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The proposed extermination of Amos Lee King by Jeb Bush

10-02-2003 19:32

A call to action to save the life of Amos King scheduled to be executed by the State of Florisda on Feb. 26th

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Diesel Action! Anti Action!

10-02-2003 19:15

Diesel Action! Anti Action!
Twisted protest, protesting against a company by protesting against their rivals.
(article 1)

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The Reasons For Going To War

10-02-2003 18:56

The Reasons For Going To War
President Bush tell us here his main reasons for going to war against Irak

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Bush's address at this year's WEF

10-02-2003 18:55

mp3 of last 5 minutes of Bush's speech including applause

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The Case Against Iraq - corrected version just released

10-02-2003 18:11

The Case Against Iraq - corrected version just released
Pass it around

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Wheels Against War! February 15th 2003 CRITICAL MASS!

10-02-2003 18:05

Meet other riders at 12pm under Waterloo Bridge, South Bank to cycle over to the Embankment at 12:30pm and join the anti-war march through London. With plans to join the march and loosely follow it's route through london.

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Biotechnology Newswire Jan 10

10-02-2003 17:37

The following stories and events were posted to the on the biotechnology newswire over the last 7 days. You too can post, comment, and search for some of the latest information on biotechnology. Stop by, add your stories, read, add events to our calendar and more!

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Farnborough Airport operates with no consultative committee

10-02-2003 16:23

All designated airports in the UK have to have an airfield
consultative committee as a forum within which airfield issues as these affect the local community are discussed. This is a legal obligation under Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act (1982). TAG Aviation, the owners and operators of Farnborough Airport, have refused to establish a committee.

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Tel Aviv Bombers Families Attacked by IOF

10-02-2003 16:22

Israeli Occupation Forces Terrorise 3 Palestinian Families and Two ISM Activists Before Abducting Palestinian Man

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Storming of US embassy Feb 15th

10-02-2003 16:01

Storming of US embassy

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10-02-2003 14:28

While Australian Prime Minister John Howard meets with President George W. Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss imminent war on Iraq, serious questions are being asked about the way the Howard Government treat those who have fled from such oppression. The Australian Government might wish no one had ever questioned their responsibility in the SIEV X TRAGEDY but because of the persistent and courageous advocacy of one man TONY KEVIN, Australia's former Ambassador to Cambodia, the 146 children, 142 women and 65 men who died will not be forgotten.

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Wildfire- lighting the sparks of imagination.

10-02-2003 14:07

Visions post-capitalism.

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Peace leafletting in Slough

10-02-2003 14:03

Peace leafletting in Slough
hundreds brave police presence to sign peace petition

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U.S. Credibility is in Crisis NATO Blocks U.S.Over Iraq; U.S. Fumes

10-02-2003 13:05

BRUSSELS/BAGHDAD 2-10-03 – NATO is blocking a plan to boost Turkish defenses in case of a U.S.-led war on Iraq -- an action Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld denounced as "a War Crime."

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10-02-2003 12:05

"What I am saying is true. The British Establishment is happy to try and ridicule me and I believe many of them are happy that Diana and Dodi were killed

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10-02-2003 11:38

The well known alternative news publication was just shut down by its hosting comapny! It recently published an article by an Iraqi nuclear scientist!

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10-02-2003 11:21

Most world religious leaders have made statements against the war in Iraq, some more than once. A notable absence is the Dalai who have yet to come out in direct condemnation of the impending war. Why is that? It is all well and good talking about peace and all but being selective about it is not useful and certainly not Buddhism.

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Undercurrents alternative news and Saddam

10-02-2003 10:57

Undercurrents video activist and Saddam Hussein

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The Silent Coup D'etat.

10-02-2003 10:46

The United States is no longer a Democracy but is ruled by a motley collection of Locals and carpetbaggers.

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10-02-2003 10:20

This is up on the site as odd things are happening:
"Indycymru’s “SADDAM’S BODYGUARD REVEALS SECRET ARSENAL” was found through Google three or four days ago with one other. Now there are about six others, but ours is not there. There is plenty of room."