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Climate Camp in the City Galleries

01-04-2009 21:00

Pictures from Climate Camp's occupation of the City are being added to galleries at

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Today is a tragic date and disgrace for the Greek Justice system - Voutsis case

01-04-2009 20:57

three (3) out of total four (4) jurors, are employees of the National Bank of Greece who is in fact the Bank that was attacked and is the prosecutor...

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Latest pic - eight or more cop trucks turn up at climate camp

01-04-2009 20:01

8 odd cop trucks arrive - flashing lights and sirens

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G20 Climate Camp - Pictures and Links

01-04-2009 19:44

Some resources from today's G20 Climate Camp

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Camden Lab_Stop Camden Animal Lab needs a meeting space.

01-04-2009 19:41

There are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab alongside St Pancras Eurostar. Foot and mouth disease was leaked from a similar govt faciltiy Pirbright in Surrey. Stop Camden Animal Lab is an inclusive campaign made from local people who are against the lab. Many are against it due to the very real threat of virus leak. Many people in Camden are against animal testing. We need a FREE meeting space that we can use.

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Awesome! 2 campers fox police to get into climate camp

01-04-2009 19:40

Awesome stunt at climate camp as 2 campers outside kettle climbed up building over the top of police lines and dropped into camp to huge applause

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G20 - RBS bank photos

01-04-2009 19:21

G20 - RBS bank photos

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Car factory occupations spread across the UK

01-04-2009 19:06

Sacked workers from the car parts firm Visteon have been occupying three factories across the UK since Wednesday.

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Pic of police line following baton charge on climate camp

01-04-2009 18:52

Police line on Threadneedle street end of Climate Camp after baton charge - approx. 10 minute ago

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Peaceful Oasis of City Camp Battered by Riot Police

01-04-2009 18:45

Police move in to violently break up a peaceful and jolly Climate Camp street party. They plan to resist through the night.

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Riot police baton charge climate camp

01-04-2009 18:37

Unprovoked riot police baton charge climate camp at threadneedle end of bishop gate - people put their hands up and were hit back by police - there was a short advance but some people have been injured. Camp is dancing and holding the line.

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The Neo Liberal Elite Seize Their Opportunity to Increase Unemployment Globally

01-04-2009 18:32

Over the past four years the global elites determined that a more 'we are in it together' approach to economic, social policies would best further the interests of neo liberalism, globalization, the corporations and their own interests. They ensured no protections for the independent peoples e.g small business and the unemployed and also failed to ensure that the latter could help themselves.

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Anarchists fight with police...and win!

01-04-2009 18:03

After breaking through police lines and storming of the royal bank of Scotland, anarchists are claiming victory.

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British Army chief ready to send more UK troops to Afghanistan

01-04-2009 17:36

The head of the British Army announced at the weekend that he stood ready to send 2,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, while the government made clear its intent to pursue the war into Pakistan.

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Fuelish Fun in Plymouth

01-04-2009 17:31

Just a little info on what has been happening in Plymouth

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Oxfordshire Fossil Foolishness

01-04-2009 17:15

In the early hours of april first, a group of local activists hung banners on bridges over the A34 between Oxford and Didcot, including slogans "Caution: Climate Change Ahead", "Give Way to Wind" and "Fossil Fool: 3rd exit" with a picture of Didcot Power Station.

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Mobile pics - HSBC windows smashed

01-04-2009 16:29

HSBC windows smashed

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Mobile pics - Bank sealed off

01-04-2009 16:27

Police have sealed off Bank following smashing of windows at HSBC

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Those G20 pics

01-04-2009 16:23

Silver group forming
Taken early today.