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Children of the Eco Warriors Not Consulted About Children's Revolution March

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 10.08.2008 14:14 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Education | London | World

Discussions about the kids' march on Saturday were held by about a dozen young children who occupied the top of a World War Two bunker in a small woodland at the Camp for Climate Action on Sunday afternoon.
The Children of the Eco warriors questioned the way that the climate camp meetings had completely ignored them and had not give them the opportunity to make their own decisions for themselves.

An 11 year old girl whose mother had been involved with the Newbury bypass campaign in the 1990's came to visit the Eco Warriors and she said that she and her friends were concerned that all the decisions had been made by grown ups and the children themselves had not been asked what they had wanted to do.
She expressed her concern about the way the kids' march had been organised and the fact that the children had been spread throughout the demonstration and had been unable to stick together with each other.
She said that she wanted to call a meeting of the children on the site to plan what they would be doing next in the future, but her mother said that unfortunately their time had run out and they had to go home instead.
One of the Eco warriors said that a baby in a push chair had been knocked over by a police horse during the march to Kingsnorth power station, and that there were serious concerns about the way that a teenage girl had been assaulted and snatched by the police for no apparent reason.
The impromptu meeting ended with an agreement to keep in touch and to help the Children of the Eco Warriors organise a youth conference and a children's peace festival in the threatened Heathrow villages at some time in the future.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign
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