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We'll go on sounding Trident alarm!

19-11-2002 15:00

Today, as Trident Ploughshares takes down its disarmament camp at Devonport , locals who organised the weekend’s events vowed to continue the campaign for as long as Trident is on their doorstep...

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(MAFIA BOSS) Andreotti judge gets death threat

19-11-2002 14:19

Mr Andreotti, a giant in Italian post-war politics, had been accused of asking the Mafia to murder an investigative journalist who was thought to have damaging information about him.

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Rogue British agents name MI5 bosses in video expos

19-11-2002 13:45

Abandoned double agents spill Ulster Dirty War secrets

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We were inside sub say Trident protesters

19-11-2002 13:43

Press release from Trident Ploughshares (Mon 18th) ...

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Czech Media claims bogus independent journalists organising anti-nato protests

19-11-2002 13:10

Ceske Noviny newspaper (a large czech daily) has published an article saying that foreign radicals are in prague posing as independent media, not writing articles but organising the protests...

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19-11-2002 13:02

In mid-February,1991 President Bush Snr had called on the Iraqi people and military to “take matters into their own hands”. US support never came. Instead, Iraqi helicopter gunships arrived.

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Stricken oil tanker 'sinking' (SPAIN/PORTUGAL)

19-11-2002 12:51

Environmentalists say that if she spills her entire
77,000-ton load, the resulting damage could be double
that caused in the Exxon Valdez disaster off the coast
of Alaska in 1989 - one of the worst ever.

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new labours assault on the poor continues apace

19-11-2002 12:10

the Dept of Work and Pensions is to force ppl on incapacity benefit, remember these are disabled folk, to attend six interviews, one a month, or lose benefit.

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why use grotty realvideo?!

19-11-2002 11:58

want to know if there is a reason for using an expensive, poor quality codec for distributing video when it limits the usefulness

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New Poll Shows Public Back Farmers Vs Supermarkets

19-11-2002 11:34

A new opinion poll conducted on behalf of Friends of the Earth shows that the majority of the British public believe that supermarkets are exploiting their power over food producers. They also say that supermarkets should make more effort to sell locally produced goods that are more environmentally friendly.

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19-11-2002 10:03

A Canadian border town has become the latest victim of America's 'war on terror'

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IMF/WB ideas on Argentina

19-11-2002 07:28

Below is a story from the Financial Times website detailing the Argentinian government's decision to default on an $805 million loan payment to the World Bank, followed by an analysis, prepared in advance of the decision, by the European Network on Debt & Development (EURODAD).

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Inspection of a Trident submarine

19-11-2002 00:06

At 11pm Friday 15th November, me and Elisa from Trident Ploughshares got into a nuclear submarine in Devonport, England. We set off the fire alarm on the submarine and told the workers and security staff about the illegality of the Trident submarines under international law.

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Photos from Disarmament camp

18-11-2002 22:44

Photos from Disarmament camp
Some images from the disarmament camp... (article 1)

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Civilian Inspection at Amsterdam Naval Base

18-11-2002 22:21

Civilian Inspection at the Naval Base at Amsterdam (article 1)

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Join the Manchester Earthquake, Protests at CBI conference & Tony Blairs visit

18-11-2002 21:54

People not Profit, Make Peace Not War, Pay the Fire Fighters, not the Fire Starters.
Join the manchester earthquake, join the anti-war protests at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) AGM & Tony'Bomber'Blair's visit. 24th-25th Nov
Protests co-ordinated by Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War, Muslim Association of Britain(manchester Br.) Greater Manchester & District CND, Globalise Resistance.
Starts Sunday 24th Nov 3.30pm Assemble GMEX, Manchester City Centre, Rolling protests continue Monday 25th Nov. 8am onwards.

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Mainstream coverage of Nuke Sub action

18-11-2002 21:54

Text of corporate media coverage of nuke sub action...
[taken from,,30100-12170962,00.html]

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Nuke sub protesters released

18-11-2002 21:48

Nuke sub protesters released
The two people that managed on Friday night to break into Devonport's navy base and enter the Trident nuclear submarine currently being refitted there, have now been released on bail...

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Block the Dock! Devonport Peace Camp

18-11-2002 20:31

Blockades at dawn. Very early this morning, protestors set out to blockade Plymouth's Devonport dockyard, in which is at the moment the submarine Vanguard, broken into earlier during the camp.

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Prayer-vigil for Peace

18-11-2002 20:08

Prayer vigil for peace with/in Iraq next Friday 22nd November.