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Not an inch for the Fascists! No pasaran!

25-02-2010 11:22

It's rare to go to an action and leave with the certainty that we've achieved a victory. No footnotes, no relativising it: when we went to Dresden to take part in mass blockades intended to stop Europe's biggest Nazi-march from going ahead, we won. Some ten thousand people shut down the area where the Nazis were planning to march, making it impossible for the police to 'guarantee the safety' of the Neo-Nazi demonstration, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the allied bombing of Dresden in 1945.

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news from Greek strike

25-02-2010 10:33

News from 23rd and 24th of February in Greece.

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BNP stands for Dover and Deal Constituency

25-02-2010 09:17

The BNP is standing a candidate for Dover and Deal at the general election.

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ALIU Visit RCS Buckston Browne Farm Lab - Kent

25-02-2010 05:13

ALIU Visit RCS Buckston Browne Farm Lab - Kent

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tories to criminalise trespass

25-02-2010 01:24

worrying but not unsurprising little horror from their own website. this is likely to be used as a catch-all for just about every form of trespass ever used.

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International day against Austrian repression & solidarity with prisoners

25-02-2010 00:00

March 2nd, actions are planned across the world. We call on all of you to organise as many actions as possible in front of Austrian embassies, consulates or other diplomatic missions. Additionally, demonstrations are to take place in Vienna on February 27 and in Wiener Neustadt on the day of the trials opening hearing on March 2nd.

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Victory for Luton 4

24-02-2010 21:58

On the 28th of October last year 4 animal rights activists were arrested for breach of section 14 of the public order act during a protest at AstraZeneca offices in Luton for their use of the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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Calais Migrant Solidarity Benefit, London , Fri 26th Feb -Lineup!

24-02-2010 19:14

Benefit Gig for No Borders & Calais Migrant Solidarity

26th February 2010 @ 195 Mare Street, Hackney E8 3QE

6pm onwards: Food / Film / Info
8pm ? 2am: Music

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Two Freemen on the land unlawfully detained at Nottingham Oxclose Lane

24-02-2010 17:58

A peaceful demo is getting underway to secure the release of two freemen unlawfully detained for refusing entry to their home by Eon.

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Understanding the Nature of the Global Economic Crisis

24-02-2010 17:43

"The sovereign debt crises that have been unfolding in the past couple years and more recently in Greece, are canaries in the coal mine for the rest of Western “civilization.” The crisis threatens to spread to Spain, Portugal and Ireland; like dominoes, one country after another will collapse into a debt and currency crisis, all the way to America."

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Lydd airport-Romney Marsh) planning decision March 3

24-02-2010 17:30

Notice of the full council meeting (Shepway District) to determine whether Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh should be given the go ahead to expand.
The last survey showed public 3 to 1 against this which appears to have remained fairly solid. However SDC may go for the 'jobs' argument. If they pass it, despite officers objections, it will have to be pushed to a Public Inquiry. (Airport may appeal if SDC reject it-again to a PI)

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Sea Shepherd: The Battle Unfolds

24-02-2010 17:21

Southern Ocean, 2nd February 2010

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Breaking through the boys’ broadcast barrier

24-02-2010 12:55

THE London Freelance Branch of the NUJ celebrates International Women's day with eminent journalists and leading campaigners for the recognition of women within the media industries: Dinah Caine, Kate Kinninmont and Katharine Whitehorn.

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RBS attacked with rocks & fire over Tar Sands project

24-02-2010 12:55

In the early hours of Tuesday 23rd February 2010, anarchists attacked the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ in the heart of developing Bristol, UK.

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Afghanistan: Has the war been lost there and at home?

24-02-2010 12:33

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition are holding a public meeting and AGM on Tuesday 2nd March at 7.30 pm in Bramwell Lounge, Cambridge University Sports and Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge.

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Greek capitalism – a tragedy in several parts

24-02-2010 12:30

Greece is the latest in a line of countries squeezed by the ongoing financial crises continuing to ripple around the world. It is an important case to watch, more so than say Iceland or Ireland, as the situation in Greece is closer to the economic positions of the UK – both have governments who form an important part of economy, and are financially overstretched.

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Turkish military plot linked to USA

24-02-2010 12:08

A SINISTER military conspiracy, probably covertly backed by the USA, is being confronted by the Turkish government.

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Made in Cumbria - now funded by the nuclear and arms industry

24-02-2010 10:48

Made in Cumbria members learnt on Monday by email that they will be funded
wholly by the nuclear and the arms trade industry. Made in Cumbria was
established in 1989 as an economic development initiative by Cumbria
County Council to promote the sales of crafts, gifts and local foods.