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Climate Camp 2008 - What's hot and what's not

11-08-2008 12:07

Wholly subjective, light hearted and fun, so lets not get into any knicker-twisting over this. It was scribbled on the back of some cardboard with a few folks on the train on the way home.

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New report shows RBS is Cashing in on Coal

11-08-2008 12:04

Research exposes RBS as key player fuelling climate change by financing coal power

Several UK banks involved in financing controversial power company E.ON

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Climate Camp Latest

11-08-2008 11:34

This weeks Monday Love at The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, is a big benefit night for Spike Surplus Scheme, a squatted social centre in South London which is under serious threat.

Also catch up with the latest videos and news from Climate Camp 2008

Free Entry all night from 7pm

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Wed 13th: Discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection

11-08-2008 11:11

Wednesday 13 August 7pm: discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection', at Housmans Bookshop 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1

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No more deaths in custody! Pauline Campbell remembered

11-08-2008 10:40

Campaigners gathered outside Styal prison in Wilmslow, Cheshire on Sunday 10 August to remember all the women who have died there, to protest against all deaths in prison and to remember the massive contribution to the struggle against prison brutality made by Pauline Campbell, who died earlier this year.

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Seventh Anniversary Of The Community Radio Jenpoj Mixe, Oaxaca

11-08-2008 09:11

the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the Indigenous Community Radio Jenpoj, Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico and the meaning of a Free Community Radio

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at least one activist remanded for kingsnorth invasion

10-08-2008 20:27

at least one activist has been remand for climbing onto a ledge at kingsnorth she will appear in court tomorrow.

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SDP Leader/BBC blunder on Russia-Georgia war

10-08-2008 18:13

The BBC broadcast an interview with former Foreign Secretary and former SDP Leader David Owen, in which he said it had been right to block Georgia's NATO membership because it did not border on any NATO country. Georgia borders on Turkey, which has the second largest army in NATO.

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Critical Mass London

10-08-2008 17:27

Critical Mass London website http:/ is currently experiencing technical difficulties and is therefore being mirrored at

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Demo against Nepal's plan to export monkeys

10-08-2008 17:18

July 17th, London. Campaigners returned again to the Nepalese embassy in London in support of the week of action against the export of monkeys from
Nepal to research labs in the USA.

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Can Coca Cola Save Children’s Lives?

10-08-2008 16:13

ColaLife Campaign
Simon Berry has been trying to get Coca Cola to look at how they could use their distribution network for life-saving drugs.

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Hands off the MST Brazil! - S African social movements say!!

10-08-2008 15:50

To the poor of the world, to all people of good will who work for progressive change

We, the landless and homeless people and associated activists of South Africa, decry the secret campaign by the so-called Workers' Party (PT) government of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul to criminalise, outlaw and otherwise illegitimately harass our landless comrades of the MST.

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Children of the Eco Warriors Not Consulted About Children's Revolution March

10-08-2008 14:14

Discussions about the kids' march on Saturday were held by about a dozen young children who occupied the top of a World War Two bunker in a small woodland at the Camp for Climate Action on Sunday afternoon.
The Children of the Eco warriors questioned the way that the climate camp meetings had completely ignored them and had not give them the opportunity to make their own decisions for themselves.

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South Coast Transport To Stop the BNP Rally

10-08-2008 13:52

A call-out has been raised to anti-fascists around the country to combat the British National Party’s Red, White and Blue festival next weekend in Derbyshire.


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Knives out for the GRRR!

10-08-2008 12:43

armed and dubious
After the discovery by Kent Police of over 9000 weapons near the Climate Camp, it was surprising that no ninja bloc turned up for the mass action at Kingsnorth. But at nearby Upnor, the knife crimes continued...

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Bodies are lying everywhere. It’s hell’

10-08-2008 11:06

The fighting in Georgia

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Monday Love - Spike Benefit/Climate Camp News

10-08-2008 10:48

Monday Love 7
This weeks Monday Love at The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, is a big benefit night for Spike Surplus Scheme, a squatted social centre in South London which is under serious threat.

Also catch up with the latest videos and news from Climate Camp 2008

Free Entry all night from 7pm

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GRRR....launch pictures at last

10-08-2008 08:09

One crew stopped off at this old fort
8.30am and RAF Search and Rescue is hovering overhead. Pirates are hiding in the bushes at Upnor beach, timbers a'shivering. Police believed they'd be constructing rafts at the camp, but the reality is they'd been built and buried in the woods two weeks before.

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Climate Camp photo galleries restored

10-08-2008 07:16

The Climate Camp photo galleries are back on line - eventually - after crashing due to heavy demand.

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Russia-Georgia conflict: it's about oil...again! (by Latuff)

10-08-2008 02:51

Russia-Georgia conflict
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.