2005 12:51

mural 1
pics from the amazing mural inside the jack kane centre - next to the council provided g8 campsite for protestors.

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The Rural Covergence / Eco-Village Opens Its Gates

01-07-2005 11:46

The Eco-Village is not just a place to organise blockades against the G8. it's also a the place to have a great time, and a memorable experience.

The gates of the camp are now open as thousands of Britons and Internationals begin to arrive at the site just a few miles from Stirling.

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56a Infoshop Final Night of Map Festival: Exp Music/Film Night

01-07-2005 11:24

SATURDAY 2nd JULY from 8pm at 56a INFOSHOP

The final chance to see the YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping exhibitions at this long-established South London radical social centre and enjoy a curious night of free pickles and movies and moosick...

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Chalk4Peace will be active at The G8 Gathering in Scotland

01-07-2005 11:20

From the hearts of the children
As we have at many demo's over the past 2 years ,bags of chalk will be distributed at the G8 demonstration in Scotland with a flyer encouraging individuals to make their personal statement for peace on the pavement

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Edinburgh G8 camp site pictures

01-07-2005 10:22

Warning! Dangerous protestors
Pictures of the repressive measures in place at the camp site for protesters in Edinburgh, and the autonomous Dissent! space carved out within it.

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live 8 concerts an alternative view

01-07-2005 10:07

an alternative view of the up coming live 8 concerts

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Indymedia Centre in Edinburgh Now Open - Meetings + IMC Reporting Numbers

01-07-2005 09:42

The Edinburgh IMC is open today - Friday 1st July.

Located above The Forest Cafe (street entrance door to the left) on Bristo Place, Edinburgh

Daily imc + reporting co-ordination meetings @ 7pm

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Days of Dissent! Edinburgh Convergence 2005

01-07-2005 09:16

Dissent! convergence space opens in Edinburgh.