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Pictures. Demostrations in London against electoral fraud in Ukraine.

23-11-2004 16:15

More than 900 people gathered yesterday in London to denounce electoral fraud in Ukraine. Pictures attached here. Tonight, again at 8pm we will meet in Holalnds Park Avenue and will rally from there to the Ukrainian embassy.

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Sacremongering cartoon

23-11-2004 16:14

Be afraid...
Be afraid...

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Pre-anarchist bookfair social @rampART friday night

23-11-2004 15:22

This friday 26th from 7pm there'll be a pre anarchist bookfair social...

Every friday night at the rampART there is a social evening with DJ set's by
DJ 'Ovis, DJ Fusie & guests. Drinks. food. Entry free.

This week we'll have a bunch of people from around the country staying over as rampART is providing crash space for people coming down for the anarchist bookfair - so we thought it would be nice to encourage more people to come along and hang out (beats hanging out in the stairwells at the bookfair ;-)

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Video: ESF storming of the palace and demo

23-11-2004 14:59

Here's a link to a 7 minute video clip of the London ESF, the storming of the palace and the demo after, which I found on indymedia Germany. I do NOT post this here to spark off the polemic debate whether the grassroots at the ESF were racists (please don't start again). It's just that I thought the video was quite inspirational...

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Victory for Iraq Procurement Protestors, case closed as Prosecution runs scared

23-11-2004 14:49

The Iraq Procurement conference protestors Pennie Quinton and Ewa Jasiewicz are fully aqquited from all charges as the prosecution refuses to submit evidence in dramtic climb down, case is closed.

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23-11-2004 14:29

Carlo is the affectionate name for Prince Charles in Welsh Republican circles.

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Take Action on Indonesian Genocide

23-11-2004 13:47

British company Rolls-Royce is selling its weapons technology to Indonesia this week. Tell them what you thik about it.

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Drug Economy of Afghanistan

23-11-2004 13:17

Police escort
The US is set to do battle with drugs in Afghanistan. They have not exactly got a great success rate in other countries such as Colombia. The people most likely to suffer are small farmers.

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US attempts to cover-up mad cow disease outbreak

23-11-2004 12:46

This article by Diane Farsetta takes a closer look at why the USDA bans independent testing for mad cow disease. When one beef producer wanted to test its own products in order to meet international safety requirements, the USDA actually threatened to sue them for doing so!

Why? because too much testing may reveal vast numbers of cattle to be infected with mad cow disease in the United States, and the USDA certainly doesn't want that to be front page news.

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Action alert against Sainsbury's GM Milk - email the top people!

23-11-2004 12:19

Please distribute on any anti-GM list or otherwise you may be a member of. Sainsburys need to know just how much the public in the UK are against their policies.

Action Alert Against Sainsburys' GM fed milk products

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Candle Vigil outside St John’s in support of Ansari brothers

23-11-2004 11:59

“Keep Azim in Oxford” Campaign
Candle Vigil outside St John's College
Tuesday 23 November 2004 (Today!)
17:30 - 18:30
Bring candles, yourself, and your friends.
Sign letters and petitions.
(Town AND Gown Welcome!)

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Poster for Aznar demo

23-11-2004 11:22

Poster / leaflet for Aznar demo on Friday 3rd December

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Burning Solidarity with Fallujah - Palestine

23-11-2004 11:18

'Al-Fallujah' spelt out in flames lights up the sky on Jabal Ash-shamliya, the m
Nablus, Palestine, shows solidarity with the people of Falluja by writing 'Al-Falujah' in Arabic in flames on the mountain above the city

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Vigil for Azim and Wali Ansari 23rd November

23-11-2004 11:18

Candle Vigil at St John's
Tuesday 23 November 2004
17:30 - 18:30

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Organise! - a response to WSM position on the north of Ireland

23-11-2004 10:37

Organise! has just published a pamphlet entitled:

Crossing the Border: Organise!, Class Unity and the Partition of Ireland -a response to the WSM position paper on partition (1.95) which is currently online at:

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23-11-2004 10:32


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Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines Nov 21, 2004

23-11-2004 10:08

Today in Palestine! ~ Headlines Nov 19, 2004

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Save The Valley Of Tara - A Pagan Sanctuary

23-11-2004 09:17

Hill of Tara
The Ancient capital of Ireland and one of the most important ancient landscapes in Europe, is under threat of a proposed motorway (M3) from Belfast to Dublin. Decision time has arrived.

For more information go to:,,1348030,00.html

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rampART radio

23-11-2004 07:33

support your radio, indtmedia radio rampART needs your listen factor
today ( rough ) schedule...

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23-11-2004 06:54

New claims this weekend by the author of 'Blair's Wars' take allegations of the PM's deceit to a whole new level...