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'Free republic' - What a Joke

15-01-2004 14:16

Conservative traitors at censor the hard truth told by Ken O'Keefe

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Police 'Abused Power' by Barring Anti-War Protesters

15-01-2004 12:29

Police 'Abused Power' by Barring Anti-War Protesters
By Jan Colley, PA News

The police were guilty of an “abuse of power” in barring three coachloads of protesters from a demonstration against the war on Iraq, the High Court heard today.

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Sat 17 Jan London protest: the bloody history of Northwood Military HQ

15-01-2004 11:53

A theatrical protest at Britain's military nerve-centre to mark Martin Luther King Day and the anniversary of the Gulf War. 17 January 2004, Assemble 12pm at Northwood Tube

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Jack Straw's visit to Oxford Friday 16th Jan confirmed

15-01-2004 11:25

JACK STRAW in Rose Hill on Friday afternoon 16th January

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Wal-Marts sickening disguise

15-01-2004 11:18

Smash and burn Wal-Marts.

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15-01-2004 11:11

As part of international celebrations on the anniversary of last year’s historical global peace marches the producers of the Peace Not War Music Fesival in London will be the biggest ever grassroots peace festival in the UK.

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Complete victory for Swindon teenager!!!

15-01-2004 10:22

last campaign meeting had 19 people
The campaign to save Swindon teenager Inna Haville has ended with complete victory as Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes has given Inna indefinite leave to stay in the UK. Reversing an earlier Home Office decision that Inna should be deported to the Ukraine.

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New Independent Alt Media Website from Znet folks

15-01-2004 10:14

“An exciting initiative by people with great experience and impressive achievements. It offers real promise of meeting needs that are widely and rightly felt: for regular news about important issues, truly independent, not constrained by concentrated power.”
—Noam Chomsky, author and renowned social critic

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Tom Hurndall Vigil

15-01-2004 10:02

A vigil for Tom
Pictures from the Tom Hurndall vigil at Downing Street. Of course the Police felt it was neccesary to be a pain becasue after all protestors are terrorists too...

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Corporate Coverage of Fairford Coach Judicial Review

15-01-2004 09:47

Monitoring press coverage about the Judicial Review:

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Meme Warfare

15-01-2004 06:47

Learning the power of meme warfare is essential to the success of any movement struggling to destroy the dominant paradigm.

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15-01-2004 05:33

The National Security Agency Confirms that the attack on the USS Liberty was an accident.

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SupPOrT the TroOPS? TrancePORT the TROOPS ! hoME !

15-01-2004 04:03

Anti - War = Pro - Peace. Do You Promote Peace? ARE You 4 Peace? Did You Protest to Protect? You DO Know There is a PEACE CanDiDate. CAN You Support Peace by Supporting the Only Peace CanDiDate with a PEACE Plan? Respect the Troops Who Are Stuck There. HONOR Those Who Have Been Wounded and TRY to Heal the Families Grieving for their Loved, LOST by Demanding A Cease and Desist on the Archaic Ritual of KiLLing in THIS, the 21st Century!

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Anarchists need your help!!

15-01-2004 00:41

Phase 1 of the revolution has been done now we need to move to da second phase!
When I came across this I thought they needed da help.

Brothers & Sisters,
Help your people achive this objective. We understand dat yo all very busy trying to understand the 20004 capitalistic box. Da box is there to to destroy you and your collectives.

Love from yuganda collective!

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Channel 4 Political Awards

14-01-2004 23:13

You can vote for George Galloway - by ringing 09011 27 27 03. Calls cost 25pence (bit of a profit maker this one!)

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International Women's Day London Meeting - 20/01/04

14-01-2004 21:43

A meeting for people in London to plan for IWD (march 8th), the meeting is on tues jan 20th in Whitechapel!

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Kurds officially named TERRORISTS

14-01-2004 20:39

the people who delivered Saddam to US forces have been designated terrorists...

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Saturday is a good day for a really nice chat and a cup of tea...

14-01-2004 18:33

Are you bored? Looking for something to do on the 17th? Well, here it is

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Turin Samba Player freed

14-01-2004 17:59

Expecting to end the day behind bars .......

Turin Sambista walked free from Horseferry Rd Magistrates Court in London on Tuesday 6th January.