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Lawyer on Death Fast

29-04-2006 12:53

Lawyer on Death Fast in Turkey

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Protest at B'lin Village Palestine 28th April 2006

29-04-2006 12:25

Listen to an audio report recorded at the weekly protest held at the Apartheid wall which divides the agricultural lands from Bi'lin vilage.

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Birmingham NoBorders Protest at the Immigration Reporting Centre in Solihull

29-04-2006 12:05

general shot 1

Following a call-out by Birmingham NoBorders earlier this week, some 20 people, including a few asylum seekers, demonstrated yesterday (28 April, 2006) at the West Midlands Immigration Centre in Solihull. The demonstration was in solidarity with the ongoing hunger strikes in various detention centres and to protest against the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers that this place embodies, from asylum seekers’ having to "sign on" every week to "snatch squads" and "dawn raids".

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London Critical Mass 12th Anniversary.

29-04-2006 11:31

Video Regent Street.
London Critical Mass meets at the South Bank, Waterloo Bridge on the last Friday of every month. It has now been running 12 years.

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29-04-2006 10:17

Beating the Bounds of the SOCPA protest exclusion zone, 12 noon Trafalgar Square, Monday 1 May 2006

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Chaos Mass: Mayday weekend in Manchester starts with bike ride

29-04-2006 10:09

Mayday celebrations in Manchester began yesterday (Friday) with a Critical Mass. Numbers of cyclists had almost doubled from previous months.

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Universal's Flight 93 'Hijacked' By Truth Seekers

29-04-2006 04:52

This is just like when the CIA ran a story "refuting" 911 "theories" in Popular Mechanics, and the site administrators were forced to disable the comments section.

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Nick Nack PaddyWhacked

29-04-2006 00:31

The most pertinent sound and vision comment to date from the whoboys

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MAY DAY 1st MAY, Wolves, B'ham, Coventry, Worcs & Chesterfield

28-04-2006 21:56

Details of Mayday events in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Worcestor & Chesterfield.

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Sindicalismo y trabajadores en Venezuela

28-04-2006 21:05

* Estos tres textos han sido tomados de El Libertario # 47, mayo-junio 2006, vocero bimensual de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas. En ellos se pone al día y condensa una perspectiva anarquista sobre la situación del movimiento laboral en este país.

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Mugged Again With the Same Smoking Gun

28-04-2006 20:58

The United Nations Security Council, under heavy US-Israeli pressure- finds Iran noncompliant to the NPT. The same cast and plot are reprising the next act on the warpath to WW$.

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Major SHAC actions in London area today

28-04-2006 19:24

SHAC action at SmithKlineBeecham, West London
SHAC staged major protests today aimed at both the financiers and customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Starting from Finsbury Square the aim was to march on Europe's financial heartland to get the message across that dealing with HLS "is financial madness". At its finish in America Square a rally was held outside the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, a major 2005 trader in HLS shares, a trade that as a result of SHAC actions has been pretty much suspended.

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International Workers Memorial Day

28-04-2006 17:34

Workers Memorial Day was marked in London by a demonstration, march and rally organised by the Construction Safety Campaign. Over a quarter of all workplace deaths are in construction.

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LONDON IWW MAYDAY EVENT – 29 April - last notice

28-04-2006 17:10

with the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)

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Freedom of the Press Day May 3

28-04-2006 15:59

Undercurrents hosts a FREE video showing with filmmaker discussion. All welcome.

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Iran’s crime of transporting oil!

28-04-2006 15:53


That’s right; years ago the struggle was all about the resources of black gold now it’s about getting it around and about to use and sell it.
Many have wondered why Bush Junior was obsessive about Iraq and what the real American interest has been behind toppling Hussein.
The answer can simply be put in two words: Check Mate! The current Middle East Crisis is a text book example of traditional power play.

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MAPUCHE prisoners hunger strike - day 46 - info & action call-out

28-04-2006 14:15

46 days of hunger strike. silence. solidarity actions necessary.

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It's life Jim, but not as we know it...

28-04-2006 13:44

Squatting is alive and well in London and has been for a long while. In the UK there are around 800,000 empty properties and London has at least 100,000 of them. Most squats are residential, but there are also art squats, commercial squats, drugs dens, places kids hang out, places lovers meet etc...

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Why people vote BNP - report released

28-04-2006 13:37

BNP: roots of its appeal is a report available for download. A must-read for activists looking to do more than say, you're wrong.

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Has the threat posed by Iran been grossly exaggerated?

28-04-2006 12:47

Has the threat posed by Iran been grossly exaggerated?
The majority of people at a debate organised by intelligencesquared thought so.